Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Kilroy_60 Email Interview

I did the following email interview with GB from tidings of comfort & joy {today}...

What dreams did/do you have for your life and how do you go about accomplishing them?

---(-)-> What? Have as much fun as will possibly fit in to one life; do meaningful work; make a difference.

How? Show the people who are important they are loved; give more than I receive; go balls to the wall.

What do you find is/are the most important navigation tool(s) for living life?

---(-)-> Passion, curiosity, inspiration, determination, the ability to communicate well and an unending appetite for pleasure.

You strike me as a person who is not inclined to suffer fools. Were you always an outspoken person and if not, what caused you to become so?

---(-)-> Yes, I was always outspoken.

I've heard various explanations of the origins of Kilroy. What's your take and why do you use this alias?

---(-)-> Kilroy_60 is Raoul Duke.

How is it that you came to be influenced by Hunter S. Thompson?


In my search for all things HST, I've come across writings/videos that portray him as little more than a babbling crazy person. What book/movie would you recommend for those who want as accurate a reflection as possible of Hunter S. Thompson?

---(-)-> The books I would recommend are Fear and Loathing In America - The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist 1968-1976 and The Joke's Over by Ralph Steadman.

What brings you comfort and joy?

---(-)-> TheSpecialOne.

Thanks, GB, for your thoughtful questions. It's been a pleasure meeting you.

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James Burnett said...

Cool blog. I'm a big fan of HST.