Friday, June 06, 2008

I Spotted This Redtail Hawk On The First Hole Today...Then Scored A Birdie!


Anonymous said...

[sorry if this post came up twice]

You spotted a Redtail Hawk today, that's pretty cool on so many levels.

First of all your a fan of golfing... Second of all you knew it was a Redtail Hawk and third of all you were fully equipped for such a bird-encountering occasion... extremely impressive :)

You seem like a real cool cat Kilroy! I plugged your blog URL into my Google Reader so I can keep up with your unique rhetoric.

Congrats on the birdie by the way my blogging ninja

wcgillian said...

So the red tail hawk brought you good luck! That is a good thing. One day I will post a true and remarkable story that I witnessed with my own eyes involving a Native American naming ceremony. It left everyone speechless.


Anonymous said...

Wow...It's always amazing to spot a large bird...A Redtail Hawk, eh? Where do you live? Mid-West?

Kimberly :)