Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The President Of The United States Is A Liar

Last night was the State of the Union speech. I tried to take notes as I watched so I could post on it. Looking back today, my notes are illegible. I am so disgusted with this lying bastard.

He made a big deal of Nancy Pelosi being the Speaker of the House. She deserved it; he was doing nothing but cowtailing though. It almost seemed like he was desperate to draw attention away from what he was there to talk about.

It wasn't long ago that President Bush was on our television screens in prime time trying to sell us on a "new strategy" he wants to put in place in Iraq. Asking us for support in sending more than 20,000 troops to be sent to slaughter.

Then, there he was last night, in the chamber of the House of Representatives, shoveling the same horseshit. After HIS party got their asses handed to them in the election - pack your bags and get the fuck out! - he came out talking about how he wanted to work with Congress. He's been going on and on about how he wants to do the right thing; all the while doing everything possible to support his failed campaign in Iraq.

There was alittle about this piece of domestic legislation that he wants to do and alittle about that one in the speech last night. There was a point about earmarks that he knew would score points with the populace at large. The prick. There were no specifics on how to get any of the few interesting things done; which didn't matter because that's not why he was there.

President Bush's approval rating is the lowest since Richard Nixon went before Congress. He has said in interview after interview he doesn't care about his approval rating. He's the decider. He cared about approval when he was running for office; when we were the deciders.

He lied and sucked up to people who would give him money to do their deeds while not be willing to take responsibility. Now, for six years, he's been screwing us without vasoline. It's bad enough for the people in the blue states; the people in the red states are getting it much worse. Which is why several of those states are no longer red.

No, President Bush. I do not support what you have done in Iraq. No, I do not believe that you have a "new strategy". I believe this is yet another chapter in a long list of chapters where you and your advisors and your strategies have failed leading to the death of Americans on foregin soil

. I believe you have been a reworking the same shit again and again and again which does nothing but kill American troops for something we can not do and will never achieve. You are serving up American civilians working in Iraq, not having adequate protection, to have their fucking heads cut off. You lying, self serving prick.

I believe, President Bush, that you got rid of the generals on the ground - those that you were going to listen to to make your decisions - to put in new ones who would say what you want to hear. I believe you are an incompetent jackass and a liar.

No, President Bush.
No, to your plans for Iraq.



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Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Kilroy, I'm surprised to be the first to leave a comment on this post. In any case I completely support your assessment of Bush. Liar. As E.J. Dionne wrote recently lies don't bother this crowd much. The secrecy is what is startling: Energy Task Force notes protected by the Supremes. I'm afraid they think that, since they have the court packed, they can get away with most anything, such as contempt of Congress charges over refusal to provide documents.
I hope you will read Chris Hedges piece on TruthDigg. It's called Declaring Independence from Israel. If only half of what he wrote is accurate it's pretty frightening.
I hope you will respond to some of the questons I posed a few days ago. They were in an email. I'll use the comment feature going forward.

Instruct me on how to do the exchange thing. I'm an old English Major and over my head in this stuff.

Oh,I love the Kilroy pose of the Yellow Lab. Mine was named Sunshine, AKA Platinum Plus.

Lighthouse Keeper