Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What A Day For A Daydream... Oo La La

This post will not languish incomplete as did the "to be continued..." collection. While removed from the sidebar, those posts have not been forgotten. I do, though, have several appointments today so I will be writing this one in bits and pieces between other things.

It's been four years since George W. Bush stood on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, and declared:

Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.

Forget the Mission Accomplished banner for a second. The one that The White House claims was the work of the Navy. A group over which he apparently has no power; and an act - hanging a sign - which the Administration is not able to stop from happening. It was clearly a secret to the Secret Service that the sign wound appear on television. An act which has gravely wounded the President's mirage of creditability.

With all due respect to Stephen Colbert...

George W. Bush, bad President?
Or, the worst President?

Speaking of Colbert, I tried some of his Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, Americone Dream. It was a disappointment. While they do great vanilla ice cream there seemed to be a stingy serving of the chocolate covered cone pieces and even less caramel.

I also sampled some of the new Creme Brulee flavor. That was great! Custard ice cream with a carmelized sugar swirl. So, it appears, the French scored one of out two this time around. Sorry, Steve.

{I once knew a ballet dancer name Carmel; she was Italian, overflowing with passion. She had what might be called a free flowing sugar swirl herself; that though is a topic for another day. Sorry, I lingered there a bit. She was a truly delicious treat.}

Recently I tried the Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownie. Another great ice cream. It did get me to thinking about the last time we had brownies with a double dip of hash and what my buddy refers to as "lucky weed"; a true wonder of hydroponic gardening.

With that I must leave for a lunch date with another French treat with whom I've recently become acquainted, GiGi. A long legged one with sultry eyes, rosebud lips, long, naturally curly hair and a backend that is the stuff of dreams. {Yes, the front is extraordinary as well.} It's been quite a long time since I've shared time with a ballet dancer. And this one is a glorious creature.

More later...

GiGi and I had a long, leisurely lunch. And a longer, multi-course dessert.

On a very different note, Friday marks the 37th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University in Ohio. Four students shot down like dogs by the Ohio National Guard; nine more wounded. All for standing up in protest of the war. No. Protesters and "innocent bystanders" alike were exterminated that day.

The recent shootings at Virgina Tech were tragic. No doubt about that. A young man with a troubled mind went over the edge and took innocent people with him. Somewhere along the line a simple fact has escaped us; the system for provision of care under George W. Bush is worse than when he came into office. The man who has ridden the crisis of September 11th has cut the heart out of the very services the country has desperately needed because of that fateful day and the days of death that have followed. Death where the blood is on his hands.

-----(-)-> See the findings of <-(-)----- This week the United States Congress sent legislation to President George W. Bush. The bill was to provide funding for the war in Iraq; it included a set of benchmarks to be met by the Iraqi government and set a date by which combat forces would withdraw. Provisions were included for troops to remain in the region. A continued effort to find - it's ludicrous to say "restore" - some sort of stability in the region. The President of The United States vetoed this legislation. George W. Bush is a cretin, a liar and a coward. When called to serve in Vietnam he didn't have the balls to fulfill his responsibility. Then the prick lands on the Abraham Lincoln and talks about how we've won the day in Iraq. He lied to get us into this quagmire and now he questions the patriotism of anyone who objects. George W. Bush seems to fancy himself one of the chosen ones; what he is in truth is nothing more than a living, breathing example of The Peter Principle.

George W. Bush speaks of The United States Congress attempting to take the power to make decisions in Iraq away from the leaders of the military. Does the Commander in Chief not understand the concept of civilian control of the government? It, for the record, is set up so civilians control the military, not generals or shit for brains Secretaries of Defense. What a clusterfuck we have going on inside The Beltway.

The electorate spoke last November loud and clear. The President strolled with great confidence through the election season, speaking ever so confidently about how his party was going to receive a mandate, affirming his policies. All that while the members of his party ran away from him, knowing their political lives depended on it. Ran behind closed doors where he met them at lavish fund raisers to stock their war chests. And then the Republicans were told to pack their bags and get out of town. Yet George W. Bush refuses to accept the will of the people.

Does anyone remember why Bill Clinton was impeached? Does anyone remember what America was like when Slick Willie was in office. Things were a hell of a lot better than with the dim bulb we have in control today. That is, the puppet who has been made to appear that he is in charge. Meanwhile, smug prick Dick Cheney, a heartless bastard with no soul, steers the ship of state! We'd be just as well off with Joseph Hazelwood at the helm!

When are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney going to stand responsible for the crimes they have committed? What is their punishment going to be for the damage they have done?

That's it for now; as it turned out only two sittings where required.

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bulletholes said...

Brullee' is mostly about texture...creamy silky smooth and the crunchy hard rock carmel top that you get to break into- even the sound is part of the experience- and the contrasting sharpness of a semi-sweet Raspberry Coulis; you may as well try to make a Chicken Pot Pie flavored Toothpaste!

Cinnamon Girl said...

Oh man I am totally going to have to hit the store on the way home!

*DB* said...

I think I hate you for bringing up Creme Brulee.

Now I want it.

And god, I am so SICK of Bush. What does it friggin take to get an impeachment around here? Cigars?

I miss the days of presidents who couldn't keep it in their pants as opposed to starting meaningless wars.

Make love, not war, indeed.

The Wandering Author said...

Kilroy, if you haven't read Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps, go on over and read it.

Until I read that, I figured most of the pieces were in place, but I didn't guess they were all in place already. On the other hand, there is still one good argument against impeaching Bush - Cheney hasn't been impeached yet. I somehow don't think his taking over the reins of power would be any improvement.

I'm just holding my breath, hoping there won't be any "emergencies" before the 2008 elections.

vanishingword said...

Worst president ever. Did I guess right?