Thursday, September 04, 2008

There Are Few Things In Life More Attractive Than A Beautiful Woman

TheSpecialOne and I were sitting at an outdoor cafe. It was the type of day that you dream about in the middle of winter.

We had originally stopped to have a drink, but we lingered there for awhile and decided to have a bite to eat.

She noticed an especially attractive woman walking toward us and pointed her out to me. We discussed who she might be.

The woman was well dressed and carried several bags from fine boutiques. I suggested she was the wife of an attorney. TheSpecialOne countered that she could be a prostitute.

We discussed the possibilities; what would it be like to meet her, for the two of us to have her.

Among the things I love about TheSpecialOne are her confidence, her intelligence and her creativity.

It's been a long time since TheSpecialOne has invited another woman into our bed. She knew that simply introducing the idea would excite me.

It doesn't take much for me to become enthralled with the thought of making love to TheSpecialOne. Less when that is her goal.

As we had a few rounds of drinks we had a number of these discussions.

Typically, it would be TheSpecialOne who would point out a woman and ask me what I thought and then she would offer a suggestion.

We began to construct stories about them. It was not only what kind of work they did, what kind of life they lived, it was where they had been and where they were going.

TheSpecialOne began to fantasize about one in particular who was clearly a career woman. She spoke of how she would seduce her while they met in the woman's executive suite.

She spoke about I would feel as I watched; how the executive would ask her permission to allow me to join in instead of just watching. TheSpecialOne said she would make her beg to touch me. It was a clear reminder of the last woman who had joined us.

Yes, indeed, TheSpecialOne is a character. She knows how to play the game. When it's all said and done, though, we both know who has the upper hand.

Have you ever noticed that when a man finds a woman's looks appealing he also automatically believes that she is good in bed?

I have dated models, dancers, actresses and television reporters; all for whom "beauty" is a currency.

Let me tell you, beauty is no guarantee that a woman is adept at making love or fucking. If you find a beautiful one who doesn't known the difference screw her for all she's worth and move along.

Yes, yes, I know; it's easier said than done.

Beautiful women learn early on how to make the most of their looks. Somehow they always smell better than other women. If she's also blessed with a voice that can melt steel, well, you may never have great sex, but you won't mind it so much.

One thing I'm confident nobody will debate is that females are complicated creatures.

Yes, as important as it is to understand the difference between fucking and making love, it is just as important for her to know when to be a lady who charms and when to be a woman who sizzles.

In all the field research I've done I came to one conclusion that is more important that any other.

To have as much fun as possible, focus on the pleasure of your partner. That, it's critical to remember, starts long before there is any physical contact.

Above all, I seek to ensure my partner is fulfilled, well beyond her expectation. The return on investment, in that scenario, is beyond measure.

As to how things worked out with TheSpecialOne after our encounter at the cafe, stop by again for ~cue Paul Harvey ~ ...the rest of the story.


Refuge from the Doldrums said...

oh boy, you and yours and me and mine are not too far away in nature it seems! we play these games, you see. gawd, what a way to have some fun, be turned on and get ready for a love making session unlike couple who don't share this type of relationship....

of course, there are very few couples with the ability to have such intimate affairs without their relationship dissolving.

But for those of us who can and do....then true love making in the aftermath is fantastic, indeed!

Mal said...

Spiritual and timeless. This blog is an elegant work of art... and latex.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and one that confirms my own view. Show your partner Heaven and the Gates of Pleasure will be yours forever.