Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ice Milk Dairy

I've been working with a small printing company recently. I was retained by the company's financial supporter - GoIrish! - to have a look at how things are going. GoIrish! is an entrepreneur with investments in about two dozen small businesses.

It quickly became painfully obvious that GoIrish!'s goodwill to set his friend up in business is going to be a drain on his wallet.

HowDidThingsGoSoWrong? was a big shot with a big company who thought all he had to do was coast into retirement. Then, one day, he was on his way out the door with a severance package.

Given his feeling of security, the last thing HowDidThingsGoSoWrong? ever thought of was waking up one day without a paycheck coming next week. So, he convinced GoIrish! to provide the funds for him to open this printing company.

The company - based on the way his employees milk the clock - would best be characterized as Ice Milk Dairy.

Ice Milk Dairy is managed by AGoodOldSoldier who employs one full-time employee, UnderTheInfluence, and three part-time employees StringbeanPuffer, GooberNeedsASmoke and RollsWithTheTide.

It's been, needless to say, an adventure.

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bulletholes said...

I got a kick out of this one... here at my workplace we have theabsentmindedprofessor, ruhroh, stillinsaigon, toomeantodie, southparkchef. I don't know what they call me.
My guess is that there a lot of "howdidthingsgosowrong" out there.
I'd like to see the follow up to this "asdventure".