Friday, February 15, 2008

The Gonzo Gratitude! Carnival {What Are You Thankful For?}

Gratitude is defined as, "the state of being grateful; warm and friendly feeling toward a benefactor; kindness awakened by a favor received; thankfulness."

What better theme for, what is currently, the last scheduled Gonzo Blog Carnival? Last year I put on 17 of these carnivals. This is the first in 2008, the only one scheduled at this point.

I'm extremely grateful for the ongoing support of this blog carnival series. Thankful to those who have contributed posts and to the folks who visited the carnivals. A special shout out to Blog Village; the support I've received there has been extraordinary.

I encourage you to visit the blogs who have joined in this event. When you write comments, please, mention you came from the Gonzo Gratitude! Carnival.

Now, on to the carnival...

I'm thankful for...opportunities to help.

Dirty Butter is thankful for...hopeful news.

Isabella is thankful

Anthony is thankful for...Uncle Eddie.

FitBuff is thankful for...dark chocolate.

Rob is thankful for...the opportunity to serve others.

SARAHSPY is thankful for...finding new music.

Around The Funny Farm is thankful for...hearing from friends, and good incidental choices.

Raymond is thankful for...good credit card deals.

Hopeful Spirit is thankful for...a new year.

GB is thankful for...gratitude.

DotLobby is thankful cinema.

Steve is thankful angel.

As I put this carnival together I was pleased to see some old friends and some new. The diversity of posts was, I think, great.

There will be two more carnivals here before another Gonzo Blog Carnival is announced....




Hopeful Spirit said...

Thanks for including my entry!

Blessings to you,

Hopeful Spirit
On the Horizon

isabella mori said...

hey! um - thank you :)

once again, your creativity has gotten the better of you and you pulled off a new way of designing a carnival. what ELSE do you have up your sleeve?!?!