Saturday, August 11, 2007


I've spent the past week with TheSpecialOne. It's always that much more enjoyable when we go to her house.

Taking photographs is never a priority when I visit her. That is, photographs I share with anyone else.

She had her home built on a wooded lot; the sort of place that should have a Hidden Drive sign along the road. When we're there we're secluded from the rest of the world; which is something we both enjoy very much.

I love it when she's in the mood to have her photograph taken. Left to me, I would surely photograph her much more frequently. I think doing it as we do, at her choosing, makes it that much more enojoyable for both of us.

These are two shots I can share, the only two, from our most recent outing. The first walking up the driveway. The second a path on the side of the house, going around to the back deck.

Needless to say I've devoted next to no time to blogging this past week. While she's slept I started the newest edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere; that's a project I enjoy. Other than that, she was intrigued by the virtual DNA test I took. I'll get back to blogging this week.

That will have to be it for now. I hear the shower running.



Anonymous said...

I'm new here so I haven't had the opportunity yet to tell you, you take absolutely beautiful photos.

Naomi said...

Sounds like the ideal retreat to shut yourself off from the rest of the world. The scenery looks great, especially the trees!

Marion said...

Wonderful photos, Kilroy...sounds like you're taking a well-earned rest!

Enjoy the remainder of your time.