Monday, June 19, 2006

Fracturing The American Dream With Bad Craziness

Things do not happen. Things are made to happen. - John F. Kennedy

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Millions? No. Billions? C'mon, we' re a superpower. We SPEND like a superpower. And we have the $10 TRILLION debt ceiling to prove it.

Does anyone remember the National Debt Clock? {Don't Miss This Link!}

This is ironic; one of the best article explaining the history of THE Debt Clock in Time Square appears on the Pravda website. {Question the source? Here's some backup data from CNN.}

The concept of the national debt escapes many people. Let's be very clear. Once you have paid your bills and taken care of whatever living expenses you have --- the "national" debt is in fact YOUR debt to be paid. {United States Public Debt from Wikipedia}

Take a good look at your next paycheck. Think for a minute about what that money is being used for. Money being taken from your pocket by the people you send to Washington to represent you. {Whether you vote or not it is your responsibility who sits in those chairs} Just paying your fair share, they say, for the freedom you enjoy. Putting money aside for you to receive Social Security benefits when you retire. Let's all get up extra early in the morning...the sun will be rising in the west.

Put aside "the war", the one that is not possible to win through military force. {A quick link of special interest here, Our National Debt as reported by Aljazeerah - THE news source in the neighborhood where we hang our military hats these days} Every spending bill that passes through the hands of Congress and is signed by the President has little gifts thrown in from both the House and Senate side to support pet projects of individual legislators. This member of the House has an updating readout of The National Debt on his homepage. Somehow it feels good to know someone on Pennsylvania Avenue is acknowledging it.

Everything you need to know about contacting the President and Congress. Here's a site that has greatly informative about the National Debt and it's FUN too . {sic} Once you arrive click REFRESH in IE or RELOAD in either Firefox or Netscape {at any time however long you are there} and the number is updated. Pay special attention to how much is required from your household to pay this bill. (This link has a running clock so you don't have to take any time for the page to upate)


Senator Ted Stevens, Republican from Alaska, is an ass monkey who dances to the tune of oil companies that are scoring billions of dollars in profit beyond what they have ever been able to imagine. It has appeared that Stevens' mission in life was approval of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; he's likely been walking around with a hardon for the past month.

Stevens is prototypical of government inefficiency, Sadly, he's hung around long enough to gain positions of power that allow him to roust about like a bull in a china shop. Stevens is a spoiled brat who stamps his feet when things don't go his way. Worse yet, as a hearing chair he bullies forward casting aside conscientious members dedicated to doing the peoples work in order to further his personal agenda.

Stevens' latest misadventure:

Tales of misdeeds by the Senator from Alaska are legendary. Amazingly, he keeps ahead of the loop to screw us all at every turn. Given any issue this self serving prick can sink his teeth into, thought of the public good is cast aside without hesitation. The best barometer for what will be truly good for America is to find where the Senator from Alaska stands and vigorously pursue an opposite stand.


We invaded Iraq, based on piss poor intelligence, where we were to be greeted as liberators, according to the Bush bumblers, and had no plans to deal with insurgency. Paul Bremmer and Tommy Franks received medals for their performance in Mess-O-Potamia. Now as sectarian violence rages we're assured again and again that there is nothing resembling civil war. Based on past performance, I have every confidence that there should be no question as to the accuray of assessing the situation on the ground. The President held a summit to formulate a strategy for Iraq (sic) then went to Baghdad for a surprise dog and pony show. "Our REPRESENTATIVES" in Congress joined in the show passing a resolution declaring that we will win the War or Terror and not set a date for the withdraw of troops from Iraq. Meanwhile our troops are being investiaged - in multiple incidents - for murdering civilians. We've done a great job of cleaning up our act after the disgrace of Abu Ghraib. The word from Guantanamo Bay is that any intelligence being gained is of little value and steps are being taken to arrange for the repatriation of detainees. What exactly is it that these people did and what benefit has come from our investment of money and manpower? The latest news is that two United States soldiers have been captured in Iraq's Triangle Of Death. Meanwhile, we're negotiating with Iraq to stop enriching uranium and warning North Korea to not test a new missle capable of reaching our West Coast. How many years has North Korea been defiantely thumbing its nose in our faceand what message has this inaction sent to Iran? We're pushing the UN Security Council to impose sanctions upon Iran so it is isolated from the world community. How successful has THIS strategy proved to be so far? The icing on the cake for George W. Bush and His Band Of Fools is that the billions of dollars spent on emergency preparedness since September 11th have left us unprepared to respond to terrorist attacks let alone natural disasters. You have to score one for Michael Chertoff, he's shoving responsibility off on the shoulders of of anyone and everyone he can think of before the next failure of his Department of Homeland Security.

Hartford Wailers Win Stanley Cup! (Sorry Connecticult, It was just a dream)

I picked the winner in the Stanley Cup Finals...

The thing that is so great about the Stanley Cup is that every player of the championship team get's their name inscribed on the trophy. {Don't you love it when incorrect information is passed from one to another as though it's fact} I think it's so cool that each team member gets to take the cup home for a day...among other places.


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