Monday, September 11, 2006

Never Forget; More Importantly Always Remember

September 11, 2001 is a date that will forever live in United States history. I am a proud participant in the 2996 Project to honour the victims of that horrific day.

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that we must never forget September 11. To me, it is more important that we remember the people who perished.

Creating what I felt was a tribute worthy of those who died proved to be a difficult task. The World Trade Center in flames is the prevailing image of that day. To display one image or another of New York City as a representation of September 11 is, I think, a disservice to those who perished at The Pentagon and to the heroes aboard United Airlines Flight 93. It is vitally important that all the victims are remembered, including those first responders who died attempting to save the lives of others.

I pray the souls of the victims are at peace. See September 11, 2001 Victims

While I will offer no political commentary, I will say that I feel it is shameful that we have failed to appropriately memorialize those that were killed in these attacks. As billions of dollars have been devoted to waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq we have not put forth the resources necessary to honour the victims.

I believe that it should be a national priority to erect memorials at The Pentagon, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and at Ground Zero. While it is only a piece of the puzzle, I encourage you to support Build The Memorial: The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation.

Part of my effort to memorialize the victims is setting the publication time for this posting at 8:46 AM - the time American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower of The World Trade Center.

Paying Tribute to:
Joseph Vincent Vigiano
Medford, New York

Joseph was a Detective with the New York City Police Department's "75 Robbery Squad". He was one of the Department's most decorated officers. Three times he was shot in the line of duty and returned to duty after each incident.

Joseph Vincent Vigiano died at The World Trade Center. His twin brother John, a New York City firefighter, also died in the collapse of the Twin Towers. Joseph's body was found one month later; John was never found. Tribute to Joseph

I pray, Joseph, that you rest in peace. God bless your wife, Kathy, and your family.


Bill Williams said...


Great post! I really like the work you are doing here.

You might want to check out the post on my blog listed separately on the side bar under the title of "From Ground Zero". I served as a chaplain at Ground Zero and wrote about this on the first anniversary of 9/11. The image I've posted here was taken in 2003.

You can view this post at this address:


Miss Kitty said...

Kilroy: I love this post. I'm glad to see someone taking the time to remind folks that 9/11, beyond the political posturing and smokescreening, is when almost 3,000 people were murdered. All these people had families & friends who loved them, and who still miss them.

I was at home on 9/11 when I heard the first reports. My father was murdered on January 16, 1997, so all I could do was watch CNN and cry...because I knew how the families of all those victims felt.

Will be back to post more as I get time. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep up the great work!

The Wandering Author said...

Kilroy, thanks for pointing readers to my blog. I just learned of the 2,996 Project here. I think it is a much better idea than all the hype and merchandising which really doesn't honour anyone.

I hope you won't be offended if I am not a frequent visitor here for a short while. That has nothing to do with the quality of your blog; if you visit mine to read my post on joining the project you will see that I am anxious to do a good job of my tribute.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

Kilroy, compared to you, I put out tripe!

jbwritergirl said...

There is nothing anyone could add to this my dear.

Memories of that morning come at odd times for me, and sometimes are so vivid they shake the ground beneath my feet. I think it's important to remember those who perished, and equally important to respect those who filled the shoes of those who left that morning. They were big shoes to fill.


BlueDuck said...

Disclaimer: I was at the World Trade Center on the morning of 9/11. I was in the mall underneath when the first plane hit. I rushed upstairs inside of one of the old Trade Center buildings (not one of the two main towers) and watched debris raining down from inside. Exiting the building, I looked up as I crossed the street and saw the huge hole in the tower. I stood across the street and watched as people lept to their deaths. I was a block away when the second plane hit and flaming pieces of the plane came hurtling through the air. I was on 21st and 1st, making my way uptown, when the first tower fell.

I mourn all those who died that way and feel for the families who still suffer. I will never forget that day.

With that said, I think it is madness that we have let the events of this one day- no matter how horrific- dictate the future and policies of our nation. Any semblence of a domestic agenda lays buried as our leaders rush to exploit fear to start wars and deny its citizens many basic rights. Many still don't want to fly. We as a nation shouldn't forget, but we need to move on from the 9/11 mindset which has a chokehold on our nation.

It's time to be America again.

Tamara Hanson said...

I finally got around to replying to you. Thanks for visiting my blog; I added your link to it! I will definitely stop by more often.

Unknown said...

Did you know John and joseph? I mean not that you can't pay tribute without knowing them, but it would mean more if you did know them and are sharing your pain.

Mother of Invention said...

Nice tribute and the time that you plan to post this is very apropos.

jinx protocol said...

My boss was actually taken aback when I told him that I had no desire to see the movie "World Trade Center". Somehow he couldn't wrap his head around the idea that, even though I didn't know anyone who died, the strange feeling of that day doesn't sit well with me.

And his brother works at the Pentagon, for Christ's sake!

I told him that I wasn't trying to co-opt anyone's pain, I just wasn't ready to relive the whole thing in 5.1 surround sound, and when he said it shouldn't feel any different than any other war movie, I responded by telling him that the suspension of disbelief was not as easily defined here. It wasn't Bruce Willis sacrificing himself on a meteor headed for earth; it really happened and I don't want to be privy to the dismay again. Not yet.

Sorry this was so long.

Suzi said...

Thank you for sharing your tribute to Joseph Vigiano.

The 2996 project is a blessing, I think, to our hearts. It gives us a chance to celebrate the lives of those killed.

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the tribute to Laura Gilly.

Kilroy_60 said...

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those of you who commented prior to visits by other participants in 2996. It is appreciated.

Bill, It means alot that after the experience you had at Ground Zero you came to write a comment.

Miss Kitty, You were generous in your words. The thoughts and emotions you shared are powerful.

Wandering Author, I am pleased that you not only became aware of 2996 here, but chose to become involved. I will surely add a comment to your tribute.

Chief, You may not know how much I value the connection we have through our link exchange. I am energized to do my work here by your interest and response.

JBWriterGirl, My effort here is is not in the universe of quality you achieve through your blogging day in an day out. You offer kind words to support my simple tribue and it is appreciated.

Blue Duck, I'm thankful that you were not a World Trade Center casualty. I agree that it is shameful politicians use the events of that tragic day to justify their motives to advance their personal agenda{s}.

Pud, I did not know Joseph or John. I chose to join in 2996 because I felt it was important that I acknowledge the value of a life taken. It so happens that the person I was "given" from the luck of the draw is someone who gave his life seeking to help others that he did not know. I am proud to pay tribute to Joseph.

Mother, Mine is a simple tribute. Many others I have seen are quite elaborate. Given that, I sought to choose carefully what I would inclue.

Tyler, We each have our own way of dealin with tragedy. People whould accept individual decisions and respect the person's choice. Unfortunately, like many things in life, what should happen is all too often exactly what does not.

I appreciate the time each and every one of you take to come here. I am thankful that you find interest to write comments. Especially here as the content here is of a much more serious nature than what I normally write.

The Baby's Momma said...

My heart goes out to The Vigiano Family. If you can, you should link to his brother's tribute.


In Memory of Edward P. York

jinx protocol said...

It's easy to remember September the 11th as a day and forget what really happened and what we lost, and I know that sounds cliche but it's difficult to express these sorts of feelings with anything but familiarity. It's a coping mechanism. Perspective is a hard hing to truly come by, even as the right-and-left factions argue over a mini-series about what may or may not have led to 9/11. It just shows that the "higher ups" really didn't learn anything from what happened.

What a shame.

Mother of Invention said...

I visited the guest book and made a comment about the fact that what they both did that fateful day had far-reaching effects. I was honoured to be the first Canadian to do so. Thanks, Kilroy.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

I do not think they should make a movie of September 11. I had a sister who was murdered and the publicity took its toll on me.
I still have to go to court and listen and look at him through all the appeals. No one else can really know your feelings. I kept them inside myself for many years. Now I write a blog for her. But I will never understand the hate. Love to all....

brian said...

Thank you for writing this post so eloquently. I did not now any of the 2996, but I came to know Gilbert, my tribute post, through his life.

THank you for stopping by and leaving your comments. Next week I am posting my story "Real Magic" parts 5-8, I would welcome an exchange of links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I signed up for the 2996 project a day or two ago, and I have to be in a town 2 hours away all day on Sunday for a briefing on Afghanistan, so I'm running a little behind on my tribute. I'll try to write it Sunday night.

I've been a bit busy lately. I'll be in Sacramento for most of Oct and Nov, and then it'll be Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I don't have much time to prepare to be in the middle of a wasteland for two years.

Hopefully when I get over there I'll still be able to surf the internet and post on blogs. I should be able to. Providing internet access is part of my job.

Anonymous said...

As a police dispatcher I am especially touched by the loss of a fine officer.

I salute you Officer Vigiano, may God rest your soul.

My memorial to Joseph Lostrangio is up on my blog if you wish to drop by.

Brooke said...

A wonderful tribute; it does us all good to remember the people that gave all on that day, rather than some faceless number.

Thank you!

Katherine said...

I remember seeing these two brothers on the news - so sad. They both sound like amazing men, true heroes. Thanks for stopping by my tribute to Marjorie C. Salamone.

Anonymous said...

A double tradgy for that family
so sad
I pray that the family find peace in the memories of these two brothers

I am honouring Joseph Maffeo

Michelle said...

Simply beautiful :o)
I'm sure his family and friends would be proud :o)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful tribute. Let us always remember.


I honored Patrick Lyons

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your contribution - great post.

I am honored to post a tribute to Joseph Lovero

David M said...

Wonderful tribute.

Rest in peace Joseph.

I am honoring George Lopez:

Old Lady said...

Wonderful and stupendous! You have a great flair with your writing.

AFSister said...

Thank you so much for writing about Joseph, and for telling us about his twin. My ex is a twin, and I may not get along with his parents, but I cannot imagine the grief that would strike them if both boys were killed. They chose risky professions, but people do that ALL the time and never get injured, much less killed. It amazes me that so many people were declared deceased that day, yet no remains at all were ever found.
As a participant in the 2,996, I was assigned a Cantor Fitzgerald trader, Davin Peterson. These people are so young, and are missed greatly.

Diane Viere said...

Great tribute.....we will not forget...yes, we will always remember--and now, with the 2996 Project, we have faces, lives, stories, and tributes to put with the names of those lost. It has been a privelege to take part in this project. I have posted a tribute to Sgt. Michael Curtin, a NYPD officer who willingly walked into the Twin Towers that day on a rescue mission and was discovered in the rubble of Ground Zero several months after.

So many great lives many heroes.


Unknown said...

Thank you for taking the time and remembering. I'm bringing the stories together.

Anonymous said...
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Mistress Regina said...

Ladies, Goddesses And Bitches is a proud participant in the 2,996 project.

You did a wonderful job remembering your New York City first responder.

Stealth said...

you are at the top of my site right post.

The SUCCESS Coach said...

It was a good idea placing a link at a later date pointing here. That increases the visibility of your 2,996 tribute. I wrote a comment on the post that includes the link.

For Your Success remembers Thomas Sullivan. Support of our tribute would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Joey and Johnny Vigiano are my cousins. Thanks for writing about Joe, he is my oldest childs Godfather. However he and John were not twins, and you failed to mention that on Sept 11th 2001, Joey was a memeber of the Elite NYPD ESU Unit. He hadn't been in the 75 for many years. He loved doing ESU work, and I'm sure if he read your post he'd want that added in. If you'd like any more info to add to your tribute feel free to email me at Again thank you for doing this for Joey.

EarthBound said...

Finally someone with the decency to write about the people who deserve the commemoration of this somber day. I am tired of being reminded of its political whitewash& its atrocious crimes.
It's about time someone reminds us of those who died in its wake, and those who suffered in its aftermath.
I too was not aware of the 2,996- but I remember that day vividly. I woke up to settle on my computer, and a friend told me of the news. I turn on the television thinking it was a sick demented show...until, to my dismay every t.v. station I changed it to was exactly the same. The day was bleak, and no matter where you went the news was with you.
What is more, the following days/weeks everything was back to 'normal' for those who were far removed from the events. It was almost like nothing had happened. I find it appalling when people watch it like another 'movie'. Even, those other movies were brought about by the same kinds of terror- they are people too! Innocent people!
That is what September 11 means to me- many innocent people dying for the power of the few.
Thank you Kilroy for reminding us of what is important.

Anonymous said...

As always, wonderfully written, what a wonderful way to represent that horrible day in our history that no one will forget because, I for one will continue to talk about this day to my children and grandchildren. We as a nation shall never forget those that perished that day, nor those that still fight today. ----Cortnee'