Saturday, December 30, 2006

What Was To Be At 6:02 AM Turned Out Naught At 8:41 AM

I was invited about two months ago to submit a post to Blog Village News as part of the "Feature Blogger" program.

Things have been such that the "must dos" and "need tos" have superceded the "want tos". Ultimately, if you wait to find time the "want tos" never get done. A person must always make time for the things they desire and feel are important to do.

Without any promise this was worth waiting for, I give you:

Kilroy_60, A Blog Village "Featured Blogger"

Wears Sunglasses At Night

1. In the Gonzo! spirit, you can expect an approach to blogging which blurs the distinctions between author and subject while merging fiction and nonfiction.
2. My occupation is best listed as: Explorer/Spiritualist/Writer/Consultant/Photographer.
3. I think the duckbill platypus reflects God's sense of humor; it's my favorite animal.
4. My favorite form of transportation is hot air balloon. The second is walking.
5. I like to imagine what it would be like hitting the road with The Traveling Wilburys; the Wilbury brothers, not the band.
6. In my home office - a.k.a. The Writer's Nook - I have prints of M.C. Escher's Reptiles and Ansel Adams' Redwoods.
7. I think that fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers are among the best in all of sports. Pittsburgh is a drinking town with a football problem.
8. People with whom I wish I could have shared time are Thomas Edison, Pope John Paul II, Leonardo da Vinci, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Babe Ruth, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm Forbes.
9. I believe it is ridiculous that marijuana is illegal and tobacco is not. An ice cold Heineken, to me, is something to savor.
10. I prefer to give gifts when I choose. I don't give them at times or on days when they would be "expected".
11. Golf, I think, more than any other sport replicates life. Hitting a perfect golf shot, to me, is joyous.
12. I've remained close friends with my college roommate, who is a psychiatrist and an attorney, for more than 20 years. He's a championship fisherman in Canada who is known among friends as The Master Baiter.
13. 13 is my lucky number.
14. Going into space is something I would love to do; I don't see in my future.
15. I frequently publish blog posts and comments with typographical errors. In my work I have a problem striving for ever unattainable this seems to be a "release" from that self imposed pressure. I expect that bloggers and blog readers are accustomed to reading tyopese.
16. I love sunrises, but more frequently see sunsets. I am fascinated by clouds.
17. My preference for journaling is pen and paper {specifically legal pads} instead of the computer. When I find a pen I like I tend to use it until it can write no more.
18. I think racists and homophobes are people with troubled minds and that that is no excuse for their behavior. I've had to kick some hillbilly rednecks asses for talking about me hanging out with "niggers". I don't put up with that shit.
19. My approach to politics - as with most of life - is one of independence; not influenced by the agendas of political parties. I very much want to see a change in the way we deal with governmental affairs in the United States. And the way we - the people - deal with politicians.
20. I think the sports memorabilia industry has fractured the relationship between athletes and fans. Cheaters - like Barry Bonds - have no place in the games let alone in Halls of Fame.
21. The things I've most recently added to my shadow boxes are a golf ball I bought, a shot glass I stole and an "Office God" desk topper I was given as a gift - Hernia, the guardian goddess of job satisfaction, saves you from burnout!"
22. The last book I bought was Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner; the last book I was given, Walking with Grandfather - The Wisdom of Lakota Elders.
23. When I visit the grave of my loved one I leave photographs wrapped in plastic and a handful of pebbles.
24. I am amazed every time I visit one of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings.
25. I accept no responsibility for your spontaneous anger, personal outrage, blurred vision, headaches or any Post Traumatic Stress Disorder you may experience related to your visit to The Gonzo Papers.
26. I believe men should recognize and value aspects of a female as a lady and as a women. I feel they each should be respected, nurtured and fed appropriately.
27. The reason I blog is that I feel it is an educational forum where I have opportunities to both learn and teach.
28. I don't "explain"; I will though "elaborate" when answering a question if it is what I choose to do.
29. There are 29 items in this list because I am a Leap Year baby.

And with delay, comes lost opportunity. It turns out that there was a post that didn't work out as hoped, which caused delay of another posting and my feature would now be sitting in a que.

I can't make time to do something and then have it sit collecting dust or growing moss. So, I'll check into other publishers and submit this later today.

Post written at 6:02 AM
Updated at 8:41 AM


Anonymous said...

Seems we have a lot in common. 13 is my lucky number, along with 8, I am fascinated by clouds and sunrises, and I also know a fisherman called Master Baiter, lol.

I enjoy your writing; great sense of humour!

Happy New Year!

writerwoman said...

Number four was unique and made me smile.

number 18 was awesome! Love that.

And number 26 makes me respect you even more.

Great list. It gave me a little peek into how you think.

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Great List Kilroy! Thank you for the glimpse.. ~M

honkeie said...

I like the list....I am on target with u on the pot thing and I will someday have the M.C. Escher's Reptiles tattoed on me...I like Escher and reptiles....why not.

Anonymous said...

Good list, Kilroy! It helps to get to know you better... Found the idea of putting photos and pebbles interesting - not something I'd have ever thought of doing!