Friday, July 06, 2007

Let's Hit Some Carnivals Together!

Given our success I wanted to invite my visitors to post with me in some upcoming carnivals appearing around The Blogosphere. I picked these from the Blog Carnival directory.

---(-)-> A Blog Village Carnival, hosted by Texas RV Travel Blog
Appearing July 30
Join Me At The Seashore

---(-)-> Arts & Stuff Carnival, hosted by Arts & Stuff
Appearing July 12
For Your Consideration...

---(-)-> Authors, Readers and Writers, hosted by Afficionados of Ink
Appearing July 16
It's Kilroy Rhyme Time

---(-)-> Blog Community Bloggers, hosted by Thoughts & Philosophies
Appearing July 10
Friends of Kilroy Carnival

---(-)-> Brain Blogging, hosted by GNIF Brain Blogger
Appearing July 14
Things I Think I Learned...From YouDoItOurWay

---(-)-> Carnival of Healing, hosted by Thriving Business
Appearing July 14
Things I Think I Learned...From YouDoItOurWay

---(-)-> Carnival of Love, Dating and Glamor, hosted by Love, Dating and Glamor
Appearing July 10
During My Absence...

---(-)-> Carnival of Observations On Life, hosted by Anja Merret - Chatting To My Generation
Appearing July 8
The Path You Seek Leads To WOODY CREEK, COLORADO

---(-)-> Carnival of Political Punditry, hosted by I'm A Pundit Too
Appearing July 8
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Are A National Disgrace For America

---(-)-> The Carnival of Satire, hosted by The Skwib
Appearing July 12
There's nothing to worry about. The country's in good, secure hands with President George W. Bush

---(-)-> Carnival of Sports, hosted by Breaking News Online
Appearing July 16
Disgust and Loathing in the City of Brotherly Love - Ripping The Heart Out of The American Dream

---(-)-> Carnival of the Arts, hosted by Revolt In The Desert
Appearing July 16
The Power In The Eye of the Beholder

---(-)-> The Carnival of Craziness, hosted by Infinitely CRAZY
Appearing July 30
Zap The Bastard! {Love Stun Guns!!} A Sponsored Post

---(-)-> Towards Better Life, hosted by
Appearing July 22
Things I Think I Learned...From YouDoItOurWay

Let me know, eh, if you will be posting in any of these.

Some day when I have more time - Is this a Twilight Zone episode? - I'm going to check out the carnivals in the list that don't have next edition dates. If there are other carnivals you see that are good ones I'd appreciate you letting me know.

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Dewey said...

Hi, I just popped by to answer your questions about the Bookworms carnival.

The theme is novels this time just because it's the first carnival for this group, and I wanted the theme to be as open as possible. So any novel that anyone has written about in any way: a review, comparing it to another novel or to a movie, a post about a specific character, anything.

The upcoming themes can be found here:

And the host for November has just chose short stories, though I haven't listed it yet.

Have you checked out the carnival of feminists? I hosted it this month, but it has rotating hosts.

Thanks for coming by. This looks like a great project, and I'd be happy to mention it in my blog!