Monday, October 23, 2006

Have You Contributed?

I'm having a bit of creative blockage. I wanted to shoot the past few days; my photographer's eye seems to be missing. Words meanwhile are flowing at the rate of a glacier. A smile is good for the soul; maybe this will help...

If you haven't read it, it's NEW! 8-)

Have you tiptoed through the archives?

"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."
- Hunter S. Thompson


Anonymous said...

Peering over I see a frozen morass of tangled webs, branches, left-overs and just plain trash.......all waiting to just crack up into a million pieces....

BTW - love the seal - such an entertaining site- but a real pain to try and save in your sidebar!


BlueDuck said...

Have you gone pumpkin picking yet?

Going to a pumpkin patch or farm in late October and going on a hayride, etc, provides great opportunity for pictures... foliage, pumpkins, ummm corn?

I went pumpkin picking at a farm this weekend and it was a lot of fun.

Annelisa said...

Not true about the edge, Hunter S. Thompson - As well as the ones who've gone over the edge, some have gone to the edge, and stopped there. Then there are those who've gone to the edge, taken a step and spread their wings...

...which takes a lot of faith.

Love the seal - very colourful and creative!

Red-Dirt-Girl - know what you mean about the link! It just won't sit on the line (possibly like you, Kilroy?)I did consider asking if you mind just the 'Fear and Loathing' bit, but decided that you'd chosen that title, so that's what it should be! :-)

Annelisa said...

By the way, I'd recommend visiting a couple of the blogs in my side-bar for inspiration.
Alternatively, just give yourself a break!

Mother of Invention said...

You could shoot anything and write about it! Like various doorknobs and then write a poem about them! I actually did this for a Poetry Friday this year...uh..minus the pics as I didn't know then how to upload them!

The Wandering Author said...

I should be in bed by now, and I need to get up in the middle of the night. I have a long day ahead tomorrow. I was just checking a few of my favourite blogs, but I couldn't resist the appeal of that seal.

As far as writer's block is concerned; just put a blank (sheet of paper / computer screen) in front of you and start writing / typing. Anything at all; it doesn't matter if it's garbage. Just keep at it and it will break the jam.

I keep meaning to read your archives, and I keep finding myself with too little time to do it. I'll give it a really serious try later this week.

Anonymous said...

BTW - I meant the seal was a pain to try and save as a sidebar........the link works just fine when it wants to......!


The SUCCESS Coach said...

I think you would have more success if you selected a graphic that made a real impression on people. This logo seems a half hearted attempt.

RomanceWriter said...


You asked for a link to my Yahoo Group.

It is called Brand New Aspiring Writers. I started it over the summer to bring together people who are writing their first novel.

At my blog there is a link to it. It is titled My Yahoo Group.


Anonymous said...


That buck on the top is certainly giving you the once over!

RomanceWriter said...

I like that quote. I think I have walked on the edge, fallen over and climbed back up again. It seems to be different spot for each person. And if I could I would warn all to stay for back from it.

Your quotes always make me think.


Kilroy_60 said...

Your suggestions are good ones Blue Duck and Mother of Invention. Unfortunately, those things would have taken creativity I've been lacking. I have had the motivation to shoot, but it's just not been happening for me. Some time went by before the golf outing and I'm not sure if I have done anything since then.

annelisa, I would have to say I think The Good Doctor has a valid point. I'm sure I was close to the edge many times; never truly knew how close I'd been until it was well passed. I think so many people say they have been to the edge, but actually had a lot more room to work with than they knew. You're right about "the edge" being a different place for all of us Romancewriter, so I was sure I went far enough past to meet anyone's standard. :-)

I will definitely make a point to visit your links annelisa; giving myself a break is not something I've ever been exceptionally good at. And, no, I'm not good at sitting on the line either. {reference, "the edge" above} As for my link, however you want to post it is fine with me. Gonzo!

You are, again, a chamption Wandering Author in your effort to support me. I'm not sure I can shoulder the pressure of being anyone's favorite blog though.

Yes, Old Lady, the buck definitely laid an eye on me. That was another picture from the recent golf outing. I was pulling a club out of my bag when I was told to ...turn around slowly. It was down over a small bank only about 30 yards away. I got another one when he came up and over; thankfully it wasn't an episode of When Animals Attack!

honkeie2 said...

ahhhh the edge a fun place to hang with friends and watch them go over. In my world of controled maddness and addiciton I have seen many go over leaving me to wonder 'Who will I party with now?'
When u said shooting I had this famous pic of the doctor standing knee deep in snow shooting his typewritter in my head. God a typewritter....If I had my old word processor I would take it out to the range and have some redneck catapult it into the air and blast the crap out of it with a Browning 20 gauge. If I ever feel down I go shooting, those paper targets dont stand a chance agaist my wrath!

honkeie2 said...

I wonder if you could start your own rolling paper company with that logo on it.....gonzo papers lol