Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Tribute To Elizabeth Claire "Beth" Logler, One Of The 2,996 Lost In The Attacks Of September 11, 2001

It's an honor to pay tribute to...
Elizabeth Claire Logler
of Rockville Center, New York.

She was born 16 October, 1969; the daughter of Robert and Claire Logler.

"Beth", who was the Vice President of investor relations at Cantor Fitzgerald's eSpeed Division, was lost in the attack on the World Trade Center.

She worked in an office on the 105th floor.

Cynthia Artin, who worked with her at the American Stock Exchange, commented in one online tribute to Beth, in 2003, "She was the brightest light --- remarkably gifted, articulate and always positive."

Beth Logler held an MBA from Adelphi University in Garden City, Long Island.

Beth was the fiancee of Douglas Cleary of Scarsdale, New York; they were to be married in December, 2001.

Beth and Doug worked together to furnish a co-op at Tudor City in Manhattan. She incorporated family heirlooms from her grandparents.

Doug said of her, "Beth had a great relationship with her grandfather." He added that they had "formed what by all accounts was a club of kindred spirits, a pairing of souls."

Doug described a typical encounter between Beth and her grandfather James Byrnes, whom she called Pop.

According to Doug, Beth would drive to his home in Yonkers in her hunter green Saab with the sunroof open. Mr. Byrnes, 87, in Irish cap and tweed jacket, would hop in and immediately reach for the loudest, wildest music he could find on the radio. Off they would zoom, laughter pouring out of the open hatch.

"The two were devils together," Claire Logler said. "Both ready to go, ready to have a lot of fun."

It is my hope that Elizabeth Claire "Beth" Logler rests in peace and that her family has found comfort.

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EarthBound said...

May she rest in peace and her spirit live on. Bless her family.

Luce said...

May she and all the others who lost their lives, RIP.


Anonymous said...

I pray that she and her family are in peace today knowing that she is in a wonderful place, laughing and smiling, playing her music, remembering each and every one of her family members.

God bless her and her family as they grieve, again today for her. Cortnee'

The Lady said...

That was a very nice tribute. The saddest part about those is that you never really get a clear picture of what the person was like. Most folks never know the impact they have on strangers.

Did she ever give a meal to that homeless guy she passed in the park when she jogged. Did that act of kindness get him through one more day?

Did she quietly donate money to a cause that because of her and others like her managed to change the world just a little for the better?

There are a million little things we will never know about these people and how their lives impacted the world. All we will know is how their deaths changed it forever.

I would have perfered the former to the latter.

Love and Light