Sunday, June 04, 2006

No Need For 5 Million Reasons...Only 26

One may wonder if NBC planned how Deal Or No Deal would roll out over time or if audience reaction caused the schedule to evolve. What is not left to question is whether it's a hit.

Trying to think if there's a game show that I've chosen to watch with any regularity for the past couple decades...none come to mind. I've quite enjoyed this game, though. It's funny sitting with people yelling at the television. Needless to say, my advice is always No Deal. That drives 'em crazy.

Deal Or No Deal Parties are becoming quite the rage. There are lots of party games you can play while watching the show involving one type of bet or another. They're good for both drinking and bong games. {Can you say BOTH!} More on that another time.

Howie Mandell has never been a favorite of mine as a comic. It seemed like he was goofy just for the sake of being goofy...not that it was funny (to me). I like him hosting this show, though. He's seemed to have found the right groove in this setting.

While they make the banker out to be the bad guy, what would the show be without him? He is as entertaining as possible within the role they have given him to play. His blog is a riot. And the producers of the show have done a great job throwing in specials as part of the offers he makes.

And then, there are the models. "One" of PEOPLE magazine's most beautiful people entries. Which leads us to the season finale. The jackpot is $5,000,000. There's not need for 5 million reasons to watch though. Only 26.

Ladies, please...

Thank you, ladies.


Anonymous said...
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Mistress Regina said...

I think this would have been more interesting if they were not all wearing the same outfit. Although, a variation in shoes surely provides a tasty twist for some.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

The ladies are attractive. But, even they are not enough to draw me into the program.

I simply do not like game shows, ever since I talked my family into trying out... years and years ago, for Family Feud. I felt that the whole thing was set up, simply to pick families that looked right for tv.

Smile enough and you have a chance. Look serious, which I do, unfortunately, and you don't get chosen: plain and simple.

They prefer buffoons and idiots!