Sunday, February 17, 2008

If Dr. Gonzo Had Been A Blogger...

The real point is that I can't sit back & ignore this kind of nit-picking bullshit about my creditability as a journalist much longer, without making a public example of somebody & getting into some public show & tell about "truth percentages." There are a lot of levels of truth, as we both know, in almost any story, and my argument with the so-called "straight" journalists is that I tend to deal on levels (or areas) that "straight" journalism can't handle because you can't always find to "reliable sources" to verify what you know is true --- and that's the fork in the journalist road where I parted company with those bastards a long time ago." - Hunter S. Thompson
{Pages 643-644 - Fear And Loathing In America}

Overnight, while I ravaged TheRedhead, Site Meter rang up visit number 13,000. Not a bad number, over about 11 months, for a site like this.

Yes, I'd like to think {not really} that people would flock here in droves to read my insightful commentary and witty dialogue .

In truth, to blog in the spirit Hunter S. Thompson, to bask in the pleasures of wine, women and song and to refuse suppressing my viewpoint means I cast aside any possibility of being a high traffic site from the outset.

When all is said and done, I value the curious people who have an open mind, a good sense of humor and a sense of what's right that purposefully find their way here.

Needless to say, the letter was vaguely embarrassing. Anything decent or human makes me nervous; I am much more at home with people I can abuse or play games with. - Hunter S. Thompson {Page 183}

It was especially rewarding to find that visit number 13,000 had come from a search related to The Good Doctor...

The job of a writer, it seems to me, is to focus very finely on a thing, a place, a person, act, phenomenon...and then, when the focus is right, to understand, and then render the subject of that focus in such a way that it suddenly appears in context --- the reader's context, regardless of who the reader happens to be, or where." - Hunter S. Thompson {Page 264}

The thing I like most about occasions like this is it gives me a reason to explore the locations from where my visitors come...

"That exposure problem goes far beyond mere sales figures. A writer wants to think he's being read --- and people who talk to writers want to think they'll see themselves in print." - Hunter S. Thompson
{Page 456}

Yes, given the estimated 20,000 letters in the Hunter S. Thompson archive, there's no doubt his blog would have been something to see.

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