Monday, October 09, 2006

My Two Cents Worth...

25 cents, actually.

I'm interested in money; more specifically coins. I think what's chosen to appear on coins says alot about a country. Much more than stamps due to the limited number.

In this country, each state has its own unique persona. Yes, I'm one of those people the U.S. Mint loves. I'm collecting state quarters.

Of the 38 that have come out so far, these are my least the 10 I've been able to narrow the list down to for the purpose of this posting:

Rhode Island
New York
North Carolina

There's something about the Rhode Island quarter. We passed through the state to and from Cape Cod last year. Took some time to visit Newport. It's a beautiful area. I remember the sailboats in the feels like I can see myself crossing the bridge.

Rendering by Kilroy_60


Sara's Varolo Village said...

Come on Man, Virginia! Virginia!


Mother of Invention said...

Do you know the approx value of old coins? In particular, an 1896 penny? They were bigger diameter than today's. My husband came across one in a little store! (It's Cdn but may be worth about the same as US.)

Anonymous said...

The tulips are beautiful. I love the magenta. There what spring should be; bright, sunny, warm, happy and loving.


Mohawk Chieftain said...

My wife likes to collect those quarters, as well. She insists on having four of each and they sit, in little four-high stacks, around the bedroom lamp, next to her side of the bed.

Somehow, that reminds me of an old joke about rolls of quarters, etc.

I wouldn't mind, except it has kept her from dusting in our bedroom, ever since the damned things started being minted!

Maybe she's afraid of waking them up...?

jinx protocol said...

Is the Rhode Island quarter smaller than all of the rest? Ha! That's my daily state joke, and I hope you enjoyed it. I've got a bundle of them.

Old Lady said...

I am partial to Georgia's. The bridge on the Rhode Island quarter is exactly like the bridge we have in our town.

honkeie said...

All I need now is a coin with my likness on it and I can die happy. I would also want my own demonination.....I would be the 13cent coin...hahahhaha

RomanceWriter said...

I love the picture. It reminds me of warmth, just when it is getting cold around Chicago.

The Wandering Author said...

Personally, my all time favourite is New Hampshire. It was one of my favourite quarters even before the Old Man fell, but since then, I haven't been able to part with a single New Hampshire quarter that comes my way.

Of course, I spent a lot of time in the White Mountains. One line of my family is from there. (If anyone reading this recognises the name, I'm descended from the brother of Lucy Crawford, who wrote the first history of the White Mts. - and most of the later ones borrow heavily from her.) So I guess it's inevitable.

On the subject of coins, have you ever looked at the designs of the old Roman coins, Kilroy? They're a fascinating history lesson; the Emperors pictured on the front, of course, but also the subjects on the reverse. Much more variety than we're used to today; they were one of the major forms of propaganda available at the time, so they were used for that purpose much more often than we see as desirable.

nunya said...

I like the tulip.

The SUCCESS Coach said...

I'm partial to the new Jefferson nickel. The ones that commemorate the Lewis & Clark expedition seemed to get overlooked in light of the state quarter program.

Tamara Hanson said...

I'm interested in money too...but more in the psychology and energy of it. I'm on a journey to reprogram my thinking about it and not fear it like I had been taught to at a young age. I'll let you know how it goes.

BlueDuck said...

I am collecting all the state quarters; I think it's been a great project. I am partial to the Oregon one, having grown up there.

I am also a fan of the recent buffalo nickel.

Rosemary said...

I gave my DH a very nice folder when the quarters first started coming out. He enjoys collecting them all.

Good luck with your Commentathon!!

Anonymous said...

I was collecting the coins - even had a cool 'display board' to keep them in......until one day that I was severely out of cash.......and yes, shamefully, raided all the coins and spent them......I guess I'm not a very good saver......

love the tulips....remind me of spring when all good things return to life......