Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Machine Guns And Clothes Hangers

The foul odor you smell is not a dead animal rotting away in your ventilation system. It’s the stench of desperation emanating from the Bush White House.

After the Harriet Myers nomination went down in flames, George W. Bush is pandering to his base of ultra-conservative extremists and holier-than-thou religious fanatics. Make that getting down on his knees, not to pray, but to beg and/or kiss as many asses as necessary to get support for his imploding Presidency.

Bush’s latest Supreme Court nominee supports the right to bear arms. And it has nothing to do with being part of a “well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state”. That phrase is from the U.S. Constitution by the way. Give it a read some time. The “right to bear arms” stuff is right near the top so it won’t be a problem to find.

Machine guns are wonderful for senseless violence; a real blast. I have a friend that tells me they’re great for deer hunting. The good news for my friend is that “arms”, according to this Supreme Court nominee, include machine guns. So he should have no problem bagging the limit this hunting season. Some cities – i.e. ever expanding urban blight choking the life out of anything that stands in its way - are hiring snipers to thin deer populations. It should take them a lot less time to get the job done once the machine guns start flying out of your local Wal*Mart.

Good news for you ladies. You’ll still be able to get an abortion; as long as you get permission from your husband. As for the rest of you, keep your chastity belt all locked up until you get married and you will not have any problem. Otherwise, there is an endless supply of clothes hangers. Bush is doing his best to stack the deck so that becomes the preferred method to do the deed.

"I had the right to
remain silent, but I
didn't have the ability." - Ron White

Photograph by KILROY_60

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