Monday, June 24, 2013

The Path We Have Chosen (Updated)

The Path We Have Chosen

Installment 1

Christina sat at her desk savoring the delicious pastry and sipping her cup of tea. She hadn't wanted to share the sweet gift that had been given to her, instead she wanted to keep it all for herself. There was far more than she would have even been able to eat, though, so she had ultimately shared with all. A rather nice feeling to go along with all the other wonderful feelings that were raging through her.

When had things in her life changed so dramatically for her. It didn't take long to come up with what had brought about this change. It had been a chance meeting. Her long-time friend Judith suggested she meet a colleague, "coffee, tea, dinner...something" she had said. Christina did not normally take friends up on their offers to fix her up with "a really great guy I know." Judith's offer had been different. Christina felt like for once someone really understood her and she trusted Judith.

It had started with sweet liitle emails to him, evening chats, dinner. Christina from the beginning had felt an unusaul attraction to him. He was so very different from anyone she had ever known. The sweet notes, dinners and little things delivered to her home and at work. She tried really hard to not let these things influence her judgment, but it was all the things she had dreamed about for her life.

Then she had taken the chance and casually mentioned there was vacation time she had to take or lose. Which brought her back to her present situation, not able to concentrate on the job that needed to be taken care of so she would be free for a very long weekend. She was so nervous and excited she was almost sick, but nothing was going to ruin this time together.

Wayne had not said exactly where they woudl be going or what this weekend would hold. Just that he had taken care of everything. Wayne told Christina that they would stop along the way to shop; that way they would not have to deal with packing. This also made her nervous. This is not the way Christina did things; she planned and prepared. Ultimately, this was a gamble she felt she had to make. It was an increasing need for Christina to be with Wayne; that had her very scared. She hoped she was hiding her increasing need, lest she scare him too.

Christina finished her pastry, drank the last of her tea and went to work. This was turning out to be the longest day in her life even longer than Christmas Eve when she was a child. She kept reminding herself that patience was a virtue and that good things come to those who wait.

As the day went on she started to worry maybe this weekend didn't mean the same thing to him as it did to her. Maybe she has misunderstood the situation. Her insecurities starting to get the better of her. She started to call him make up some excuse why she couldn't go away this weekend. Then almost magically her apperead at her door, a little earlier than expected, as if he had known. He gave her a small kiss looked into her eyes and asked if she was ready. All her fears and doubts melted away with that one kiss and that hungry look in his eyes.

Installment 2

As Wayne settled in for his meeting, he found himself thinking of the dinner he would be sharing that night more than the new product launch campaign being reviewed. The saving grace was with the amount of work he’d done prior to the meeting; there were few questions left for him to answer. That didn't help, though, as it seemed the two-hour meeting wound on forever.

Wayne hadn't foreseen having to deal with finalizing the printing of a new product brochure today. The plans he had ran through his mind as he made his way through the parking lot to the car. He had everything in place to be sure they would have a memorable time.

For now though, he told himself, he had to focus on having things taken care of with the brochure. There had been a problem with the last printing job. It would be easiest for him to be at their office to give final approval of the proof and make sure all details were being handled as they were arranged. As Wayne drove, though, it was the dinner that kept coming back to mind and the nights that would follow, not the product launch or the brochure.

Wayne was pleased when things went smoothly once he arrived. Everything was perfect with the proof and there only had to be one adjustment made with the printer. On his way back to the car, he again ran through his mind what he felt needed to be done to have everything in place as they’d discussed.

Instead of driving home and back, detouring would involve driving only a few blocks to Christina's office. He made the turn at the next intersection.

As he arrived at Christina's office the receptionist was on the telephone. She held up one finger and mouthed, “Just a moment please.” He stood and admired her; she had blonde curly hair, eyes that sparked like emeralds and rosebud lips. He could not help but notice how her French manicure extenuated her long fingers.

“Hello Stacey”, Wayne said as she hung up the call. “How are you today, sir?” she asked flashing a smile. “I'm doing well,” he told her and asked how her day was going. “I'm having a great day,” Stacey said. She paused and added, “Why do I think you're here to see Christina?” Wayne smiled this time and said, “Perhaps you've taken up detective work in your off hours.” Stacey replied, “Yes, I have and I can give you a couple clues. Christina worked through lunch today and she said she would be leaving a bit early. Seeing you now leads me to believe there is a connection.” Wayne complimented her and asked how long Stacey has been doing this detective work.

Stacey doesn't respond to his question. She smiled and asked, “Would you like me to ring her office?” Wayne told Stacey he would like to go back without her ringing and she said that would be fine. As he started back, Stacey called, “Wayne......” He stopped and looked back to her. ‘The pastries were wonderful,” she said. “That was very kind of you. Christina was pleased. And so was I.” Wayne told Stacey that he was glad to hear she enjoyed and thanked her for the clues.

As he arrived at Christina's office Wayne found her standing at the window. He didn't say anything; just stood for a moment looking at her...thinking of what this scene might be like later in the weekend.

Wayne studied Christina starting with her stiletto heels. He went up her long legs. The slacks she was wearing, he thought, fit perfectly. The outfit was topped off by a black halter and he loved the way her red hair hung down to the middle of her back.

Suddenly, she turned. Their eyes met and Christina smiled. “Wayne”, she said sounding surprised, “I wasn't expecting you until 5”. Wayne explained that he had something come up, was in the neighborhood and felt that he had to stop.

Wayne walked over to Christina, they put their arms around each other and kissed. It was a different kiss than they'd ever had before. They pulled back a bit, but still held on for a moment. Christina reached out her hand, took the fabric of Wayne’s tie between her fingers - a tie she'd given him when they were last together - and ran her hand down the length of the tie. “This is very nice,” she said. Wayne thanked her; adding a dear friend had given it to him. “Hmmmm, a dear friend”, Christina said with a mischievous smile.

Wayne asked Christina if she was ready to go. She said that she was not at the moment. She had made plans based on when they had originally planned to get together. Christina didn’t tell Wayne that she’d made an appointment to have her hair done and to get a manicure.

The discussion then turned to where they would be having dinner. Christina suggested returning to the restaurant where they had last dined noting how much they had enjoyed it. No, Wayne said. He didn't want to have dinner at that restaurant again. While it was good, they had eaten there several times. He suggested she call him closer to the time they would be getting together and see how things work out. “Is that what you want, Wayne, to see how things work out?” Christina asked. “Maybe we'd like to try something new,” he suggested. Then adding, “We have talked about trying new things this weekend.”

Christina agreed; and paused. There was a serious look on her face. “But don't expect to get your way all weekend,” Christina said. “Having my way is not what this weekend is about,” Wayne told her. “I didn't expect so,” Christina said, “We are both going to get what we want.” The smile returning to her lips.

As he was turning to leave, Wayne heard Christina softly say his name...almost whispering. Looking back, her eyes were locked on him. “Thank you for breakfast,” she said. “It was wonderful.” I'm pleased to know you enjoyed it, Wayne told Christina. “Thank you, Wayne,” she said. “I enjoyed it…very...much.”

As Wayne returned to the lobby Stacey was hanging up the telephone. She got out from behind her desk and walked over to him. “That is a beautiful tie,” she said. Stacey wore a red blazer with a white silk blouse, a black pleated skirt that fell well above her knees. In heels, she was able to look directly into his eyes. “May I walk you to the elevator,” Stacey asked. “It would be my pleasure,” Wayne responded.

As they walked to the elevator, Stacey spoke softly. “I understand you will be calling about dinner,” she said. Wayne looked into Stacey’s eyes. “Christina and I are looking forward to the weekend, Stacey,” he said. “I have been looking forward to it,” Stacey replied reaching out and touching Wayne’s hand for just a moment. As the elevator opened and people started getting off Stacey told Wayne, “You have a wonderful weekend now,” and returned to her desk.

Soon, Christina came down the hall, briefcase in hand. She stopped at Stacey’s desk as a meeting broke up and people filed out of a nearby office. “I will be going now, Stacey,” Christina said. “Do give me a call if anything comes up.” They stood for a moment looking at each other, connected. “I don’t see any problems arising,” Stacey told Christina. To which she replied, “Good, that is what I wanted to hear.”

Christina was off to her stylist, Lisa. She always looked forward to “girl time” as she called it. It kept her in touch with her feminine side. This weekend, more so than any other, she wanted very much to feel empowered and this would definitely help. Normally Christina chatted with Lisa as she washed her hair. Today she closed her eyes and just sat there going over the details in her mind. She thought of Wayne and she thought of Stacey. Christina was rarely impressed by another woman. But she had passing thoughts of Stacey since she joined the company. It was never something she’d seriously thought of acting on, though, until now.

Lisa's occasional questions pulled Christina back into the real world for a moment. She finally asked Christina if something was wrong. She gave Lisa a sly grin and told her no, everything was just perfect. Upon arriving at the salon, Christina had chosen to have a pedicure as well. She let the sensual feeling of the hot wax on her feet take her away again and even opted for a bright red polish for her toes. Someone had told Christina once that only sexually active women bothered with their toes in the winter. She wasn't sure about that but she did want to look her very best.

This was very different from anything Christina had ever done before. This man was very different than any man she had ever known. Wayne took time to show her how special she was to him, to reassure her when little doubts ran through her mind. Her thoughts increasingly were of ways to please him, ways to show him how special she felt he was. She had to trust him to do what she was going to do. There had never been a man she would do this with before. It was a very satisfying feeling, one she had never before given herself over to. He made her feel more confidence in herself than she ever had. How else would she be able to share a bed with Stacey?

For the control freak she was, this was a real experience for Christina. She was having fun rolling with the punches and taking opportunities when ever they arose. At least she hoped that was how she was being. She almost felt a little guilty about the little remark about Wayne not getting his way all weekend. For once in her life she felt it was important to let him know what she liked and wanted. She hoped she had not sounded snippy. The last thing she wanted to do was appear lacking confidence this weekend.

Christina had taken all the time she had to get ready, a little extra touch here and there and now she was going to be late. She hated being late, The drive to the restaurant was a blur, butterflies in her tummy, nerves taught, palms getting sweaty. This was not the confident woman she normally was.

Each step was becoming more difficult for Christina All those little insecurities were coming back to haunt her. What if she wasn't dressed appropriately…although she was looking rather fantastic if she did say so herself. What if inviting Stacey to join them had been a mistake? What if he became more attract to her? What if…What if…What if? She stopped, took a deep breath and remembered who she was and who he was. All her fears washed away in a single thought of him. She was still nervous, but it was an excited nervousness.

Christina’s mouth actually watered as she looked at him. “Control yourself,” she told herself under her breath. Then Wayne looked at her and it was the same look as her own. She took a small misstep and laughed out loud at herself, He smiled back at her. Wayne walked toward her, reached out his hands, took her gently in his arms gave her a soft kiss. Melting into him she gave back to him all that he gave to her. Christina was looking forward to Stacey, she had to admit, but she was glad to be alone with him now.

As they broke off the kiss and stepped back, Wayne looked her up and down, smiled and told her how beautiful she looked. Christina blushed knowing the extra time had been well spent. The desired effect had achieved. She kissed him again. Just then, Stacey walked in.

Installment 3

Christina could not help but stare at Stacey. Her hair was a mass of curls going down her back to the tip of her tailbone. Her face was made-up perfectly and her long manicured nails looked freshly done. Apparantly, she was not the only one to make special appointment today. Christina let a little sigh escape her throat. Wayne was as pleased as Christina. He began to feel a swelling in his pants.

They were seated in a booth near the back of the dark restaurant; this particular table had been reserved because very few customers sat so far back. Wayne, who had been coming to Angelo's since he was a child, knew the owner well and had arranged that they have as much privacy as possible. He was sitting "with" Christina, but Stacey was not far away. They were both within reach of touching.

Wayne was pleased when Christina first spoke to him about inviting Stacey. He knew she was possessive of him, though, which would make inviting another woman unusual enough. But for it to be Stacey was no less than shocking. Normally when Christina had spoken of Stacey it was in the vein of what a stuck up bitch she is. Christina explained to Wayne that she knew this was something he wanted and she wanted to please him. Stacey is beautiful, Christina, told Wayne and that if they were going to have a third person it was going to be someone of her choosing.

Angelo's had the best lasagna in the world Wayne had told the girls. He followed suit by ordering it for all of them. Christina and Stacey had made a pact not to talk about work tonight, and to concentrate on Wayne. Christina still had slight doubts, but knew that Wayne and she were connected in a way no one else could be.

Stacey looked over at Wayne and said that she was so glad for the invitation to dinner; adding that she hoped the weekend would be enjoyable for them. They continued to chit chat until salads arrived. Christina did not particularly care for tomatoes; Stacey did not care for cucumbers. They each asked Wayne if he enjoyed their flavor. When he said yes, they each started to feed him the morsels. What had been just talk was now becoming all so very real. His heart melted a little at the thought of Christina and what it meant to her. Christina truly cared for him and his pleasure and that made his heart smile.

Taking each morsel, one after the other, Wayne felt Christina's hand on his thigh. She was caressing it, her lips were parting slightly and the look in her eyes drove him wild. As Christina's hand found his crotch, he gasped quietly and said not here. Christina did not listen; asking Stacey if she minded her disappearing for a while. There was something that needed her attention right now, Christina said. Stacey replied of course not and watched as Christina went under the table.

Wayne could not believe that Christina was unzipping his pants, taking out his straining cock and starting to lick it. She whispered to Wayne saying she would be right back. Stacey felt Christina's warm hand on her pussy. She had not worn any underwear as Christina suggested. Now she understood why as Christina's hand was being bolder. She was starting to touch her clit, making her wet and quivering all over. Then Stacey felt the hotness of Christina's tongue flicking the bud; it was getting so hard. Christina moved back to Wayne, as she continued to finger Stacey, and took his cock into her mouth. She was rewarded by the groan that passed his lips. Slurping, licking and sucking, Christina loved the feel of his cock in her mouth. Bringing pleasure to Wayne and Stacey at the same time was making her so wet she dripped on the floor behind the floor length table cloth. Stacey was squirming in her chair, not wanting to wait her turn. But knew that Wayne was enjoying Christinas mouth. Suddenly, Wayne tensed. He looked at Stacey, grabbed her hand and gasped, "Oh my God." With that Stacey could see he was cumming, shooting his load down Christina's thirsty throat. Christina sucked harder to get more. When he had spilled all he had into her mouth, Christina turned to Stacey to see her clit throbbing. With just a few licks, Stacy exploded onto Christina's tongue.

Once they were both satisfied, Christina came out from underneath the table now taking a place between Wayne and Stacey. Christina began to drink from Stacey's glass of water. Stacey looked into her eyes, layed her hand on Christina's thigh and said, "I'm sure you will enjoy dessert." Christina replied, "I'm sure we will, Stacey, but we need to go to the restroom now."

Installment 4

Earlier that week...

Christina had a late afternoon meeting with a new client; she invited Stacey to travel with her to the Grand Royal Hotel. That was not something Stacey had ever been asked to do; she accepted, though, without question.

Christina called downstairs to have someone fill in for Stacey. There wasn't anyone available that fulfilled the requirements of the position. She called the temporary pool and arranged for someone to come in. There had to be a specific type of person to serve as "the face" of the company. At least when she was working, Christina was cool and confident; she could be very forceful and get exactly what she wanted.

To say that Christina had butterflies, when she thought of what was ahead of her that afternoon, would be an understatement. As the time for the meeting grew closer, those butterflies turned into birds fluttering around in her stomach. Christina had decided that today was the day. She hoped that she could do it. For Wayne, she kept saying over and over in her head.

When it was time to go, Christina stopped by the front desk, the one that Stacey normally occupied, to be sure the temp was in place. Stacey had made sure everything was taken care of; she was holding the elevator for Christina. Satisfied with the temp, they left the offices and climbed into Christina's company car.

Christina was too nervous for small talk. Stacey was not saying much either as they rode in silence for a bit. Once, at a stoplight, Christina looked at Stacey. She noticed the way her dress hugged her curves. "I was wondering what your plans were for Saturday evening," Christina said; as soon as the words were out of her mouth she looked again to the road and continued on. "I do not have any plans this Saturday," responded Stacey. Her questioning tone was unmistakeable to Stacey, but Christina said nothing more.

The meeting at the hotel went beautifully. They signed the contract with the new client. Christina could not help but notice the way the men in the room looked at Stacey. It seemed Stacey always got what she wanted; even when she was working. She just had to crook her finger and her will be done. It fueled Christina's jealousy.

As the men left, she told Stacey to remain so they could go over notes from the meeting. As they looked over the paperwork, Christina started asking questions. They did not pertain to work; Christina was asking about Stacey's private life.

Stacey could not help but think, "What does this have to do with anything?!?!?!" She felt as if she was being interviewed again; it was for a position, though, that she did not apply for. Stacey knew it was leading up to something, but she did not know what. Christina made confetti out of the readout she was holding; it was getting harder and harder for her to look into her assistant's eyes. Stacey waited, calmly, while she watched emotions flash across Christina's face.

Christina finally spoke, softly, to Stacey. "Would you join Wayne and I for cocktails Saturday evening?"

Stacey knew what this meant. She knew it just from the look in Christina's eyes. Immediately, Christina told her that she had never done anything like this before; she sat, exhaustedly, on a near-by chair. Stacey was getting excited; knowing that Wayne must have mentioned her; knowing that Christina hated to have to ask her for help; knowing that Christina could not help herself in wanting to please Wayne.

Stacey placed her hand over Christina's as she sat down beside her. Poor Christina, she looked so frightened sitting a mouse staring into the jaws of a cat. "Of course, Christina, I would love to." Stacey knew how this game was played. "And do not worry Christina, you may not have done this before, but I have."

Installment 5

"I'm sure we will, Stacey, but we need to go to the restroom now." Stacey heard Christina's words. Her thoughts, though, were focused earlier in the night when she was traveling to the restaurant.

As she traveled to the restaurant, in a taxi Wayne had sent to her home, she was musing about the evening. She could not stop herself from smiling.

Stacey was extremely good at her job. She was so good, in fact, that she was recommended by her former company to her current employer and was hired on the spot. She was proud of her accomplishments. She worked hard to achieve and exceed all the goals she set.

It wasn't her work that led to this night, though. Stacey was hot and she knew it. She knew she had looks; but also knew that looks only went so far. She was intelligent and very independent, strong-willed and extremely confident. She was, put simply, a hot bitch.

She thought about Wayne, and the look on his face when she arrived. It excited her. She knew her charms. She had cultivated them, made them a part of her life. She knew how to get almost anything she wanted. Then, Stacey thought of Christina; the one person with whom she did not get along in the company. Christina was also the only woman executive. Stacey smirked, knowing that the discontent between them was more jealousy on Christina's part than anything else. She had that effect on women and had learned to bask in it.

When Stacey arrived at the restaurant and walked through the door, every head turned to stare, to see the woman full of feline grace. She was a woman who looked like a cat who just lapped up all the cream. She smiled and padded past the mirrored partition of the entryway to meet her party.

When Stacey was noticed, Christina stood...planted to her spot as if the roots were so deep they could not be moved. Christina opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again at the futility of the activity. Wayne smiled and took her hand, kissed the inside of her wrist, and drawled out slowly, "Hello, Stacey."

Christina cleared her throat a bit too loudly and said to Stacey, "Why dont we go freshen up?"

Stacey followed Christina into the restroom. Christina opened the door jerkily; Stacey had to help her with the knob. Once inside, Christina again told Stacey she had never done anything like this and that she was so nervous. Stacey moved closer to her; she was almost touching Christina, but not quiet. Stacey noticed the look of longing in Christina's eyes; that look of being not quite sure how to say what you feel. In truth, Christina was horny as hell. Stacey wanted to play and asked, "Christina, are you nervous because Wayne may want me more than you, or that you may want me more than Wayne?"

Stacey continued to look into Christina's eyes, watching her struggle with the question. It was evident her "boss" was not at all sure of what to say. Instead, Christina came even closer and put her arm around Stacey.

Christina had watched this woman, secretly, for many months. She wanted to get to know this flower that smelled so sweet. Here she was, finally. Summing up her courage, Christina kissed Stacey. She was surprised at first that Stacey returned the kiss. It was not a kiss of passion, but tender, sweet, almost innocent. Christina had to know what it felt like to kiss Stacey, and immediately, she knew this was the right thing to do. For herself and for Wayne. Stacey could not help but see Christina became immediately flushed.

Christina, her confidence stronger after the kiss, told Stacey to walk ahead of her. Christina wanted so much to see the sway of Stacey's hips, the bounce of her hair. As she walked, Christina felt a familiar tingling deep inside, a coolness that came across her skin. She knew instantly how wet she was for this woman. She was not wet, horny, steaming for Wayne, but for Stacey.

Installment 6

Christina looked at Stacey; she was having trouble, though, looking her directly in the eyes.

They were sharing the handicapped stall that was located last in the row; Christina was itching to touch. "Did you enjoy Stacey?" Christina asked. Her eyes were full of question; she wanted to please Stacey as no one else had.

"Oh yes, Christina," Stacey said with a wry smile. "And Wayne did to." Christina had forgotten that this weekend was for Wayne; at least momentaryily. Christina, at the time, was drowning in Stacey's eyes, wanting to be with her, wanting to touch her.

Stacey could tell that Christina was still wanting; her breathing was rapid, shallow; her skin flush; she was standing so near to Stacey that a sheet of paper could not separate their bodies. Christina swayed ever so lightly, rubbing her breasts against Stacey's. "You want more, don't you Christina?" Stacey asked; already well aware of the answer. "You want an orgasm right now, right this very minute."

Christina was only able to shake her head; her body was betraying her. Stacey took her hands and said, "Do you want me to give you one? Is that why you asked me in here?" She paused; then continued. "You don't want Wayne to touch you, to please you, to fuck you until you cum? You want me to give you what you want."

Christina looked at the floor, then looked into Stacey's eyes once more. "Yes," she answered. Stacey kissed her; as she did, she slid her hand under Christina's dress and touched her pussy lips. Chrsitina leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and let escape a murmered. Stacey wanted more from Christina; she began to taunt her. "Do you want me to finger your clit, Christina? Do you want my fingers to push past your lips and touch that little rock? Do you want me to move over it then...and make you cum?"

Christina could not stand it any longer. "Yes," Stacey. "Yesssssssss."

"What if I don't want to?" Stacey said with a touch of defiance as she removed her hand. All Christina could say was. "Please." She was breathing so fast, wanting so much. She reached for her hand, but missed it. "Stacey, please," Christina said. "Pleeeeeeeeease, Staaaaceeeeeey, Ooooooo, Godddddd. Pleeeeeeease."

Stacey knew exactly what she wanted; she was getting it all and more. She manuvered her hand back up Christina's dress, passed her lips and started massaging the hard button that was there. Christina kissed her, longingly. She used Stacey's shoulders for support. This was, at least partly, what Christina had wanted.

As Stacey massaged her, thrilled her, a tiny moan came from within Christina. This was what Christina needed all along. The bitch that she told Wayne about so many times, was going to make her cum. She loved it. Pressure built up inside of her, then it released. She moaned softly, shuddering. Christina and Stacey knew, almost immediately, that Christina wanted more. Christina would always want more.

Christina looked into Stacey's eyes. She saw her as she never had before; she then kissed Stacey. They exited the stall and freshened their make-up. Christina finally said, "Thank You, Stacey." Stacey grinned and said, "Let's not keep Wayne waiting."

Installment 7

As they proceeded with dinner, Christina savored the time she shared with Stacey. Being again close to Wayne, though, she began hungering for cock.

As time went by, the three engaged in small talk. It was, though, only a way to ease the tension they were all feeling. Christina was now throbbing. She had been thinking of the way Wayne squirted down her throat; she loved the taste of cum. Now she knew that inviting Stacey had been the right choice. She was definatlly a huge turn on for him...and for her. She had never tasted another woman before; she definitel wanted more.

Christina wished that she could have seen Wayne's face as he came. He was always so full of expression at that moment. She would have been watching and would have cum right at that instant.

But now, over their heaping plates of lasagna, Christina was throbbing. She needed to cum so badly that her fingers were straying to her pussy. Stacey and Wayne were both noticing her dilemma. Wayne stopped eating just long enough to raise her skirt slightly with one hand and touch her pussy lips lightly, brushing her hand away. He whispered in her ear that he wanted so very much to bury his cock into her. Wayne's slipped his finger deeper into her pussy lips, he touched her clit and made her moan softly. Christina leaned her head back and closed her eyes; she loved feeling the pressure of his fingers.

Suddenly, Stacey announced that they all needed to go to the restroom. She had been watching and now it was empty. They needed to go, she said, this time more emphatically. Stacey had a smoldering look in her eye.

Upon entering the restroom, Wayne immediately started kissing Christina hotly on the mouth. He was devouring her, making her gasp for air. Stacey came up behind Christina, lifted her short skirt and started to finger her pussy. Wayne unzipped his pants to free his cock from the restraining fabric; he wanted desperately to ram his aching member into Christina's already dripping pussy.

Stacey positioned Christina on the counter, legs wide apart, with her ass barely supported. Intent on driving her wild, Stacey licked Christina's pussy, keeping it throbbing while Wayne unzipped his pants. Christina could barely keep control; wanted so much to cum in Stacey's mouth; God, how she wanted to cum for Stacey. She knew, though, that the contracting of her pussy around Wayne's cock would delight him.

This has largely been Stacey's night. It was Wayne who was now going to take control.

He came to Christina and told Stacey to get onto the counter. "Get on all fours, bitch," Wayne barked at Stacey. "And lick her pussy." It was this side of Wayne that Stacey was longing to see; he had to be strong if she was going to give herself to him. Wayne rammed his cock hard into Christina; her pussy almost sucking him in. She was so tight, so delicious, he almost came inside her then.

Wayne leaned over and started to tongue Stacey; tasting her clit for the first time drove him wild. She had her legs spread wide for him and was in just the right position for his tongue to do its work. Between her taste and Christina's pussy, Wayne would not be able to last long. Christina was mewling, moaning; Wayne clutched her breast to give her extra pleasure. His tongue was licking Stacey fiercely; he wanting her to cum, was to taste her, to feel her spasms. Stacey was fucking his mouth, moving back and forth on his tongue, deriving pleasure from his mouth. She was close also.

Christina let out a grunt as her pussy contracted even more on his cock. Wayne loved how loud Chstina was when she came; she was being quiet now, though, and he knew it was hard for her. This orgasm was exceptionally powerful; she was bucking him wildly, thrusting and fucking so fast that he almost came. Within minutes, Stacey was screaming, not holding back at all, "I'm cuming! I'm cummmming!! Oh fuck you!!! I'm cummmmmminnnnngggggggg, Wayne!!!!

Stacey was lost in her orgasm. "Don't stop, Wayne!" she screamed Suck my clit. Lap it up, you fucker Make me cum in your mouth!" she screamed desperatley as another orgasm engulfed her. "Love my fucking clit!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! She was squirting hot cum into his mouth, onto his face. He never had a woman cum like this before. It was glorious! This made Wayne groan loudly and then gasp and he cam inside Christina. Christina was holding Wayne tightly, knowing that he needed the support for his climax while he was still licking Stacey.

She was cumming yet again. This set Christina off again as Stacey was screaming; she began to say Stacey's name again and again. Her pussy contracted around Wayne's cock as spasm after spasm engulfed her. "You bitch!" Wayned screamed at Christina. "You fucking bitch!!" he thrusted harder and harder into her, pumping faster and faster. Her screaming Stacey's name drove him absolutely mad. "Give it to her, Wayne!" Christina screamed, cumming again. "Give it to herrrrrrrr, you fuckkkkkerrrrrrrr!!"

Installment 8

Wayne gingerly assisted the women off the counter, his eyes scanned over Stacey’s body to Christina’s eyes.  Stacey grinned back at him, and though he wanted to spread her out over the counter again, it was Christina whom he wanted to keep.  Time, he had plenty of time, no need to rush Christina.  There would be more encounters with Stacey, as long as Christina was involved, he knew he could have them both. 

The sly grin he flashed at Stacey turned to a more genuine smile when Christina met his eyes.  Buttoning his pants, he slightly cocked his head to the side, touched the side of her face and brought her into him.  He gave her a kiss, just enough to let her know it was she he wanted. 

Christina leaned into his kiss and wrapped her arms around him.  Yes, he knew how to handle her and she knew it.  Wayne was showing her she was important to him, that this encounter was just an encounter and nothing more, that Stacey would only be a sexual toy for him.  That was exactly what Christina wanted to know.  She felt a boost of confidence in herself. 

Stacey adjusted her skirt and watched them.  She knew what Wayne was doing, she knew how men treated their girlfriends and would then turn their back on them.  It was just an act.  She might be the third wheel, but she had confidence in her actions and reactions.  She knew he would eventually come to her.  Once she finished adjusting her clothing, she flashed Christina a smitten look, she knew what she was doing and she was pleased, as was Wayne

They re-adjusted their clothing when Christina caught her look and turned away, Wayne on her heels, his arm wrapped around her.  He now motioned Stacey over with his other hand as they proceeded out of the restroom.  Christina took the lead, followed by Stacey and then himself.      

Dinner sat on the table, still warm.  They sat and ate, talking some, but thinking more of what had happened and wanting more. At least Stacey and Wayne did.  

Once dinner was done and they left the restaurant, Wayne, realized he had paid for Stacey’s ride to the restaurant.  Would it be wrong of him to send her home in a taxi?  He thought otherwise and volunteered to drive her home. 

Though, she understood his reasoning for giving her a ride home, Christina, didn’t want her in the car with them.  This was Christina’s time now, not Stacey’s.  She merely smiled when Stacey accepted and climbed in the car.  While Stacey gave directions to her home, Christina laid her hand in his lap and squeezed his thigh gently.  She wanted so much more, she wanted him to know that he was still hers.  He smiled, the pressure of her hand moved in between his thighs.  Yes, he liked this, even better with Stacey in the backseat.   

He found himself having to focus harder on the road as Christina moved in closer, her hand unzipping his pants.  Stacey caught his eyes in the rearview mirror when he turned his attention back to the road.  

Christina pulled his cock out, her hand moving up and over the shaft as Stacey directed him around a curve in the road.  His breath caught in his throat.  She wrapped her hand around him, gently squeezing, her thumb locating the tender spot below the head.  She massaged it while gently stroking him.  Up and down she went, starting slowly and then moving faster. 

Then he stopped in front of her house.  Even though the thought of Stacey watching turned him on, he fought the urge to cum in Christina’s hand.  Stacey glanced back at them, smiling a knowing smile. Wayne glanced at her momentarily as she walked away, watching her body sway to and fro, then realized they needed to go. 

Her breath hot in his ear, she leaned into him, “Let’s go to my place, Wayne.”  She slid a finger into her mouth and sucked on it sweetly.  He watched her finger slide in and out of her mouth, then her hand found that sweet spot below the head of his penis.  He turned to her, her mouth suddenly on his.  “I want you,” she whispered. 

He pulled away from the curb as Christina’s hand escalated, pumping him harder.  Before he pulled out of the neighborhood, she went down on him.  He moaned loudly.  Her tongue ran up his shaft.  He gripped the wheel tightly with one hand, his other hand wound up in her hair and pushed him down harder on her. 

She wouldn’t allow him his ecstasy just yet.  That would be finished at her place.  Wet kisses extended up his shaft and she found that sweet spot again.  Gently she sucked on him, his moans escalating. 

“Christina, oh, yes, suck it,” he groaned.  Every time he tried to push her mouth harder onto his cock, she moved her head, savoring the taste of his manhood.  “Oh, baby.”  Before they knew it, they were in front of her place, his cock aching to fuck her every which way he could.  Though he tried to have her finish him in the car, she backed down and stood her ground, exiting the car in haste. 

“You want it, Wayne, you have to come get it,” she coaxed.  She hurried through the door, him in hot pursuit behind her, grinding against her before they even got through the doorway. 

The door slammed shut and she was up against the wall, his cock hard against her.  She tore at his shirt, their mouths exploring one another.  Buttons flew about as she pressed her face to his chest, taking his nipple in her mouth.  His hand wrapped in her hair and pressed her hard to him. 

“Aaah, yes, Christina.”  Her hands quickly removed his clothing as he stood before her naked, his cock throbbing with intensity.  His hands quickly found her zipper and let her dress fall to the floor.  She stood before him in her “fuck me quick” heels, the ones that made her legs look even more glorious.  His hands rounded her hips and pulled her to him.  He ached to be inside of her, to bend her over and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before. 

He throbbed hard against her, his hand moving to her clit.  He started slowly, her body responding, writhing against his. 

“Ohhh, yes, Wayne.”  His fingers moved quicker, her clit hardening against them, opening for him.  He separated her lips then went down to his knees for her, his tongue exploring, flicking slowly, then moving faster.  She pressed his face harder into her and wrapped one leg over his shoulder, her heel biting into the flesh of his back. 

He cupped her ass in his hand, the leg that draped over his shoulder and pulled her harder into him.  She writhed against him, grinding against his tongue that now penetrated her.  “Ohhhh, Wayne, yesssss.”  She felt him practically lift her up as his entire mouth now encompassed her pussy.  “Yessss, ohhhhhh.”

She flowed, her juice nice and sweet, into his mouth.  “Ohhhh, yeahhh!”  He kissed up her stomach as she met him halfway, working her way down.  He stood before her as she went down to her knees, taking him into her mouth. 

“Yes, Christina, take it all,” he moaned.  This was what he wanted in the car, what he wanted in front of Stacey.  She took him entirely into her mouth, her hands fondling his scrotum, her finger finding the spot underneath that drove him nuts.  He leaned forward onto the wall behind her as he pumped harder into her mouth.  His other hand pressed against the back of her head, pushing her harder into him.  Up and down she went, fast and hard, making him want to cum.  “Oh, my God, Christina.”  But before he came, she pulled away. 

“No, don’t stop,” he groaned.  She stood and came face to face with him, that fuck me look that drove him crazy.  She wrapped her mouth around his, her arms around his neck when he suddenly grabbed her by her hips and wrapped her legs around him. 

“Take me, Wayne.” 

He quickly located the couch.  Fuck the bed, he wanted her now.  He sat down with her on the couch, her body over his, her long leans legs draped nicely to the sides.  His cock ached for her and pressed against her stomach.  Their eyes met as she steadied herself over him, her hand stabilizing herself as she took him in, slowly and steady. 

Her warmth welcomed him.  “Aaah, yes, Christina.”  Her hips rocked against his.  His hands found her breasts, his thumb tantalized her nipple, hardening it.  He moved into her breast, his mouth accepting her nub, sucking and tantalizing it. 

“Ohh, Wayne.”  She pressed his face into her, rocking against him, fucking him, accepting him, wanting him like it was the last time.  “Yessss,” she groaned.  Harder and faster they pumped. 

“Yes, Christina, fuck me, fuck me,” he growled, leaning his head back.  She pressed her hands against his chest, giving her more power and speed to work with him.  “Aaaa, yes,” he moaned.  She rose up on him, her hands cupping her own breasts as she threw her head back. “Oh, Wayne!” 

He watched her lean back, exposing her clit to him.  Oh, yeah, that was all he needed.  He grabbed her around the waist and hips and rocked her backwards onto the coffee table.  He threw her legs up and over his shoulders as he pounded into her, his cock ramming into her.  She screamed with each and every thrust, yelling that she was cumming. 

“Harder, Wayne, harder.  Oh, I’m cummmmmming.”  He exploded into her and felt her wet juices dripping onto him.  His release sent into her another orgasm. 

“Oh, Christina, ohhhh yeah,” he groaned.  She arched her back up, pushing her breasts up into his face.  He lay against her, his face buried in between, his hands resting casually on them.

Christina grinned, then latched on to his hair, jerking his head back.  “I’m not done, Wayne,” she whispered.

He saw the hunger in her eyes.  She planted both hands on his chest and shoved him off of her onto the floor beside them, then was instantly on him.  Her tongue lapped over his mouth, then hungrily ran down his body.  Before he knew it, he was inside her again, only this time her mouth slid over his shaft. 

He groaned as she took him in.  He grabbed onto her hair and pushed her down more, her tongue stroking every inch of him.  “Oh, baby.”

He arched himself into her as her hands gripped him harder, her mouth slowly inching over him.  His hips pumped into her, wanting nothing more than having her suck him dry.  A deep moan escaped his lips as she pumped him harder with her mouth. 

“Oh, God, Christina.”  He was throbbing harder for her, his cock sliding in and out of her, slowly, then busily, hungry for him.  He rolled his head back, her mouth pumping harder and faster, fuller and stronger.  She rolled her mouth back towards the tip and lapped at the head, her tongue probing that sweet spot again, finally setting him off.  He held her in close as he exploded on to her. 

Christina made her way up his body and lay next to him, draping her body over his.  She curled her head into his shoulder and smiled, happy that she had him alone, with no one else to share him with. 

Installment 9

            Stacey walked in the dimly lit living room. Though the lights were off, several candles were lit around the house, including the sconces lining the walls. The room smelled of fresh blossoms.  She inhaled the fragrance and turned down the hallway.  Gentle, soothing music drifted from the bedroom.  Following it down the hallway, she smiled, the gentle sounds of water splashed from the bathroom in the master bedroom. 

Quietly, she stripped from her clothes and walked into the bathroom.  Her bare feet made no sound as she entered, her womanly frame a nice silhouette in the doorframe.  She stopped, her hands curling around the frame, inhaling not only the scent of blossom but her lover.  The suds enveloped the tub, almost toppling the side.  Her lover sat with her back to her, her dark hair pulled up.  Stacey smiled as she suddenly spoke up.

“You smell like sex,” she commented. 

Stacey could hear the smile in her voice, “I got what I wanted tonight.”

            She walked around to the front and gracefully put her foot in the tub, the bubbles casually dancing up her legs. 

            “Do tell?”  Her lover’s dark eyes glanced up at her from under her long lashes. 

            As she begun the story, she watched the spark light up in her eyes, a glimmer of sexual intensity bore into them.  Stacey loved her eyes, for she could always tell what she was thinking.  She watched Michelle’s breasts bob up and down in the water, the water slowly floating over them and back down, exposing her.  Michelle’s breath quickened, listening to Stacey tell her story, revealing the events of the night. 

            Michelle was becoming excited, her hands gently moving up Stacey’s legs.  Stacey’s breath quickened, her breath becoming a little more erratic.  Responding to her, Stacey sat up, moving over Michelle, her legs straddling her lover’s, her hands brushing up and over Michelle’s soft breasts.  Before Stacey could finish her story, their lips met, Michelle’s voluptuous lips wrapped around Stacey’s.  They wrapped their arms around one another as Stacey settled down on Michelle’s lap.  She leaned in more over Michelle, tilting her pelvis forward, brushing the velvet of her womanhood against Michelle’s. 

            Michelle moaned, her hands moving down Stacey’s back, then wrapping around her ass.  She pushed her down more, driving Stacey’s breasts into her face.  Michelle’s tongue slid over Stacey’s nipple and then gently took her bud into her mouth, sucking on it.  Stacey moaned, feeling the slide of Michelle’s hand down to her pussy, her finger now curiously stroking her. 

            “Oh, yes,” she moaned.  Her hips responded, thrusting forward and harder.  “Oh, yes,” she whispered in her ear.  Stacey’s tongue flicked over Michelle’s ear, gently sliding in. 

Michelle knew how to titillate her and very well.  Her fingers moved slowly over her nub, the water moving gracefully along her pussy.  Stacey bit her lip, waves of excitement flooding her body.  She was still in a state of sensitivity after her encounter with Wayne and Christina, so it didn’t take much to arouse her.  Michelle’s fingers slid inside of her, penetrating her very existence. “Oh, yes.”

“Cum for me, Stacey,” she whispered.  Though the penetration felt good, it was not what Stacey truly wanted.  Michelle’s fingers slid in and out, the water sloshing between them. 

Stacey pulled her face away from her breast and gazed into Michelle’s eyes.  “No, give me what I really want.”  Her hips continued to gyrate against Michelle’s, their clits grazing against each other’s. 

Michelle’s eyes rolled back, her left hand wrapping around Stacey’s ass, pushing her harder into her own mound.  “More….Stacey….harder,” she groaned.

Stacey knew what she was going to have to do before she could get what she wanted.  Leaving her right leg in place, she slid her left leg in and under Michelle’s, wrapping it around the back of Michelle, their pussy’s now perfectly in alignment.  Michelle wrapped her legs around Stacey, applying the pressure that would be needed to grind against the other.  Rocking against the other, their clits moved in succession, constantly meeting, stroking and sliding on one another.  Their moans echoed in the small bathroom, the water sloshing up and over the sides of the tub.  Their arms wrapped tightly against one another, their breasts bouncing to and fro, rubbing against each other, the suds enveloping their skin.  Excitement elevated to delight, quickening on the intensity of their desire.  The gyrations of their hips became erratic, exploding into a frenzy as both women came together.  Their mouths wrapped around each other, tongue fucking the other when Michelle suddenly came out of the water, pinning Stacey against the other side of the tub, the gyrations of her hips intensifying.  Stacey moaned beneath her, letting Michelle have what she wanted for she knew it would truly satisfy not only Michelle, but herself as well.  Michelle always came well when they were in this position and she loved watching her enjoy it. 

Her hands wrapped tight against Stacey’s ass, pulling her harder into herself, tilting her just right.  Michelle’s clit stroked her hard and fast, moving tightly against her, bringing her into another orgasm. 

“Aaaaah, yes,” they both moaned.  Stacey leaned her head back over the side of the tub, Michelle’s hot breath in her ear. 

“I thought about you tonight….fucking him….you need to fuck her…oh, God……,” she moaned.  Michelle’s face was suddenly buried in Stacey’s breasts, water flowing up and over her face.  “Give me your pussy, now,” she demanded. 

Stacey slid quickly out of Michelle’s grip and sat back on the end of the tub, propping one leg up on Michelle’s shoulder, revealing her wet pussy to her.  Michelle dove in, her tongue suddenly lapping at her clit.  Tremors suddenly overtook her body.  She grabbed onto her hair and pulled her in hair, rubbing her nub against Michelle, her pussy wet and wanting Michelle’s tongue inside of her. 

“Yes, Michelle, fuck me….oh, please….,” she moaned, her voice echoing in the room.  “Ohhhhhh, yessssssss.” 

Michelle wrapped her arms around her legs pulling her in tight against her, her tongue gently parting her lips open.  Her tongue probed hard against her clit and then slid down, slowing taking Stacey in. 
“Ohhhh, yesssss.”  Stacey buried her heel in her back, pressing her tighter against her.  Her hips rocked back and forth against Michelle’s mouth, her back arched, her breasts fully exposed in the room, hardening her nipples in the cool air. 

“Fuck me, Michelle, fuck me, yesssssssss.” 

Michelle’s tongue slid in and out, her fingers spreading her wide open to take her in.  Tongue fucking her, her fingers caressed her nub, sending her into convulsions of excitement. 

“Stacey, I want you, now.  I want you to fuck me,” she whispered, slowly coming up to meet her eyes, her lips meeting Stacey’s rosebuds. 

Stacey knew what was next.  She stood and stepped out of the tub, taking Michelle’s hand in hers, escorting her out of the room.  Once in the bedroom, they enveloped one another and slowly crawled into the bed, their bodies gradually enduring, caressing and turning to please the other.

Lying on their sides, they pleased the other, their lips each meeting the others clit, their legs wrapped around the others shoulders, the slight pressure of their leg pulling them in tighter.  Their hips rocked in succession to the other, grinding against the others probing tongue, gradually moving faster, harder, elevating them to their sexual height.  Their moans echoed in the room, the gentle breeze of the cool air whisking by the dancing flames of the candles. 

Stacey and Michelle lay next to each in the dark room, their arms wrapped around one another, gently kissing the other. 

“When are you going to seduce her?” Michelle asked, her lips gazing up into Stacey’s. 

“Soon, I’ve been thinking on my approach.”

“You’ll know the timing when it’s right but you need to do it soon.  Just make sure to make her feel good about herself before you do, she’ll appreciate it more.  Oh, and a thought, because she’s your boss, you might want to let her think she’s in control of the situation.  She’ll be more apt to be open with you if she thinks she is.”

“I think you’re right.  If she’s more comfortable around me and she thinks she has control, I’ll get more exposure around the company.  She has a lot of meetings with the executives and I need the exposure so that I can progress in the company.”

“You’ll be fine, Stacey.  I have faith in you.” 

“Thank you,” Stacey said, nuzzling into Michelle’s neck.  “Besides, I know there are more opportunities too, if Wayne is involved, though I know he won’t commit to me.  He wants her, but if I can get Christina to include me, there’ll be more professional advantages.”

“Nice, keep up the good work, Stacey,” Michelle said, before dozing off to sleep.

It had been a hectic morning, Christina thought as she walked into the office.  She was going to stop and get a coffee, but realized she was going to be late for a meeting if she did.  Instead, she hurried to work, realizing that she also left her bottle of perfume in the car when she took it out the other day to refresh herself.  Dammitt! 

Hurrying into the office, she noticed Stacey at her desk, her hair and makeup perfect, the scent of her perfume wafted into the air.  Christina recognized the scent immediately and as she turned to go into her office, Stacey looked up and smiled at her.  Dammitt!  What was it about Stacey that made her feel self conscious?  She knew she was a beautiful woman and knew that Wayne desired her, but that did not make her feel at ease though she knew he would not do anything with Stacey unless Christina was there.  Oh, what to do?, she thought. 

How she needed that coffee right now.  Christina put her stuff in her office and then quickly left, approaching Stacey.  Stacey glanced up at her from the computer and smiled.

“How are you doing today, Christina?”

Approaching her desk, she casually looked Stacey over.  “I’m doing well.  And, yourself?”

“Very good.”

“Listen, I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.  Would you mind picking me up a cup of coffee?  You know what I like.”

“Yes, I do and I can do that for you.  Just give me one minute to get this email off and I’ll go next door.”

Meeting her eyes, Christina hesitantly asked, “And, that perfume you’re wearing…is that Dolce and Gabbana?”

“Why, yes it is?  You and I have the same taste.”  Score, that was one for Stacey. 

            Apprehensive and vaguely smiling, Christina answered, “Yes we do.  By chance, do you have some with you?  I left mine in the car and I really don’t have time to go down and get it…”

            With that, Stacey was reaching in her purse and pulling it out.  “Thank you,” Christina said, spraying a couple of squirts on herself. 

            “You have good taste,” Stacey said.  Stacey smiled smugly to herself.  This was the time to flood her with compliments.  Christina was not her normal “get it together” self right now.  Stacey felt the urge to take hold of the reins and guide her. 

            “Well, I guess you and I both have good taste,” Christina commented.  She handed back the bottle. Stacey clicked on the Send button and stood, grabbing her purse.  “I’ll get that coffee for you.” 

            Christina started to leave the office when Stacey chimed back up again. “Nice dress too.  Is that new?”

            Christina stared back at Stacey in awe, totally un-expecting the compliments that flowed from Stacey’s mouth.  Surprised, she answered her.

“Yes, it is.  Thank you.”  She turned and walked into her office, gathering her papers, listening to the sound of heels leaving the office.

She was looking forward to this next weekend out of town with Wayne.  She desperately needed to get away to spend some time alone with him.  But yet her thoughts roamed to Stacey.  The soft flow of material against her breasts, sparing some cleavage to the next available pair of eyes that would roam there.

She closed her eyes, her thoughts roaming back to the other night at the restaurant.  Mmmm, that had been a good night.  Though most of her thoughts remained on Wayne, her mind wandered to Stacey, to the tight skirt she wore.  She did have a nice ass and the curves on her body….  What the hell was she thinking?  Did she truly desire Stacey as well?

She signed on to her computer and double clicked on her email, her thoughts of Stacey roaming back over her.  Nice dress?  Was Stacey saying something to her too?  She had felt Stacey’s eyes casually looking her over.  Hmmm, what was Christina going to do with her?  She felt she needed to regain control over the woman, otherwise she might run not only Christina’s professional life, but personal life into the ground.  Wayne desired her and she knew it.  She needed to regain control and there was only one way to do it.  She needed to remind Stacey who was in control of her own life and it wouldn’t be Stacey.

Instantly there was a meeting reminder staring her in the face.  Shit, she needed to get to the meeting.  There would be time to mull this over after the fact.  Quickly, she grabbed her stuff and ran out of the office. 

Throughout the day, Christina ran in and out of Stacey’s office, delegating minor work that she needn’t work on herself.  Stacey could handle typing the meeting notes, scheduling meetings, etc, etc.  Christina didn’t need to bother herself with little work.  That was Stacey’s responsibility. 

Christina lay in her tub that night, sipping on a glass of wine, mulling over her thoughts.  Tomorrow, she would ask Stacey tomorrow.  Her head was full of angst and frustration.  She realized now what she truly wanted, but it was more of a control issue than anything else.  Her desires ran deep as she lay her head back, enjoying the relaxing bath. 

Christina seemed to have it more together the next day.  She came in with coffee in hand and her briefcase, totally decked out in a black skirt and white button up shirt.  Her hair was pulled up into a loose knot on her head, strands of hair falling casually along the side of her face.  She looked satisfied and a little more confident than she had the day before. 

Stacey smiled at her, wondering why she looked so smug and noticed an overly confident smile on Christina’s face.  Christina had seemed lately as though she were having some self confidence issues.  Stacey was sure she knew the reason why she was so insecure about herself.   

“Good morning, Stacey.”

“Good morning, Christina.”  She watched Christina walk into her office and within minutes come back out, approaching her desk.

Christina set her stuff down and turned her computer on, warily wondering if she should sit down.  Would she be able to do this?  Of course, she could.  She did the other night with Wayne and Stacey.  This time it would only be her and Stacey.  She knew if she sat down, she wouldn’t be able to get back up and give Stacey the card.  She had managed to come into the office, confident and determined that she was going to follow through with this.  Now, she was wary. 

Standing there for what seemed like eternity, she finally reached into her purse and pulled out the card.  This card was going to give Stacey the hotel name, the directions to the hotel, the date and time to be there.  Christina was going to make this worth the while for Stacey. 

Gripping it tightly in her hand, she walked out of the office and into Stacey’s office, approaching her desk.  Stacey smiled up at her, noticing the card in her hand. 

Without hesitation, Christina casually handed it to her.  “I expect you to be there on time, preferably a few minutes early.  Dress sexy, I want you to look good.  Oh, and wear those black heels I like.  The card will explain everything else.”  With that she turned and walked away, avoiding a glance back at Stacey.  She knew if she did, her eyes might fail her.    


Thanks to my collaborators A Texas Rose, Lady Kate, A Rare Gem, Dessert Flower and Mistress Regina. If you're interested in adding an installment to the story email it to me.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Debra Carolyn, mmmmmm Queen Deb, Is A Horny Girl

As I soak in my tub my thoughts turn to you, Michael.

I fantasize about kissing you, passionately and feverishly. I want to hold you and you to hold me. I want to feel every inch of your flesh against mine. I want you to slowly peel off every inch of my clothing and I want to watch your eyes as I am truly revealed to you. I want to see the torment in your eyes as they glaze over with lust.

I reach for the bar of soap and glide it softly across the curves of my body, carefully choosing and stopping in certain areas.

I think of you laying me softly upon your bed and climbing slowly on top of me. You gently slide my legs apart with your knee, and then, and only then, do you feast your eyes upon what truly torments you. With the barest touch, you lightly glide your hand over the lips of my pussy; purposely sliding inside. You are aroused and excited by the warm and silky like cream that awaits you from within.

Intricate ribbons of desire curl up and around my wet pussy, and I am unable to resist, as I move my hips in slow circular motions, creating tiny waves, as bubbles skim the water top, the bar of soap moving faster across my naked flesh.

Unable to stand the torment, I smoothly switch sides, you on the bottom, and me on top. Curling down between your legs I am greeted by the root of all my desire.

I press my lips to your cock and with desired soaked eyes, you watch as the head of your cock slowly disappears into the warm inviting cavern of my mouth. In a gentle, yet, feverishly slow and tantalizing motions; I slide my mouth up and down the whole of your cock, making my way down to taste and lick your nuts.

Lost in a wild frenzy of lust and erotic sexual desire, the words are unnoticed as they pass my lips.

“Ohhhh, Michael, Jesus baby, you taste so goddamned delicious!”

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Steelers Fans, Let's Make 2012 L.C. Greenwood's Year!!

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted L.C. Greenwood in the 10th round of the 1969 draft, making him the 238th pick.

The Steelers' number one pick that year, the fourth player selected overall, was Joe Greene.

The pair played together for 13 years, both spending their entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Along the way the Steelers won four Super Bowls, IX, X, XIII and XIV.

"Mean" Joe was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1987.

L.C. Greenwood, who became known to teammates as "Hollywood Bags," is still waiting.

I'm calling on Steelers fans to join me in a campaign to make 2012 the year L.C. Greenwood is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Because his active career was completed more than 25 years ago it's necessary for him to go in through a Seniors Committee nomination. The committee selects two for the ballot, it's up to us to convince them to make L.C. Greenwood one of those two selections when they announce their 2012 nominees in August of this year. That gives us 5 months to get the job done.

Does L.C. Greenwood's career warrant Hall of Fame consideration? You tell me...
  • Member of Pittsburgh Steelers STEEL CURTAIN defense
  • 6-time Pro Bowl player
  • First-team All-Pro twice
  • 1970s All Decade Team
  • Super Bowl Silver Anniversary Team, 1991
  • Named to Steelers all-time team, 2007
  • 73 1/2 career sacks, led Steelers 6 times
I say yes and that his selection is long overdue. Whose with me?

THESE are the nine people we need to reach, to convince them to place L.C. Greenwood's name on the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot...
  • Dan Pompei, Chicago Tribune
  • Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News
  • John McClain, Houston Chronicle
  • Edwin Pope, Miami Herald
  • Ron Borges, Boston Herald
  • John Czarnecki,
  • Dave Goldberg, AOL Sports/Fanhouse
  • Ira Miller, The Sports Xchange
  • Len Shapiro, Miami Herald
Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee, but not a member of the Seniors Committe. Nonetheless, it wouldn't hurt to have him on our side. I say it's worth a shot to contact him and ask if he'll publicize our effort.

If you're on Facebook you can "like" Elect L.C. Greenwood to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This can be a tool, something we can point to illustrating interest in and support for L.C.'s candidacy. As I write, on March 9, 2011, 1,620 "like" the page. We need to bump up that number significantly in order to have an IMPACT. So, please help spread the word!!

I encourage you to contact the Pro Football Hall of Fame directly. Write L.C. Greenwood 2012 on the outside of the envelope! The address is: Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2121 George Halas Dr. NW, Canton, OH 44708

Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Final Resting Place

"Die, v.: To stop sinning suddenly."
-Elbert Hubbard

There have been few moments in my life which were more twisted, more perplexing than when I heard my buddy Al's wife say, "Where should we spread the ashes?" Life made more sense when I was eating mescaline than at that moment.

The thing I am thankful for, looking back, is that I was stone-cold sober when I had to wrap my head around that one.

Al, you see, was one of my best friends, who days before had put a .357 in his mouth. I had expected to see him, we were planning a road trip, to points unknown, but I hadn't expected any of This. I didn't know, nor did his wife, that his cancer had returned and the prognosis was not good.

What followed was The Last Road Trip. The Master Baiter and I hit the road to find the Right place to spread Al's ashes. It took us 39 days to travel through 10 states before we found It, Al's final resting place. It was at Wind River Canyon, Wyoming that we spread Al's ashes.

One thing I've known for a long time is that I'll be cremated when my time comes. I'd never given a thought, though, to what would happen afterward. That is to say, what will happen with my ashes.

I met with my attorney after returning from The Last Road Trip in order to make modifications to my will. One of the things I made a point of doing was to arrange an admittedly extravagant party for the family and close friends I leave behind. The subject of my ashes came up Momentarily, only to be passed over to be dealt with another time.

I've spent a fair amount of time over the past year-and-a-half wresting with the question of what will happen with my ashes. Earlier this morning I made a final decision.

Neptune Memorial Reef will be my final resting place. Neptune Memorial Reef is a man-made reef off the coast of Miami, 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne, built in the image of The Lost City of Atlantis.

Check it out...

"A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it." -Raul Julia ...and, with that, friends, I'm going to pour a tall glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, sit back, in the quiet calm of the morning, smoke a Corona Especial and enjoy memories of a time gone by which I shared with a great friend.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stumble This...Stumble This... Stumble This... Stumble This... This Is Me Saying, I Don't Think So.

I've never had any interest in collecting friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter or mutual subscribers (a phrase introduced to replace the term friend) on StumbleUpon. That doesn't mesh with my philosophy of valuing relationships.

I'm also not one of those people who uses StumbleUpon as nothing more than a tool to drive traffic to my website. I enjoy the social aspect of StumbleUpon and it's not unusual for me to send a note through share as a way of connecting with a friend, not simply to share content which might be stumbled.

Some people, though, only send shares to ask for stumbles. You send them a note, as a friend, and they ignore it, only to send another share asking for a stumble.

It was interesting to me when a mutual subscriber, whom I would not refer to as an acquaintance, let alone a friend, one that always ignores friendly notes and only asks for stumbles, responded to a note I sent saying the site they were sharing, over and over, has a bad reputation on Web Of Trust, a great add-on for Firefox.

Yes, has a Poor Reputation on Web Of Trust. If it were one of the "most popular sites on the internet" would that be a guarantee it's operation is squeaky clean? Not necessarily. If it generates over $1 million or $1 billion per week is that a reason to trust the site? No.

I don't trade stumbles, I don't stumble everything that comes across my stumble button and I don't expect anyone to stumble everything I send them. There are "friends" or mutual subscribers who aren't worth having, people who only want to use you to promote their content are at the top of that list in my book.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kicking Off The 2010 Season

I've taken on the job of serving as the General Manager of my buddy's fantasy football league team, The Jet Set.

The Jet Set's season kicks off tonight when the New Orleans Saints line up against the Minnesota Vikings.

Drew Brees (New Orleans) is the Jet Set's starting quarterback and Percy Harvin (Minnesota) lines up in the W/R spot for the Jet Set.

The Jet Set's starting lineup includes...

QB Drew Brees
RB Steven Jackson
RB Ricky Williams
WR Randy Moss
WR Miles Austin
TE Antonio Gates
W/R Percy Harvin
K Nate Kaeding
Defense New York Jets

Oh yes, I also wanted to introduce our cheerleaders...