Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Moment Of Inspiration

Photograph by Kilroy_60
The true value of blogging comes from connecting with other blogospherians. {heretofore known as bloggers} Comments like these, received over the past year, make this time well spent...

Steve commented, "I got a kick out of this one... here at my workplace we have theabsentmindedprofessor, ruhroh, stillinsaigon, toomeantodie, southparkchef. I don't know what they call me.

My guess is that there a lot of "howdidthingsgosowrong" out there.

I'd like to see the follow up to this "adventure"." on Ice Milk Dairy

honkeie2 commented, "Have I ever mentioned-----
I blog at work for hours on end without shame." on Have I Ever Mentioned?

Jam commented, "Beautiful. Though I wonder why the woman you speak of would feel pressured to stop taking sunset photographs. I hope she never stops.

I have hundreds of sunset photos and will contiue until I die.

Your shots here are gorgeous and the sky looks dramatic with the clouds like that.

I'm visiting via the photography carnival." on My Most Recent Sunset Safari

honkeie2 commented, "Imagine if they left the book 'World Domination for Dummies' instead of that book lol." on I Violate FAA Regulations Without Ever Leaving My Chair

Naomi commented, "Good interview. It was interesting to read how your blog came about." on Blog Village's Newest Featured Villager

RomanceWriter commented, "Awesome interview!" on Blog Village's Newest Featured Villager

shakir hasnain commented, "i love the way it ends... wish life could end like that too" on Finding My Rhyme In Time

Naomi commented, "Great poem Kilroy. I think most of us can identify with it. Life is so fast moving with so much going on. I'm visiting from the Gonzo poetry carnival." on A Kilroy Rhyme, Things Rattling Around In My Head

GrizzBabe commented, "Sigh. A week off for debauchery sounds really nice." on This, That And The Other

Sheila commented, "On the subject of ice cream: I looked longingly at the Fried Ice Cream Publix ice cream the other day and sadly opted for the no-sugar Blue Bell." on I Have My Own Ice Cream!

Dirty Butter commented, "It stopped for me on the Blue Button. Gee, that was a great way to spend a few moments. And exactly what does that say about me, I wonder????" on Do You Dare Take On The Challenge?

honkeie2 commented, "Water does have a taste but tap water is cheaper. I buy the bottled water that is on sale and keep refilling the bottle for a week before replacing it. 69cents sure can go along way if you know how ;)

And by the way, I usually drink about 4.5 liters a day." on Adventures In Photography

honkeie2 commented, "When bored at a doctors office once I was playing with a pay phone and dialed 1800- USA-DICK. As it turned out it was a number for Monotal dealers. I am not sure what it was but it was not a gay porn hot line lol" on 1-800-PayDebt

jbwritergirl commented, "Crazy enough, I think I have more friends in the blogosphere than I do in real life.

Life is just quirky I guess.

Dr. J" on It Is What It Is

Queen (previous moniker of Hey Lady) commented, "I like the word "syzygy". And funny - I saw the color blobs and went "well, THAT's Jackson Pollack-y" and hello, it was.

Anyway, Happy Peep Day." on The Power In The Eye Of The Beholder

shakir hasnain commented, "'abandon ' is up there. the rest convey the poetic element but ' abandon ' is something else... brilliant.

I can go into an interpretation but it would demean the beauty of the whitely shadowed A....

It would be interesting to see your ideas executed in a non pollocky form , or music, or indirect versification or...

great work.." on The Power In The Eye Of The Beholder

Annelisa commented, "Mmmm, I know about this one - ever since my Anti-virus/ anti-spam went up the creek a few weeks ago, my mailbox has filled to overflowing, and quite frankly is beyond me to rifle through! :-(

Funny, I don't remember spam from a tin being so goddamn annoying!" on Delete... Delete... Delete... Delete... Delete... x201

jbwritergirl commented, "have to agree with your special one on the sleeping alone after phone sex. It's usually the only time we can just zone out without all the cuddling afterwards. Kind of like men, slam bam thank you mam, lol!

Hubby will be on the east coast all week so I should be able to catch up on my sleep as well.

DR. J" on Scene Of A Woman...On A Man

honkeie2 commented, "Everyone needs an escape from reality. Too much of that bad medicine and your mind will defenatley go to the wolves." on Life, It Comes And It Goes

Dirty Butter commented, "Laughter and fun should be part of every day! I tried playing with the pollock site, but couldn't figure out how to change colors, etc. Dummy me." on Life, It Comes And It Goes

Lisa Steptoe commented, "You've got me addicted to making my own splatter art - DAMIT. I need to go to work. Having fun." on Life, It Comes And It Goes

Marion commented, "Kilroy, I have always found your posts informative, well-written and creative. I will admit, though, that I don't often comment on pay-per-post posts; I do read them however.

Keep writing!" on Blogging Along... Singing A Song... Playing On The Short Side Until Things Go Long...

Steve commented, "I like what the Wandering author has said. I don't know or care much about page rank, but i suppose it musthaver some import for some projeects I know nuthin' about.

At the risk of being rude i will say 'ITS GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK, KILROY, YOU LOOK LIKE HELL!!!'" on Blogging Along... Singing A Song... Playing On The Short Side Until Things Go Long...

Very Bad Cat commented, "Wahoo! It's nice to be noticed. I love your blog. Better living through chemicals- isn't that the truth! Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier- I was buried under homework.

I've added a link to "fear and loathing" on my blog. Thanks again for the recognition!" on A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere - The Latest And Greatest

Kuanyin commented, "I've always loved the name Kilroy ever since I saw it scrawled all over weird places (you get around!), and Hunter Thompson--coooool dude! I'd be honored to link with ya, and I've never hosted a Gonzo festival...can you email me with instructions and details so I know more about hosting responsibilities! Mahalo for the links!" on A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere - The Latest And Greatest

Rain commented, "Thank you so much for stopping by my site and taking the time to offer words of encouragement.

I would like to exchange links with you, thanks." on A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere - The Latest And Greatest

Hey Lady commented, "I think I hate you for bringing up Creme Brulee.

Now I want it.

And god, I am so SICK of Bush. What does it friggin take to get an impeachment around here? Cigars?

I miss the days of presidents who couldn't keep it in their pants as opposed to starting meaningless wars.

Make love, not war, indeed." on What A Day For A Daydream Oo La La

RomanceWriter commented, "LOL at your answer for 3." on TAGGED by Blog~Blond

Parlancheq commented, "The Jackson Pollock website was cool. Though what does it say about his work when anyone can create 'masterpieces' similar to his?" on For Your Consideration

GrizzBabe commented, "I LOVE that bedroom! The Special One has quite the eye for beauty. Or maybe Kilroy is the one with the eye. ;)" on A Photo Shoot with TheSpecialOne

Naomi commented, "Great photos. You have a lovely home. It's always interesting to see how houses are furnished in other parts of the world." on A Photo Shoot with TheSpecialOne

honkeie2 commented, "I will have to try later, my work cock-blocker says its a game site. Damn big borther lol" on Commercial Break

Sheila commented, "A little late for this comment and I can't believe no one else posted one before mine, but even though I generally don't like to speak ill of the dead, I have to agree with what you say. Maybe one day we Americans will get over the fact that everyone spouting the name of Jesus Christ is not honorable or good. These modern day hucksters are no better than the old snake oil salesmen.

I missed a lot while in the moving process and it's fun to start to catch up on the blog reading." on If There's Any Justice Jerry Falwell Is Burning In Hell

GrizzBabe commented, "I miss the tree. :( But, like you said, it's a blank canvas now." on The Changing Face Of The Writer's Refuge

Marion commented, "I miss the tree, too, but I know how difficult it is to garden under trees, with their roots taking up most of the water.

It's a wonderful refuge, Kilroy!" on The Changing Face Of The Writer's Refuge

honkeie2 commented, "hahaha that last one should have been followed with the camera rolling over and a whole lote of cursing hahaa." on Free Fallin' In The Writer's Refuge...Or Is That Tree Fallin'

GrizzBabe commented, "The Writer's Refuge is coming along very nicely!" on The Changing Face Of The Writer's Refuge

Lavender Chick commented on, "Hi there! First of all, can't wait to hear the results of the experiment. Like you, I realize the need to blog about and comment frequently - but, I just get all puckered up inside when I feel like I'm conforming with the comment stuff...

Secondly, I read your profile and have much in common with you, except I would rather savor a cold Dos XX - it's a Tex-Mex thing, and I find a hot bath with no interruptions more joyous than golf. Other than that, I think we could hang pretty good together! George Carlin, the Pope,

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm going to keep checking in with you!" on Taking Care Of Business... And Working Overtime!

Sheila commented, "Bill may have screwed the intern but these two guys have done it the country." on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Are A National Disgrace For America

Steve commented, "Yeah, and now Libby doesn't do a day! They are really pissin' me off Kilroy." on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Are A National Disgrace For America

Lavender Chick commented, "Nice Hummingbird photo! I kind of have a thing for hummingbirds ..." on Welcome Friends, Old And New

Marion commented, "Lovely photos, Kilroy! I love the yellow flower with that blurred background." on Welcome Friends, Old And New

GrizzBabe commented, "I wish I had the time, the energy and the green thumb to produce something that beautiful!" on A Moment In The Garden

Brad commented, "I always worry about leaving comments, for fear that they're unwanted...even by my blogosphere friends.

But I know I love getting noticed, so I guess I panic for nothing.

This is why I drink." on Taking Care Of Business... And Working Overtime!

The Wandering Author
commented, "Now, if you could find a way to market those Gonzo Puffs without running afoul of the law, I'd say you'd find yourself with more comments than you could handle?

I do have one question, though. If a cereal causes the munchies, can it also be used to satisfy them? :D" on Taking Care Of Business... And Working Overtime!

Lavender Chick commented, "The Decider was actually a fairly decent governor. I voted for him for president the first time, but NOT the second time. He scared me.

Some people just make better drunks." on George W. Bush And Dick Cheney Are A National Disgrace For America

Brad commented, "I live a mere hour away...and I've never been. Time to reassess." on Join Me At The Seashore

Dirty Butter commented, "Oh My! Now I really DO want to go to the beach!! Thanks so much for sharing this post on our BLOG VILLAGE Recreation Carnival." on Join Me At The Seashore

Sank commented, "Happened across your blog this evening.. from Blog village. Love it, I think we'd get along pretty well.. I'm adding you to my link list you have a good thing going here." on A July Sunset

Dirty Butter commented, "Good go stop by again, old friend, and you have just the natural beauty I needed to see right now. Gorgeous!!" on One Last Look...

Sheila commented, "This is a cool test. I did it. My husband did it and then passed it along to his admin assistant. We all think it's pretty damn accurate. Thanks." on The Man In The Mirror

Naomi commented, "Sounds like the ideal retreat to shut yourself off from the rest of the world. The scenery looks great, especially the trees!" on Kidnapped...

Semiresponsive commented, "I'm new here so I haven't had the opportunity yet to tell you, you take absolutely beautiful photos." on Kidnapped...

Marion commented, "Kilroy, these photos are heavenly...I can feel the anticipation of a new and excitement together!" on A Kilroy Sunrise

Jay Cam commented, "nice pictures! i doubt i could capture a squirrel in such a way as you did...let alone have it tie into my blog! congrats, i have to give you props on that." on Good Morning

Gewels commented, "Lucky girl!! I can see why she "begged" for butterfly photos. Nice shots." on Awash In A Tsunami Of Pleasure

Sheila commented, "I'm mad. I'm sad. What a foolish waste of lives, time and money that could have been used to help improve something! Have we left Iraq better off? Not in my opinion." on The Legacy of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney - Section 60, Arlington National Cemetery

Sheila commented, "This put a real face on the tragedy of that day better than a boatload of country patriotic songs. I am sad the world lost heroes like these." on Celebrating The Spirit Of Joseph Vincent Vigiano - September 11 - 2,996 Tribute

Dirty Butter commented, "You outdid yourself with this one, Kilroy. Very creative!! And thanks for including a couple of my blogs, while you were at it." on A Special Edition Gonzo "Link Exchange" Carnival

Naomi commented, "Thanks for the mention Kilroy. I love this. It's great how you have weaved everything together! I'm just about to send you a post for your Carnival of Cities. Good luck with that! I'll put an announcement on my blog to help promote it." on A Special Edition Gonzo "Link Exchange" Carnival

Mountaingirl commented, "The volume (or lack) of traffic was something that I really questioned when I started my blog. It actually came down to did I want to blog, and if others joined me ok, OR was out to be popular and have a high traffic rate. I chose the first.

I celebrate every new person that stumbles across my blog but even if I get no comments, I shall still blog on :-)" on 10,001

Marion commented, "The first thing I saw when I looked at your photo was the Tyrannosaurus Rex...great photo!" on To End The Workweek...A Kilroy Sunset

Marion commented, "Kilroy, this is an amazing shot, absolutely stupendous. It must have been a very special night for you!" on In This Season Of Chrishanukwanztivus...

Isabella Mori commented, "what a great idea! i think i'll try that, too. it's almost like blog tarot!"
on A {Blogosphere} Year In Review

Jeremy Wilcox
commented, "I've never smoked weed in my life (I know, a real sqaure) and don't plan on it, but I am 100% in favor of the legalization of marijuana.

Critics of marijuana says it's a harmful, addictive drug. Well so is alcohol and going out and getting drunk is considered an everyday 'unwinding' ritual for millions of Americans. Politicians, etc, use drinking as a socializing event. Huge bullshit hypocrisy.

Stoned people are also a lot more interesting than drunk people.

Furthermore, anyone who wants to smoke weed now... does. The law ain't stopping no one. All the law is waste police resources and jail space for nickel and dime (bag) 'criminals'.

Moreover, once marijuana is legalized, it will be a boon for American farmers, who could use the extra business. The government can also tax, like cigarettes, adding much needed $$ to the federal coffers. And, of course, age restrictions can be put in place like on alcohol and this can be better enforced. Also, the money spent on weed will go to American businesses instead of foreign thugs and mercernaries.

It's really a commonsense idea.

And that's why it won't happen in our lifetime." on Making The United States of America's National Debt A Long Forgotten Memory

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper commented, "Kilroy, I'm surprised to be the first to leave a comment on this post. In any case I completely support your assessment of Bush. Liar. As E.J. Dionne wrote recently lies don't bother this crowd much. The secrecy is what is startling: Energy Task Force notes protected by the Supremes. I'm afraid they think that, since they have the court packed, they can get away with most anything, such as contempt of Congress charges over refusal to provide documents.

I hope you will read Chris Hedges piece on TruthDigg. It's called Declaring Independence from Israel. If only half of what he wrote is accurate it's pretty frightening.
I hope you will respond to some of the questons I posed a few days ago. They were in an email. I'll use the comment feature going forward.

Instruct me on how to do the exchange thing. I'm an old English Major and over my head in this stuff.

Oh, I love the Kilroy pose of the Yellow Lab. Mine was named Sunshine, AKA Platinum Plus." on The President of The United States Is A Liar

What better way to end this post?
An update on...
The Experiment
1:19 PM, 13 January, 2008
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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Cool squirrel! I wonder what he's thinking.

Sheila said...

Well, I'm glad you read my comments. I do for everyone that takes the time on my blog. Keep it up!

Lisa Steptoe said...

This was great. I have to keep coming back to make my way to visit all of the different bloggers. Thanks for the mention.

bulletholes said...

So when DO we get the Sequel to the Ice Milk Dairy?

I like what you have done here but its so long I did'nt have time to look at everyones little entry and thats not fair to the folks towards the bottom...
Cheers to ya!