Friday, January 26, 2007

Life Is A Family Carnival At Blog Village!

A Blog Village Goes Gonzo!
"Family" Blog Carnival

The carnival was tonight. Hosted by Dirty Butter at the Blog Village Community News blog. It turned out great; there were just short of 50 bloggers who participated.

If you've never visited Blog Village, it's more than any typical link exchange site. It is as much of a community as I've experienced in The Blogosphere.

I'd like to thank all these bloggers who posted tonight as part of the carnival. The submitted posts are listed below. When you visit them, please leave a note that you found your way from The Gonzo Papers.

Dirty Butter - YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES of a Bygone Time - Determine Not To Have An Only Child

Kilroy_60 - Fear And Loathing - The Gonzo Papers - A Father's Day Thought

Eric - Eric Has Issues - Mondays True Story IV

Janey Loree - Heartfelt Notes - Up With The Top Or I'm Not Going...

Barb - Skittles Place - Why I Have Gary Hair

Heather - Beautiful British Columbia - Does Your Family Smore?

Chara - Zero To Gourmet - here's to staying blue-jean ready

Red Dirt Girl - Red Dirt Girl - My Childhood Family

Sparksfley - Sparks And Butterflies - Mom

Ruth - Me, My Life, My Garden - FAMILY - A Blogvillage Goes Gonzo Post

Chelle & Chel - She Says It's Pretty Dumb - Mother-Daughter Communication

John Holland - altjiranga mitjina - Thursday Thirteen #8: Christmas Pictures

Random Encounters - Random Encounters of We - On Broadway in New York City

SweetSwede - In His Steps - Family of God

LJP - Save Save Save - AVIS Messes With Family Catch Up

Kim Banks - Blog Fabulous - Is Cooking The Secret of a Good Marriage?

CyberCelt - Texas RV Travel Blog - Do It For The Family

sarala - blogaway - Did you like your kid today?

Oh, The Joys - Oh, The Joys - Little Brother

Anthony - The Lives and Times... of Anthony McCune - Welcome Blog Post Number 99

Emma Noelle - Wiping Up Snot - Grandparents' Rights To The Family

jillbeth - The Broken Cup: Christian Poetry - A Child's Plea

Sue and Matthew - One Big Green Bus - The Whole Story {By Request!}

Joseph Potocny - Living With Alzheimers - What A Past 24 Hours

Eli - Almost Here - Jewels

Zorak163 - Grasshopper Ramblings - Create A Family

KBaggott - Babylune - Parenthood Can Be Danerous

Thomas Karkalas - MODUS VIDENDI - we are of the opinion that...

Crystal - Two Moms In A Blog - 13 Things I Have Learned As A Parent/Wife

Gtargirl - If Mom Had A Blog In 1942 - War Comes Home

JHSEsq. - Colloquium - Thursday 13: Edition #4

Naomi - Diary from England - BRITISH FAMILY LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY

Michelle - Scribbit - Shark or Squid?

Linda - Are We There Yet? - "Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tonya - There Is A Season - Selflessness

Carla - Self Esteem Awareness Blog - Emotional Abuse and low self-esteem

Edith OSB - Monastic Musings - The Media-A Third Parent?

Maggie - Ramblings of Maggie - Dear Aunt Irma

JBruno - The Voltage Gate - The Mystery of the Red Panda, Ailurus fulgens

Jan - The Poodle And Dog Blog - Police Dog Mothers Tiger Cubs

Kerry - West Coast Women - Second Guessing Ourselves

Marsha - Family Adentures - Baby Elephant

Old Lady - Eclectic Tales - Grandmama's Muumuus

James - Points of Light - Convergence

Sheila - Alabama Kitchen Sink - Today Is A New Day

JAM - Least Significant Bits - Starting School

Dr. Richard P. Mungo - Teeth Care, Healthy Food and Dental Tourism - Saving Childhood Oral Health

Kim - Blog Fabulous - Is Cooking The Secret To A Good Marriage?


Stjernesol said...

Thank you for a wondeful blog carnival :)

What will be the next "theme"?

Naomi said...

Thanks for all your hard work on the Blog Carnival Kilroy. You did a great job and we're all looking forward to the next one.

Scribbit said...

Thanks for putting this together, great carnival!

Anonymous said...

Great collection of whitty stories.
Here is my link love post:

Unknown said...

Wonderful job on the BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival!!! Thank you for this additional post to advertise our entries!!

Mother of Invention said...

What a wonderful turnout! Some day I'll learn how to do these things more easily technically! Annelisa posted my song on You-Tube for me and put it to a video and posted it for me! Check it out when you have about 4 minutes!