Saturday, May 31, 2008

Worth A Second Look

I ran a gallery of my Etch a Sketch sketches recently and said it would be a one time shot.

As it turns out, I was stoned lied forgot changed my mind. It's been entertaining etching a sketch or three, while drinking a pot of jimson weed tea.

Here are some of my recent Etch a Sketch sketches I think you may enjoy...

"Did I Mention?"
"Life Is A Cabaret"
"Not Politically Correct"

"Party Of One"
"Rockin' In The Free World"
"The Gift That Is Today"
"Those Were The Days My Friend"
"Up Up And Away"
"With A Cherry On Top"

"Writing In The Margins"
"Abandon All Hope"
"What It Is"
"Words That Flow"
"At The End Of The Line"
Take a turn!


wcgillian said...

Yep, you may have been stoned. Ever try to draw a naked woman with one of those? Impossible.


Unknown said...

Not could have been stoned. Should have been stoned. This was the hardest thing ever to draw with one of these.

Anonymous said...

nice. i personally could never have done it stoned...i usually take the more traditional approach to my art when i'm chillin' like that. i break out out the pencils & oil pastels & let my imagination flow........

Deb R said...

well hell..the most i do with those when i'm buzzed is look at it, take another hit & realize there is NO way i'm doing anything creative with that thing..i did however find a shit ton of etch~a~sketch drawings online that were response to the guy who said you can't draw a naked woman with one, i'm now pretty sure some people can draw anything with one~

Global Patriot said...

I never had the patience for doing this. I would get half a picture done, mess it up, and toss the damn thing to the side. Hats off to those who can actually draw something!