Friday, March 30, 2007

Adventures In Photography

There was a photographer I was especially fond of when I was going to Park College.

If you didn't knew her, judging only by sight, you would bet with confidence her place was in front of the camera not looking through the viewfinder. Beautiful from head to toe; one of the only women I've known that I thought had especially attractive feet.

Sorry, my mind was wandering a bit...

Back to the subject at hand. Before I knew her I'd never seen anyone do product photography. She had what I can only describe as a black box built. The product would be placed inside giving her total control of the scene and she'd shoot the product.

I took my first shot at product photography this week. One thing that for some reason amazed me was the yellow tint cast by the kitchen light. Unfortunately I didn't keep any for comparison. In order to achieve the black box effect I turned off the light and shot in the dark.

I prefer drinking bottled water. Some people say water doesn't have taste. Normally those are people who don't drink much water. I drink a lot of water; Deer Park is my favorite. I've grown tired of taking recycling and having grocery bag after grocery bag after grocery bag full of bottles. So, recently I began compressing them. This, I've found, also has another benefit. It's a great stress reliever.

With that, I give you Deer Park Recyclables...

"The Twist" is, of course, the best method for stress relief.


honkeie said...

Water does have a taste but tap water is cheaper. I buy the bottled water that is on sale and keep refilling the bottle for a week before replacing it. 69cents sure can go along way if you know how ;)
And by the way, I usually drink about 4.5 liters a day.

Rosemary said...

I use a light tent for our online sales photos. If you use the Reveal bulbs, you'll get a more accurate color.

As for the water ... tap water does me just fine.