Monday, July 02, 2007

Friends of Kilroy Carnival

I'm pleased with today's Friends of Kilroy Blog Carnival. Hey Lady did a great job of hosting the carnival at Queen of Pentacle's Blog. I'd like to thank her.

The turnout, I think, was outstanding. This sort of thing isn't for everyone; a good number of bloggers with whom I have link exchanges took part. I'm thankful for that. Some who didn't get posts in sent emails of support; I appreciate that just as much.

When I started publishing The Gonzo Papers in October, 2005 I could have never imagined there would be a gathering of friends I've made online. I'm also proud to say that there were blogs represented from around the globe.

Long before there was a television show in America called My Name Is Earl, based on a scumbag who happens upon the concept of KARMA, I knew that there is - not to borrow from Star Wars - a force beyond us. This, I think, is the embodiment of that ideal.

Here's to you my friends. And to the friends I haven't made yet.


This seems like a perfect time to provide an update on
"the experiment".
Updated, 10:35 PM, July 4
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Thanks to Leanderthal
from Cape Cod Lighthouse for his comments

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*DB* said...

Woohoo! Thanks! (And sorry about the sponsor gaffe!)

All in all, it was a good experience.