Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Way I Figure It...

Playing around with an Etch a Sketch online or creating my own version of a Jackson Pollock masterpiece is all good fun. Truthfully, though, I know the closest I'll ever come to being an artist is with my camera.

I shot these photographs leading into an afternoon of debauchery with TheSpecialOne.



Anonymous said...

Your photography is a pleasure to view. What type of flower is that my friend?

You say these photographs were shot leading into an afternoon of debauchery with TheSpecialOne... how in the world did you get a meeting with Hilary Clinton?

Or where you not referring to "Special One" as someone with a slight mental condition?

Marion said...

I love the previous comment.

Yesterday, I almost took a photo of the Iris blooming in my garden...you beat me to it. They're so perfect, aren't they?

Kilroy_60 said...

I got a good laugh from Theo's comment as well, Marion.

As for my afternoon frolic with the beautiful creature known as TheSpecialOne, it was a delight.

Most importantly, great to see you again, Marion! Always a pleasure.