Saturday, December 29, 2007

A {Blogosphere} Year In Review

Photograph by Kilroy_60

What have you been blogging about this year?

This, I think, is an interesting way to find, if nothing more, what the tone of your posts has been. You go, month by month, and pick up the first sentence of each post.

Here you have it, The Gonzo Papers, A {Blogosphere} Year In Review...

-------January---(-)-> Guarantee is one of the most powerful words in marketing.

------February---(-)-> And, it's February!

--------March---(-)-> Five days down, one to go for my birthday celebration.

---------April---(-)-> Carrying forward with the blog renovation - related to the transition to new Blogger - I will be deleting the link collection from my sidebar.

--------May ---(-)-> I went to the golf course early this morning.

--------June---(-)-> It's not a new thought for me to wonder what people think when they keep a bumper sticker on their car from a past election.

--------July---(-)-> Tomorrow is the Friends of Kilroy blog carnival.

-----August---(-)-> It looks like TheSpecialOne's stargazer lilies are beginning to wane.

--September--(-)-> Bloggers write and writers blog.

----October---(-)-> I appreciate people supporting the Gonzo Blog Carnival Series.

--November--(-)-> I didn't realize when I was writing it; this was my two-year blogiversary post!

--December--(-)-> I went out of town to a conference last weekend.


isabella mori said...

what a great idea! i think i'll try that, too. it's almost like blog tarot!

isabella mori said...

ooops, looks like you didn't get my last comment.

anyways, i followed your example (actually, i used the second last post of each month, that was easier).

i was very surprised: 9 out of the 12 posts were about relationships!

thanks for the inspiration.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Cool post!

And what have I been blogging about? That's easy ...


Miss T

P.S. Happy New Year!

Sheila said...

Great post! I can identify with your June first sentence since I wondered the same thing when I saw a Kerry/Edwards sticker recently.

Continued success with the blogging. Happy New Year!

The T-Dude said...

Me? I've been blogging about politics, media and the stupidity of the Ubertarts like Britney and Paris.

Love the hark photo.