Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome to the 14th Gonzo Blog Carnival - Carnival of Cities Goes GONZO!

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Welcome to the 14th Gonzo Blog Carnival, Carnival of Cities Goes GONZO!

This is the first time I've cross pollinated with another carnival series. I'd like to thank Jon from Home Turf Media for putting this together with me. Most importantly, I'd like to thank everyone who is taking part.

We have a great collection of posts from some outstanding bloggers. Cities from all across the United States and around the world are represented. Don't miss visiting any of them!

Now, I proudly present the Carnival of Cities...

---(-)-> Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

...Join Me At The Seashore

---(-)-> Springfield, Missouri, USA

...The Home of Cashew Chicken

---(-)->London, England

...Global Capital of the 21st Century
...Send me back!!

---(-)-> Vierra, Florida, USA

...Joy at the end of the rainbow

---(-)-> Chiang Rai, Thailand

...City of Angels

---(-)-> Vancouver, Canada

...Living on the Coal Harbour waterfront

---(-)-> Beijing, China

...A visit to the Temple of Heaven Park

---(-)-> Canton, Ohio, USA

...Frank Lloyd Wright's John J. Dobkins House

---(-)-> Bologna, Italy

...Touring the Ducati Factory and Museum

---(-)-> San Francisco, California, USA

...Sex offenders, a problem not frequently discussed

---(-)-> Arlington, Virgina, USA

...Section 60, Arlington National Cemetery

---(-)-> Detroit, Michigan, USA

...Childhood Memories of the Motor City

---(-)-> Seattle, Washington, USA

...Exploring the Ballard neighborhood
...Climbing to new heights
...A memorable 10-second encounter

---(-)-> Washington, D.C., USA

...Solar Decathalon Heats Up City

---(-)-> Manchester, England

...Fear and Loathing in Manchester

---(-)-> Salem, Massachusetts, USA

...A memorable visit to the Peabody Essex Museum

---(-)-> Hawaii, USA

...Shopping on the island of Maui

---(-)-> Valencia, Spain

...A Venezuelan living in Spain

---(-)-> Etc.

...Study shows city birds are tougher than country birds
...Avoiding bad neighbors
...Promoting butter awareness in Switzerland

---(-)-> The July 22nd Carnival of Cities is being hosted by Anthony at The Lives and Times...

---(-)-> Are you interested in hosting Carnival of Cities? Check out Home Turf Media for details.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my post! :) I will link back on Wednesdays when I cover carnivals for the week. This is a great list and thanks for reconsidering my post for inclusion. I appreciate it. Great hosting job!

Jay said...

all right!
i look forward to reading the posts in this carnival!
great job!

Sheila said...

Thanks for including me. I can't wait to read some of the posts, especially the ones about my favorite country, Italy.

Wendy said...

Look forward to reading all. Thank you for including me. Will post on the carnival shortly.

Unknown said...

This is fabulous! Thanks for putting it all together :-)

P.L. Frederick said...

Groovy. Thanks for including my Peabody Essex Museum experience. I've linked to The Gonzo Papers from my Linky Links page.

P.L. Frederick
SMALL & big