Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dinner Is Served - Welcome To The Main Course of Soup To Nuts!

Yes, it's time again for the blogosphere's only progressive dinner blog carnival, Soup To Nuts! I'm happy to be serving the Main Course this time around.

This will be great fun whatever stuff may be running 'round your head! It is a group writing project of sorts where you can check out the lives and times of widely diverse bloggers. Whether it's a pajama mommy or a banquet manager.

OK, let's get into the carnival...

There's a lot in the news, which may or may not be good news, including weight loss, business, and on a related note jobs and career coaching, online education and technology.

There's so much happening online, an internet business guide can be a great help; especially if you're looking for a good deal on your internet service or even if you're looking into health plans.

It's important to not become overwhelmed with online information so take it slow, eh.

OK, get the beat, beatnick. It's critically important that you're passionate about something. It could be music or, another form of entertainment, magic.

Of course there's a lot of passion about food and gardening as well as animals, whether it's a dog or a horse. Some people are passionate about continuing education; which, I think, should be an ongoing process.

True happiness in life can come from living by shamanic principles - you could call it a tao of simplicity. Sometimes it's great to just sit back and enjoy the view. but you want to be careful if there are bullet holes in the mailbox.

In business news, not everyone can be a sales diva. Some people are interested in making money from home; which could come from selling artistic photography. Whatever it is, the bottom line is to make a profit and networking can really help; otherwise you may need therapy. Done right, you can make money selling dog poop...because ideas matter!

Today's the day, gentleman, when to be a savvy daddy you need humor to get through.

It's a challenge at times because the web is making cable tv obsolete; a bad thing about the web, of course, is at times you can't get away from double barreled opinions.

If you have multiple personalities you may want to start at the top and read through this again; you may find something different you like next time!

Be sure you check out all five courses of our dinner. We have some great hosts joining me this time including...
That will wrap up the third edition of Soup To Nuts. I expect to announce the fourth and final edition of Soup To Nuts for 2008 in the next couple weeks.

Thanks to my fellow hosts for the great work you've done with this carnival.


Anonymous said...

A great dinner. Thanks for letting me part of the servings!

Kim Greenblatt

Jeff Vaca said...

Thanks for the lead spot...and great stuff all over!

Marion said...

Thanks for running such a great carnival, Kilroy...I met great bloggers and had a lot of fun.

Brent Diggs said...

Thank you for including me in your fine carnival, not everyone would be able to find room for all my personalities.

Anonymous said...

From one banquet manager to the head blog carnival maker, great job. All the best to you.
So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager