Thursday, March 22, 2007

Making The United States of America's National Debt A Long Forgotten Memory

The ----(-)--> 2008 Freak Power Ticket Presidential Campaign Platform <--(-)---- remains a work in progress. This is a supplement to that original post.

The United States of America National Debt - Check The Amount {SEE The Truth}

There has been talk for decades about starting a national lottery in the United States. The focus of this discussion, more often than not, centers around directing this money to pay off the national debt.

Given the success of the multi-state MEGA MILLIONS and POWER BALL lotteries, and the failings of the Bush/Cheyney fiscal policy, it is a subject that continues to crop up.

I have a proposal. Double federal tax on tobacco and alcohol; directing funds to eliminate the debt. What to do with that money once the debt has been paid will be the subject of a future proposal.

The United States government grows some of the best marijuana you will find in the world. Believe me, I know. It's time we bring some sanity to our national drug policy and tap into those funds at the same time.

Whichever side of the marijuana legalization debate you're on there's plenty of ammunition available. I don't think, though, that a proposal like this has been offered before.

To talk about decreasing the size of the government, to raise objections about increasing the size of the bureaucracy is wasted breath. Or words best left unwritten. The bottom line is that the United States government is too big and will continue getting bigger.

Instead of instituting a national lottery, we should put the government in the restaurant business. There are enough agencies dealing with food that it shouldn't be too much of a challenge. They're doing an inadequate, inefficient job now. What better than to re-engineer the whole mess? Better yet, put their bureaucratic ass to the fire. If the business doesn't generate a profit they're out on the street, resume in hand.

Putting the government "in business" isn't a novel idea. The U.S. Government Bookstore is well established. And the Department of Education is set up largely as a collections agency pursuing defaulted student loans. {More bloggables for a future time.} All this sets up a government operated restaurant as a real goldmine.

Eating at USAppetites will be like no other from sea to shining sea. When you arrive you'll have a ticket punched; at the same time as you hand over your keys to a parking attendant.

There will be a childcare center. As well as play areas; for children and for adults.

USAppetites will have a food menu with offerings from every region of the nation. And there will be the best of the best marijuana and hashish from around the world. What it will not have is alcohol.

There will not be anyone under the age of 18 able to purchase or partake. Nor will any children be exposed. There will be an area of the facility dedicated to those who wish to envibe. Each time the person makes a purchase they will have their ticket punched. When they buy food their ticket will be punched.

A person will not be able to have the keys to their car returned to them until a set amount of time has passed since they last smoked. Everyone in the party will have stopped smoking for that amount of time before the keys will be returned. The more a person smokes - that's any person in your party - the longer you'll have to wait to have car keys returned. Which brings to front the question, do you think people will be at eating at USAppetites?

Keep in mind, the citizenry is already paying the government to grow marijuana. We just don't get to smoke it.

Given the menu, smoking marijuana would not be required to eat at USAppetites. The closed environment of the smoking area, with it's filtered air, would ensure that there would be no exposure to those in the restaurant who are not puffing. Those patrons would still receive a ticket upon arrival and have access to the adult play area. Think, game arcade on steroids; with the newest, highest tech games and the best blasts from the past.

Being a restaurant, of course, you would not have to smoke to enjoy the selections of marijuana and hashish at USAppetites. There would be healthier options; an entire section of the menu fortified with buzzables. That would also be taken into account in terms of ticket punching and time required before car keys are returned.

USAppetites would have regional locations throughout the country. Every state would have at least one facility - a size that makes the Mall of America look like a modest start-up - in addition to the one located in the state capital city. That will make for BIG proceeds from Little Rhodie!

Given the name, and the nation's appetite for oil, those who smoke and eat at the restaurant would also be able to buy gasoline before leaving. The cost of the petroleum products would be sold at a rate including only 50% of federal taxes.

Once USAppetites opens random sobriety checks would become a common site on highways throughout the nation; testing for a broad range of intoxicants. Caught once driving under the influence you would face stiff penalties include confiscation of your vehicle for one year.

The days of people driving with multiple DUI convictions would be over. Kill someone when you're driving under the influence, you face the death penalty. That would be in a country where the penalty is carried out expediently.

USAppetites 1-800-PayDebt

Call today for reservations.
The United States of America National Debt - Check The Amount Now {SEE The Truth}

If you REALLY want to see THE TRUTH, refresh the page a time or three.

If you're a citizen of the United States, you may not want to know the truth. Especially if you have voted for George W. Bush once - when you were in the minority when the popular vote was counted - and as hard as it is to believe if you voted for the Bush/Cheney ticket twice.


BlueDuck said...

I've never smoked weed in my life (I know, a real sqaure) and don't plan on it, but I am 100% in favor of the legalization of marijuana.

Critics of marijuana says it's a harmful, addictive drug. Well so is alcohol and going out and getting drunk is considered an everyday 'unwinding' ritual for millions of Americans. Politicians, etc, use drinking as a socializing event. Huge bullshit hypocrisy.

Stoned people are also a lot more interesting than drunk people.

Furthermore, anyone who wants to smoke weed now... does. The law ain't stopping no one. All the law is waste police resources and jail space for nickel and dime (bag) 'criminals'.

Moreover, once marijuana is legalized, it will be a boon for American farmers, who could use the extra business. The government can also tax, like cigarettes, adding much needed $$ to the federal coffers. And, of course, age restrictions can be put in place like on alcohol and this can be better enforced. Also, the money spent on weed will go to American businesses instead of foreign thugs and mercernaries.

It's really a commonsense idea.

And that's why it won't happen in our lifetime.

Marion said...

Very creative, Kilroy!

The Wandering Author said...

I'll vote for the Freak Power ticket...

I've heard that one of the reasons many drugs remain illegal is because the drug lords spend a lot of money influencing the elections, so the price of their product will stay nice and high. I don't doubt it.

Marshamlow said...

Thanks for your submission to the blog village carnival. A very creative solution indeed.