Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail '08

Did Hillary Clinton's response to the Monica Lewinsky scandal cause her to lose creditability?

I applaud the {male} student who asked that question of Chelsea Clinton recently.

It was surprising to see Chelsea's initial deer in the headlights response, which transitioned quickly to her taking a defensive posture to minimize any damage to the campaign.

Applause followed Chelsea's assertion, "...I don't think that's any of your business."

None of his business? None of our business? That response, to me, was a bad joke.

Billary has become Hillbilly which makes the relationship between Chelsea's parents anything but none of our business.

What I would like to know is how did Chelsea Clinton visit "maybe 70 college campuses", as she said, before someone had the spine to ask the question.

Bill has been crisscrossing the country serving as Hillary's attack dog while she trumpets her experience as First Lady. That makes her reaction to the Lewinsky scandal relevant.

Appointment schedules from Hillary's days as First Lady were recently made public. She was at The White House the entire day when the Lewinsky scandal broke. While I agree that it was a personal crisis for her as a wife and mother it was a public crisis for the country. What are we to think about her public response?

The good Senator from New York talks time and again how she will be ready on day one for whatever comes across her desk. What if the issue she has to deal with is not the economy, not the war and not some new impending crisis far from home, but instead that Bill has been diddlying around again?

The fact we haven't heard about it doesn't necessarily mean that Bill has kept his pants zipped up. That old horn dog didn't come by the name Slick Willie without justification.

If Hillary Clinton is so hungry for the power of The Oval Office that she's willing to continue a campaign that could tear the Democratic Party apart she, Bill and Chelsea must be willing to stand up and answer the tough, uncomfortable questions.


Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Hear!! Hear!!!

Sheila said...

Well, I know dang well if any of the Clintons had visited my son's campus (Hendrix College in Arkansas), he would have asked something embarrassing like that. His motto is "dare to offend." So often these days we rely on polite acceptance of what politicians and their surrogates tell us. Too bad, because if more people had done some tough questioning, we might not have been led into the mess in Iraq.