Friday, August 18, 2006

Questions And Answers - The Gonzo Papers

Photograph by Kilroy_60
1. What time is it? 8:29 pm

2. What was the last thing you had to eat? salad with extra virgin olive oil/ balsamic vinegar/blue cheese crumbles --- New York strip steak --- garlic mashed potatoes --- asparagus --- apple/cranberry pie topped with walnuts

3. What is your favorite television program? The Office/Deal Or No Deal/CBS Sunday Morning/CSI Stop! That's enough!!

4. You can travel anywhere in the world; one destination per day from Friday through Monday. Where do you go? Italy, Greece, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands

5. Who is your favorite character from a cartoon or comic strip? Shoe

6. What would you like for breakfast? strawberries with fresh whipped cream --- omelette with Cheddar/Swiss/Monterey Jack cheeses, bacon and red peppers --- steak --- potato pancakes with sour cream --- sourdough toast --- orange juice

7. Who is the first public figure that comes to mind that you think is attractive? Alessandra Ambrosio {Have to say at the moment, Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars}

8. Who, outside of your family and "God", has had the greatest impact on your life? Hunter S. Thompson

9. You retrieve a bottle floating in the water. What does the message say that you find inside? I offer to you the secrets of life - 1. Live each day as though it is your last 2. Show kindness to strangers 3. Always seek to leave things better than you found them

10. What movies do you select {limit of six} for a one-day film festival? The Out Of Towners {with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis} --- Forrest Gump --- Alien --- The Cowboys --- The Last Waltz --- The Godfather

11. Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it? If not, what do you think would be of interest to you? The hobby that comes immediately to mind is following the Pittsburgh Steelers. A hobby that would be of interest is painting with watercolors

12. Given the opportunity to travel back in time, when would your destination be? The American west before it was invaded and exploited {Approximately early 1800's}

13. Vietnam gave us China Beach. M*A*S*H came from the Korean War. What will the name of the television series be that results from our current state of military affairs? {Using Jon Stewart's Mess O' Potamia would be too easy} Iraq Redeaux

14. What is the last book you read? Kingdom OF Fear by Hunter S. Thompson

15. What five people do you MEET in Heaven? Jesus Christ, Roberto Clemente, Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway, Jim Morrison {Hunter S. Thompson}

16. What five people do you VISIT in Hell? Satan, Adolf Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, my biological father and my grandfather

17. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word pleasure? Kissing

18. Eliminating price and availability as considertions, what six things do you put on your list when you go grocery shopping? macadamic nuts covered with Sarris chocolate --- Krunchers! Kettle Cooked mesquite flavor barbecue chips --- R.W. Knudsen pomegranate/blueberry juice --- all blue potatoes --- bison steak --- Rossi Pasta, lemon pepper fettuccini

19. What is your favorite non-blog related link?

20. What will the title of your life story be? A Second Too Long

21. What three people alive today would you like to have join you for dinner? Marilyn VosSavant, Neil Armstrong and Pope Benedict XVI

22. Which candle scent do you find most pleasing? vanilla

23. What question would you suggest I include the next time we play this game? N/A in my case being the one who chooses the questions

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Anonymous said...
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GrizzBabe said...

1. 1:03 a.m. I should be in bed.
2. Chocolate covered almonds at the movie theatre.
3. Currently, House Hunters on HGTV. Normally, Thursday night NBA basketball on TNT with King Charles and the gang.
4. New York, Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C.
5. Fat Albert
6. Pancakes!
7. Is Brad Pitt a public figure?
8. My college roommate.
9. Something happy. Nothing that would make me sad for the person who sent it.
10. A collection of quirky French movies: The Piano Teacher, Dreamlife of Angels and An Affair of Love.
11. Cooking.
12. History has not been kind to people of color, especially in this country. I don't think I would want to go back in time.
13. It's late. The creativity division of my brain has shut down for the evening.
14. I am so embarrassed to admit this but the last book I read was What They Want by Omar Tyree. I quit reading halfway through because it was so bad. The only thing that kept me reading that far was the sex scenes.
15. My grandmother, Jesus, Jeffrey Dahmer, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King.
16. I am going to try to stay as far away from that place as possible.
17. Sex.
18. Parmigiano-Regiano cheese, Grand Marnier, saffron, Vahlrona chocolate, champagne.
20. Beating the odds.
21. Augusten Burroughs, George Bush (I'd like to tell him a thing or two), Ina Garten.
22. Floral scents.
23. Your most embarrassing moment.

Maria said...

2.totsie roll pop in watermelon
4.Mon~Sicily Tues~Morocco Wed~Monaco (just to play roulette) Thurs~Prague ( i hear absinthe is avail.) Fri~Egypt Sat
~Safari in Africa Sun~Rome
5.Snoopy / the Gang at Get Fuzzy
6.fresh fruit a pot of coffee toasted pumperenickle with marmalade
7.None. Wait... as UN ambassador Angelina Jolie
8.Writers and Nature.
9.Dear reader,
I am actually quite happy. Please let my family know I well. I am staying on the island. Please don't look for me.
123 Maple St
Your town, any state,12345
10.To Catch a Thief, Chocolate, O Brothere Where Art Thou?, Like Water for Chocolate, Harry Potter 5, Excalibur
11.Hobbies, I paint, draw, write, and cross stitch
12.To travel back, I would want to be Cleopatra.
13.Sick and Twisted~ the new reality.
14.The Zahir by Paulo Cohelo
15.Meet in Heaven: God, Elvis, Princess Dianna, Jesus, Mohamed, Mary.
16. Visit in Hell: Satan, Anton Le Vey(if he is here), Kubla Kahn, Dracula and ?.
17. sex
18. I would shop at Whole Foods and buy everything Organic. 1. cheese any kind and several kinds. 2. Jicama. 3. Fruit cut up like strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, pineapple, blueberries, cantaloupe etc. 4. French Baguette 5. Organic Goumet Coffee 6. Chocolate.
19.National Geographic for the pictures.
20. From Horror to Happiness.
21. 1.Madonna 2. George W. Bush 3. Osama Bin Laden
22. Lavender and somethine wintery.
23. What is your quest in life?

Becky/Skein Gang said...

1. 10:11 pm
2. Nachos
3. Grey's Anatomy, House, Anderson Cooper 360
4. Ireland, Scotland, Tuscany,New York City
5. Kim Possible
6. Stuffed French Toast with syrup
7. Anderson Cooper
8. A person who inspired me to write.
9. Falling down doesn't make failures, staying down does.
10. Breakfast at Tiffany's, Bridget Jones Diary, Chocolat, Robin and Marian, Almost Famous
11. I read voraciously, scrapbook,crochet.
12. There are so many eras in time that I would like to visit. I can't choose just one.
13. How Not to Conduct a War
14. The Lovely Bones
15. Jesus, the baby I lost, Mary Magdalen (to get the REAL story!, my grandfather, John Ritter (in case I need a laugh)
16. I don't even want to go for a visit, but I imagine that Timothy McVeigh is there.
17. kissing
18. pesto, brie, fresh baked bread, exquisite chocolate
20. Wallflower in Bloom
21. Anderson Cooper, Bill Clinton, Dubya (he would be served a special dish {evil laugh})
22. vanilla
23. What music is on your playlist and why?

*DB* said...

These questions?

1) 4:21 pm CDT

2) Grande coffee frappuccino light + dark chocolate covered grahams

3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4) New Zealand (some LOTR shooting location because I'm a geek), Sydney AUS, Madrid Spain, Orkney Islands UK.

5)Bucky Katt right now.

6) Blueberry Pancakes

7) I've had a thing for Hugh Grant today. But OMG Brandon Routh.

8) Maybe my cats. They're far more intelligent than the average human and vastly more entertaining.

9)Send more beer.

10) Sleepy Hollow, LOTR: ROTK, House of Flying Daggers, Superman Returns, A&E presentation of Pride & Prejudice, Garden State

11) Photography - - if only I had more time and could take a damn class.

12) WWII era

13) Nero's Fiddle

14) Currently reading The Mabignogion as translated by somebody or other (B&N publishing)

15) I'd rather answer 16

16) GEORGE DUMBYA BUSH, Hitler, and any of my ex-boyfriends (especially Scooter from college)...

17) Chocolate

18) Fage greek yogurt (yum), wine, fruit, cat food and kitty litter. My cats eat and poop a lot.

19) Chicago Sun-Times. I usually check it every morning.

20) Criminally Bored

21) Well, it's not three, but all my friends I went out for tapas with the other Friday. We could rule the world from the restaurant table - best discussion I've had in a while. S'Anne, S'Anne's husband, Anne, and Kristi.

22) I especially like the Thai Market candle from Illuminations, but I think it was discontinued...

23) What can you impersonate best?

*DB* said...

Oooh, Soonerluv, I like 15 and "Mary Magdalene". That would be a good one.

Old Lady said...

1. 7:05pm
2. Cheddar Cheese
3. Deadwood
4. London, Paris, Rio, Bejing(?) & Cairo
5. Bill the Cat
6. Eggs, bacon, grits w/cheese & toast(rarely eat this though-poundage)
7. Johnny Depp
8. My Dogs
9. Come join me.
10. New ones
11. Beading, crocheting, making ornaments, cross stitch
12. 1978
13. Sands of Arabia
14. The Joy of Sex
15. My grandmothers & fathers, mother & father
16. People I worked with
17. A good feeling
18. Steak, Shark Steak, exotic mushrooms, Rib roast, Fancy potatoes
19. Georgia Lottery
20. Missed the Boat
21. No one really.
22. Cucumber/Melon
23. What good trait would you trade for what bad trait you have.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

1. "Time to take my blood..."
2. "A bowl of TOTAL this morning."
3. "Stargate SG-1."
4. "A train trip thru the Canadian and American Rockies."
5. "Droopy Dog."
6. "Soft-boiled eggs."
7. "Condoleeza Rice."
8. "George Bush: he's fucked up everything!"
9. "You owe a 5 cent deposit on this bottle."
10 ."Night of the Comet", "Stargate", "Better Off Dead", "Say Anything", "The Searchers", "Crosscreek".
11. "Blogging, Model Railroading, Collecting DVDs, Collecting CDs (music)."
12. "To the Little Bighorn on June 24, 1876; I'd bring the Indians more guns...."
13. "The Road to Iraq, starring clones of the Three Stooges as President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld."
14. "Cell... by Stephen King."
15. "John Wayne, my Mom, my Grandmother, Natalie Wood, Lizzie Borden."
16. "Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, Arlene Wuormos, Marquis de Sade, Adolph Eichmann."
17. "I never seem to get enough of it."
18. "Skim Milk, Red Apples, Pumpkin Pie fixings, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate."
19. "GOOGLE."
20. "Born Too Late" or "Born Too Early."
21. "Amy Smart, Jaime Pressley, Clint Eastwood."
22. "Cinnamon."
23. "Were you stupid enough to vote for George Bush."

(Now you've seen into my soul...)

Susan Lucente said...

1. 1:08am
2. Ice cold chocolate milk
3. If Walls Could Talk
4. Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Capri
5. Calvin
6. eggs over easy, blueberry pancakes, sausage and bacon, white toast and orange juice... and a big fat filled creme stick.
7. Depends on what you consider a "public figure"
8. My fiance
9. nothing, the seal was bad, water leaked in and the ink ran off the paper.
10. The Village, Remember the Titans, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Fried Green Tomatoes, Finding Forrester, The Legend of 1900
11. piano, photography
12. 18 years ago, just long enough to stop my grandfather from attempting to murder my grandmother.
13. "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-From Dishdashahs to Ogals"
14. reading 5 at a time, can't remember the last one I actually finished.. maybe the DaVinci Code
15. my great grandma, both of my grandmothers and one grandfather.
16. Why would I want to visit hell?
17. A massage
18. good extra virgin olive oil, fresh Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, fresh sweet basil, good wine, buffalo mozzarella, steak.
19. you mean there's more outside of blogland????? Would have to be my kodak photo site and my local newspaper website.
20. "She Never Thought She Was Good Enough"
21. Harrison Ford, Joe Pesci, Sean Connery
22. cinnamon
23. If you could be someone else, who would you be?

The Wandering Author said...

1: 11:15 pm
2: an eclair
3: Quantum Leap
4: Co. Cork (Eire), Glastonbury (UK), Oxford (UK), Venice (Italy)
5: Woodstock (Peanuts)
6: ham steak
7: Catherine Bell
8: Anne Frank
9: "I am the son of the late Mr. Charles Taylor, who deposited the sum of $56,000,000 .... I am stranded on an island, and need your help in securing funds to retrieve this money..."
10: The Dirty Dozen, Casablanca, The Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare, Twelve O'Clock High, Lawrence of Arabia
11: Above all others: printing (letterpress)
12: Amsterdam, 01 August 1944, to save Anne Frank and her family
13: Stuck in the Sandbox
14: End of the Beginning Harry Turtledove
15: Anne Frank, Winston Churchill, Arthur Riothamus, King Charles I, Queen Esther (I've already met my family, friends, and cats)
16: I prefer not to think of anyone I'd actually bother to visit being in Hell.
17: writing
18: blood orange sorbet, Virgil's root beer, steak, fresh corn, wild blueberries, fresh limes
20: The Journey of the Wandering Author
21: Harry Turtledove, Lindsey Davis, Gillian Bradshaw
22: vanilla / sandalwood
23: What is the strangest thing you own?

Becky said...

1. 9:10 am

2. Haven't eaten yet today... last night had popcorn.

3. Flavor of Love/Reno 911/most VH1 reality shows are pretty good...

4. Italy, France, England, Germany

5. Calvin & Hobbes/Calvin

6. one of my egg and cheese sandwiches, I'm not picky

7. By public figure, does that mean politician, b/c I don't even watch the news so it's hard to say.... I hardly know what GW looks like.

8. No one... Not that I can think of at least

9. Don't take things for granted, and Be as happy as you possibly can never settle for less than you deserve. Never forget the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

Super Troopers, 40 year old virgin, Office Space, Eddie Murphy "Raw", Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original 70's version), and Grandma's Boy

11. I like to paint and to sing, but am really awful at both, I have no talent it just keeps me occupied and I really enjoy doing those things. I also love to read.

12. Ancient Rome

13. Dunno....

14. The Vampire Lestat, Anne Rice

15. I would like to meet Jesus, Epictitus, Edgar Allen Poe, Julius Caesar, and Ghandi

16. No one really, but if i had to pick, Dahmer, hitler, andrei chikatilo, bundy, and peewee gaskins

17. Pleasing someone

18. mountain dew, starbucks brew (extra bold), string cheese, a nice big ham, and lots of chocolate chip cookie dough.


20. Wasted

21. So long as I don't have to cook, My father, Gordon B. Hinkley, and Thomas S. Monson

22. One of the blue ones, lol

23. What/Who do you miss the most?

jinx protocol said...

1. 2:03 p.m.
2. Dayquil and Tylenol Sinus - I'm on my deathbed!
3. Entourage (HBO)
4. New York City; London, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Munich, Bavaria, Germany (during Oktoberfest).
5. All of the guys from Penny Arcade.
6. Vegetable Omelet with extra cheese; hash browns with onions and fresh tomatoes; iced coffee with cream and extra sugar.
7. Kate Hudson
8. All the writers of all the books I have ever read.
9. Don't let the bastards get you down.
10. Jaws - Seven - Rear Window - Goodfellas - Chinatown - Apocalypse Now.
11. Yes. Playing Guitar. Collecting antique editions of books.
12. 1930s Chicago.
13. Baghdead
14. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs (Chuck Klosterman).
15. Bill Hicks, Jimmy Stewart, Kurt Cobain, Darrell Abbott, and Frank Zappa.
16. Al Capone, Richard Nixon, Walt Disney, Strom Thurmond, and Dr. Atkins.
17. Food.
18. Doritos - any flavor; Sierra Nevada Pale Ale; Snickers; Odwalla Superfood; DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza; Athenos Dill Hummus.
20. Failure - a False Memoir
21. Al Franken, Stephen King, and George Carlin
22. Citrus
23. Which T.V. Pundit do you imagine yourself to be, right or left?

Mother of Invention said...

Hmmmm...did this but I can't seem to copy and paste it from my draft into this box! I'll post it Fri. at

Technology hates me! And I'm a slow typist!

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Anonymous said...
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