Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Who Will Join L.C. Greenwood in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2006?

"Help others achive their dreams and you will achive yours."- Les Brown

On Saturday the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2006 will be announced. The original field of 112 preliminary nominees was trimmed to 25 in November. My prediction of who would make it from the original field to qualify as semifinalists scored 15 hits on 25 chances.

For the roster of 15 finalists, two are certain. John Madden and Rayfield Wright were selected by the Senior Committee.

My selections for the 13 modern era finalists:

L.C. Greenwood - CORRECT --- Troy Aikman - CORRECT --- Reggie White - CORRECT --- Ralph Wilson Jr. - no --- George Young -no --- Ray Guy - no --- Art Monk - CORRECT --- Bob Kuchenburg - CORRECT --- Derrick Thomas - CORRECT --- Randy Gradishar - no --- Lester Hayes -no --- Roger Wehrli - no --- Ken Stabler - no

I scored 6 ot 13 on these picks.

Finalists that were not among my selections: Harry Carson, Rus Grimmm, Claude Humphrey, Michael Irvin, Warren Moon, Thurman Thomas, Gary Zimmerman

KILROY_60's Picks for the Professional Football Hall of Fame Class 0f 2006: L. C. Greenwood -- Troy Aikman --- Reggie White --- Thurman Thomas --- Art Monk

I predict, again, this will be the year John Madden is inducted in Canton.

The official announcement will be made Saturday.

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