Saturday, December 30, 2006

Packin' Up To Go...To Idaho

Bugsi was my partner in crime at UPM. He took a couple years off from school and opened a small grocery store in his hometown. Actually, he opened the store; there hadn't been one for years. People drove about five miles one way for bread and milk.

It was an interesting set up. The town was just about a mile and a half from the middle of nowhere. It sat down in a valley where there was one "main" road. Other than that there was a dirt road that some of the dopers carved out through the woods to evade the federales.

A few decades before, a family with six kids lived in the building. They had a grocery store that took up half the first floor; other than that it was all occupied by the family.

The landlord was so happy to have Bugsi open the store and pay a few hundred dollars in rent that he threw in a three room "apartment" upstairs. There were doors both upstairs and in the store that opened to the residence where Slick, his wife and two kids lived. Bugsi also had a private entrance from the back porch he shared with slick's house; it had a door into the store as well as a stairway that led upstairs.

In case you're wondering, yes, I still keep in touch with Bugsi. There will be stories of our "adventures" in future postings.

For now, though, I have to take care of some Pay Per Post business.

Fast forwarding to when Bugsi closed the store, he hadn't lived in town for when he left he wanted it to be with a flourish. It was the kind of place where the older folks really didn't have any life of their own, so they were interested in anyone who did. Needless to say, we provided plenty of gossip fodder.

We started a rumor that Bugsi was relocating to Moscow. Moscow, Idaho to be exact. We used to laugh that people would surely be saying, "Yeah, he moved to Moscow. I always knew he was a damned Commie!" To feed the rumor, we went out to Idaho to get souvenirs from Moscow. He skied; I hung out in the lodge and played with the snow bunnies.

The reason I had to jump to the end and tell you about Moscow is because this post is sponsored by Boise homes. That is what was so amazing when I saw this opportunity listed by Pay Per Post.

We visited Boise when we were in Idaho; it was a nice place. {Check out the city's newspaper} In fact, we went back a couple more times. I'd highly recommend checking it out.

A bit of trivia, the Boise State University football team plays in the only stadium in the world with a blue field!

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