Friday, June 29, 2007

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Are A National Disgrace For America

It's not a new thought for me to wonder what people think when they keep a bumper sticker on their car from a past election.

I can not begin to imagine what people feel who voted for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney; he of the self created fourth branch of government.

It's difficult for me to believe people can be proud of putting what amounts to Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in the White House. These two self righteous hemorrhoids has been a disgrace both on the home front and on the world stage. The entire Administration has been a clusterfuck from the start.

Donald Rumsfeld did more damage to the United States than Hurricane Katrina did to the Gulf Coast. Alberto Gonzalez has proven to be the slimiest of weasels; he's been more of a co-conspirator providing the smoke and mirrors necessary for Bush to strip personal freedom away from Americans while lining the pockets of his cronies with ill gotten gain. Cheney, meanwhile, is a lying prick lacking any semblance of a soul. This heartless bastard turns head over heel to spit in the face of the American people and the world at large.

Cheney is not only a liar he is an outright criminal. He disposed of Scooter Libby to save himself like a wolf chews off its leg to escape from a trap. How many more will be sacrificed?

When the final score is written George W. Bush will have done so much damage to the United States it will take a generation or more to fix. Cheney will go down as one of the most corrosive bastards ever involved in government.

When Gerald Ford declared our national nightmare over at the time of Nixon's resignation he never could have imagined it was not much more than a hiccup compared to what would come in the future. Bill Clinton was impeached, over lying about getting blow jobs from an intern. What penalty are these two going to pay?!?


Lavender Chick said...

The Decider was actually a fairly decent governor. I voted for him for president the first time, but NOT the second time. He scared me.

Some people just make better drunks.

Tea said...

Maybe he got voted in again because he seems to be a war president and the American people were afraid after 9/11. My thought anyway.
I entered the Carnival :)
Haven`t done much original blogging for awhile so I chose something old.


Anonymous said...

By the way, what is Cheney’s Borg Identity? FUtus of Borg. In Borg lore FUtus is often depicted as offering the Borg symbol of unity to the masses.

Who else in the administration has a Borg identity? Why there’s Alberto Gonzalez whose Borg identity is Refutus which means: It’s not my fault.

What about Bush himself? He is known as BigDoofus of Borg. Well actually BigDoofus of half wit because the Borg refused to give Bush a Borg identity. Even the Borg failed to find a brain in that head. Since they could find no brain, the Borg implants failed to take root in BigDoofus of halfwit. Nevertheless, the Borg in an uncharacteristic show of compassion allowed Bush to glue “falsies”—fake Borg implants onto his person after he let it be known that he thought Borg implants “looked cool.”

Note there are other Borg identities out there.

Rush is known as BigGlutus of Borg.

Ann is known as ShrillShrewtus of Borg.

All of those senators who are crying over their recent losses in the immigration battles are collectively known as BooHootus of Borg.

bulletholes said...

Yeah, and now Libby doesn't do a day! They are really pissin' me off Kilroy.

Sheila said...

Bill may have screwed the intern but these two guys have done it the country.