Monday, February 06, 2006

A Hunter S. Thompson Tribute

Photograph by Kilroy_60
Fear and Loathing in the Blogosphere was conceived as a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson. There wasn't need to have a personal relationship with The Good Doctor to know he wouldn't be the kind to slowly, quietly fade away. Yet, it still came as a shock last February when he blew his brains out.

For Thompson fans celebrating his life, or visitors wondering what the hell Fear and Loathing is all about, a review of what we've covered over the past three months...

--> Hunter S. Thompson in Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

--> The Great Thompson Hunt - What Are You Waiting For, You Swine!

---> A Hunter S. Thompson Biography

--> Hunter S. Thompson - The original GONZO Outlaw

--> As close as any of us can hope to get, Breakfast With Hunter

--> The Columbia Journalism Review presents A Technical Guide for Editing Gonzo

--> The Ralph Steadman homepage

--> This is my attorney...

--> PATRIOT GAMES, Dr. Thompson weighs in on the state of American journalism post 9/11

--> Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004 from Rolling Stone

--> Ugly, Tasteless, Terrifying and Wild... Count Me In! THIS was Hunter S. Thompson

--> February, 2003 --- A Moment In Time with The Good Doctor

--> A March, 2003 interview conducted after the publication of Kingdom of Fear

--> Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

--> Dr. Thompson's ESPN Article Archive - linked in the November 2 post - is gone. Search results for Hunter S. Thompson at the ESPN site

--> The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Thompson's Suicide

--> Hunter S. Thompson, George W. Bush and the Free Republic

Gonzo Guilt!


Anonymous said...
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The SUCCESS Coach said...

It's disappointing ESPN chose to pull the Thompson archive. That would be interesting to peruse.