Monday, July 16, 2007

Ladies, Please... Another Go 'Round

Somehow it slipped by me when Deal or No Deal wrapped up it's second season in America. I've posted on the show a number of times since its inception.

Nobody has walked out with the $1 million yet. Although, I believe, this season someone did score $1.

I can't say I've ever been a "dedicated watcher" of the show. I do enjoy it; more because it's spawned some playfulness with TheSpecialOne.

The game of luck, of taking chances has been a hit by all accounts. It could have a long run, if nothing more than for the 26 lovelies. The models march still has a bit of wow factor. There's no shortage of beautiful women, though, so that I think is a stretch.

It seems that the show turned to a lot of stunts this past year in an effort to remain fresh. "Creative" offers were nothing new; they have been rather ingenious I think. I get the impression, though, that the producers are scrambling for ideas.

As for Howie Mandell, he's going to do as good of a job hosting as anyone I think. I don't see them replacing him; it's hard to believe he'd walk away considering other aspects of his career. Certainly, he's done a better job than most others who have tried to step into similar shoes.

As for the models, they're showing more personality than when the show started. The show is definitely maximizing the benefit of the 26. Even that seems odd as Howie made a point this season of bringing up who this one or that one is dating. Not sure if that is supposed to somehow make them more "real" that they're dating.

It will be interesting to see how the show fleshes out. Which leads us to two predictable words.

Ladies, please...

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The Wandering Author said...

Somehow, I don't think most of the viewers watch because of the models' personalities. I bet the mentions of dating are more to encourage the totally hopeless members of the audience: "Oh! She's dating! That means, if I can just meet her, I might have a chance...". Of course, such a strategy is really a public service: the viewers who fall for it will at least forget their disappointment at having to wait so long for their share of the $700,000,000 the late Charles Taylor left in a safe deposit vault. :-O