Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Zap The Bastard! {Love Stun Guns!!} A Sponsored Post

Michael Dukakis, I believe, was asked if he would support the death penalty if his wife Kitty was raped. When he couldn't come out and say fry the bastard he blew his campaign out of the water. The fool.

So, what would you say if some evil doer {homage to ol' W} approached you and your loved one in a parking garage some time with intention of doing harm? Would you like to blow their brains out? Or would it be your preference to stun them to within an inch of their life.

I'd prefer blowing their brains out; but I wouldn't have a problem punishing them for their intentions with a Taser Stun Gun. In fact, enjoying senseless violence...that might be more fun.

Cigarettes are legal and marijuana is not; hypocrisy in public policy rarely surprise me. Yet, I can barely believe that there are states where you can get a permit to carry a gun, but not get a stun gun, taser or Mace.

From where I sit, it would be a good option to make "non-lethal alternatives" - or as I call them "toys" - available for sale at the federal building. It would be a better way to wipe out the national debt than any lottery. And a hell of a lot more fun!

If you've been reading The Gonzo Papers for any period of time you know that I have a problem with bookmarks. They multiply faster than the white mice we used to have to feed the boa constrictor. So, it comes as no surprise I'm sure to know that I bookmarked!

When I saw started looking at the stun guns and tasers I could barely finish writing this post. I mean, how can you not love the product line?!?


Susan Lucente said...

Well...there's a question I've never had the opportunity to answer before. Hmm... I have a stun gun, that could be "fun" to just torture the criminal with, for a LONG time. But I think it all really depends on the extent of the crime. If someone hurt my child, I'd definitely want them DEAD, but probably after I got the chance to hurt them first. Yea, that's the Mama Bear in me.

Stargazer (original profile) said...

Well, I don't own a stun gun--but I do own an AutoTaser :0) It's an electrified steering wheel lock for a car and it's made by the same company that makes the Taser guns.

I've got some video clips of it in action on my web page....

Unknown said...

I live in the Netherlands where you can't get a taser, let alone a gun. Well you *can* get one, but I was talking through legal means =)

If someone hurt my child or family I'm pretty sure I could think of other torture devices though. There are plenty of articles on the net on making a high voltage generator from a couple of AA batteries. I'd get real creative on their asses all of the sudden.

The stun gun looks very cool and I bet it saves a lot of time ;)