Sunday, January 15, 2006


Let's take one more look at the videotape to be sure we saw what we think we saw.

In one case, the referee - the only pair of eyes that count - saw a play differently than what had to be the majority of the football world. It was unbelievable how the replay could have shown indisputable evidence that erased an interception.

In the other case, there was confirmation. Yes, it WAS the quarterback that made the tackle to save the game.

It appeared for awhile this season that the Indianapolis Colts were going to run the table and become only the second team in NFL history to accomplish an unblemished regular season record. That didn't happen.

The Colts dismantled the Pittsburgh Steelers, 26-7, at the end of November to raise their record to 11-0. It was Ben Roethlisberger's first game back after missing three weeks with a knee injury. The Steelers appeared to be playing with a hangover after two weeks of bumbles, miscues and blunders with Tommy Maddox under center.

This as they say is the second season. All that has passed is past. The boys from Indy didn't go undefeated. Peyton Manning was not annointed a Saint. This time, Big Ben came into the game healthy and the bus was ready to roll.

Indianapolis fans awoke at the end of this game to find the dream of a glorious season to be celebrated through the ages had ended. It was time to go home; the Steelers were on their way to play for a spot in Super Bowl XL.

As for Jerome Bettis' parents, they were calling their travel agent to make arrangements to attend another game. It has been 13 years; when #36 has looked into the stands his parents have always been there. One more game and they could go home, to Detroit, for Super Bowl XL. Will the Steelers do for Jerome Bettis what the Broncos did for John Elway? Only time will tell.

Hunter S. Thompson, George W. Bush and the Free Republic

Photograph by KILROY_60


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