Saturday, October 13, 2007

-------(-)-> Friends of Kilroy <-(-)------- A Special Edition Gonzo "Link Exchange" Carnival

I got to wondering whether you would like to wander with me and visit some of my blogging friends.

I'm sure it will be an interesting trip.

Whether it's the wit and wisdom of an old lady, a pussy with attitude {that's a very bad cat!} or an American in Amsterdam...there's something for you to enjoy. Even if your interest leans toward an emphasis on video blogging.

Yes, I've been fortunate to do link exchange with a wide variety of bloggers.

You'll find one who doesn't look before crossing the street and one who keeps an eye on the bottom line. There's a blogger who chases a dream and another who, whenever possible, fulfills a dream. It's great, to me, having someone who exults in the memories of a bygone time

I never wrote a post like this before and it wasn't long before I was feeling stoopid. But, there's always something to it was just a matter of getting words that flow so my thoughts could spill out.

Yes, life is full of surprises, and yes, sometimes you just want to scream WTF is it now?!? It's like you've got two write hands, and two left feet.

Cue music: Color My World

Finding serenity in life is, I think, what it's all about. That may be along the road or on the water.

One thing that makes this easier sometimes is a good rant. Another is a photograph that may touch your soul. Of course, you can't beat a good laugh or a heartfelt note!

While seeing the big picture is important it's critical to focus on a day in the life {whichever life that may be}, whether it's viewed from the kitchen sink, atop a lighthouse, in a garden, through a lens or lounging on a beach.

It's what we all want, isn't it...laughter, loving and living. Sometimes it's a matter of whether you're willing to pay the price of convenience.

It could just be a matter of perspective; and there's a lot of diversity in that vein. From an aspiring writer, to an educator, to a workaholic. Adding a bit of uncommon sense can't hurt, especially when you're blogging from the war zone or even from on campus!

Well, it's about time to close. First, though, how about some entertainment?

Here are the directions to the cowboy show... Make a left turn after you pass the house with bullet holes in the mail box and look for Hooters {?!?} Take the next left and you'll see the circus. Just be careful not to hit the old guy ranting on the side of the road!

Doktor, Doctor, give me some (blog) news... NEWS BREAK...This just in from England...Now, back to our regular programming...Or is it irregular programming?

I hope you've enjoyed yourself. I'm off to the lounge...where life is infinitely crazy! Bad Craziness in the naked city!!

What was disappointing in writing this post was finding link exchanges who had bailed without notice and "dead" blogs I'm going to have to drop. blah blah blah blah blah blah

Check out the updated, shuffled, link exchange list next week.


Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

I'm honored to be a stop on your trip.

Putting that itinerary together must have taken quite an effort.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the mention Kilroy. I love this. It's great how you have weaved everything together! I'm just about to send you a post for your Carnival of Cities. Good luck with that! I'll put an announcement on my blog to help promote it.

LJP said...

Thanks Kilroy!
Nicely done :-)

Anonymous said...

OK - how did you do this and how can I be in the next one?

Rain said...

Oh my! I am so honored to be the first in line, thank you :)

Have a wonderful week!

crimsonflaw said...

it is beautiful, being a part of this carnival. I am honoured at being thought of as a friend. And friends we shall be...

shakir of the rogue triumvirate..

Sugar Smacks said...

Oh, so many amusing things to do around here...I am thinking of doing the favorite author submission thingy. Cool!

Thanks for the mention Gonzo...

Rosemary said...

You outdid yourself with this one, Kilroy. Very creative!! And thanks for including a couple of my blogs, while you were at it.