Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Writing In The Margins

"There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Photograph by Kilroy_60It's two weeks until Thanksgiving.

Three things for which I am thankful, based on my experience in the blogsophere this past year, are the relationships I have developed, the things I have learned and the opportunities that have presented themselves.

The recent Commentathon was an interesting exercise. While I never expected to reach the "goal" of 365 comments over three weeks, the result was amazing to me. I appreciate all who contributed. It's a good time of year for contemplation, analysis and review. I will be writing a "response" related to that experiment.

There are three more things in terms of comments.

I haven't yet transferred comments from the old blogspot to the new. That's something I'm going to begin working on. I'll do the best I can to plug in the user names/URL's appropriately so you get links back. I can't guarantee that will always happen.

Relationships, those that become truly valuable, must be nurtured. That is one area in which I have fallen short of my expectations. The best any of us can do is the best we can do from one day to another.

I'm going to undertake another experiment. There won't be a timeline involved, but I'm going to track my writing of 1,000 comments. I won't be compiling an ongoing commentary as I did in conjunction with the Commentathon. As I'm writing my postings, you'll see a notation in the bottom right hand corner of the running tally. I started this morning.

One final thing on comments. People, I get the impression, seem to frequently visit blogs, write a comment on the top post and leave. There are people, though, who take an interest in what you are doing. They read through postings, possibly even going into the archive, and write comments.

I will close by sharing a comment I received recently. It came from someone who apparently took the time to investigate The Gonzo Papers and chose to offer thoughtful feedback.

Anonymous said...
Have you seen the
Nobody Cares About Your Blog t-shirt? You should take note of it. You seem to have an unrealistic viewpoint of how important your opinions are and how meaningful your commnetary is. I've taken some time to read through your blog. It's much easier to post pictures of flowers than talk about your losing Steelers. Isn't it? How self important are you that you think you can dismiss people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly? This recent campaign you conducted to get comments is a perfect example of warped your perception is of how important you think this blog is. Who are you kidding with Kilroy, "The Best Of..."? I can go along with one thing you said. That's all I can take for now. I'm sure you won't be posting this. You don't have the fucking spine.

I must say, I don't feel there is any value in terms of what was written in this comment. I have no intention of engaging in response nor debate. What is clear to me is the person was interested in getting attention. Why? I can't say. I don't think it was an effort to enlighten me or to provide constructive criticism. I found it interesting, though. Especially in terms of the Commentathon experiment. It wasn't published to dispute the position of the anonymous one; any question about whether I have all my body parts is not one which needs to be addressed.

"12 of 1,000"


fiwa said...

I saw the original comment when it was posted. Obviously it was prompted by jealousy, because it's apparent that people do care about your blog. You got pretty damned close to your comment goal and you seem to have some regular readers.

I have followed your other blog for awhile, and unfortunately just started reading this one about the time your comment contest ended, or I would have been happy to participate.

bulletholes said...

I would like to take this opportunity to lift Rush and Bill up to you, Lord. I still think Gonzo is payin' this guy...or ghost writin' it!

Mother of Invention said...

You do seem to get a lot out of blogging and find it interesting to analyze different behaviours. It is a study in human social behaviour isn't it? Always intriguing! It is neat when new people discover your blog and read previous posts. You really have to do that to get a well-rounded impression.

I don't go to everyone's I'd like to every day. That's just too much for me. But I do go back and I use your guidelines...if you don't think of anything to comment on, then don't just for the sake of commenting. It's more valuable to the blogger if it has meaningful substance.

Continue to enjoy blogging!

The Wandering Author said...

I can't help observing two things. First, upon seeing the quote at the top of this post: how could he have known? He didn't live under the current "Administration". (I do know George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, et. al. didn't invent aggressive stupidity, they just perfected it. It seemed the perfect observation in my current mood, however.)

Second: I am always amused when I come across a case of someone who takes the time to write a lengthy comment on how unimportant and insignificant another is. It reminds me of an oxymoron, only in action, not words.

Kilroy_60 said...

Thinking while I'm writing comments in other blogs, I need to make a point of catching up with those commenting here.

Fiwa: I'm pleased to find your comment. Wondering how you happened upon the original blogspot. I have a few former link exchanges who wouldn't update the link. Original was lost in an inescapable blogger archive hell.

Red Dirt Girl: Always good to see you. I wouldn't have come nearly as close to the Commentathon "goal" as I did without your generous contribution. Your words of support are too kind. I went to a wedding reception a couple weekends ago; the young man was hanging out at the bar. My kind of kid. 8-)

Steve: I published "the" comment because I thought it was...let's see how should I put this...fucking ridiculous. When you have a viewpoint as I do, these type of comments, and emails, are not unusual. You just normally don't see them. If you have questions regarding authenticity, I can pass some future ones along. So you know, with all due respect, I published your comment because I thought it was fucking ridiculous as well.

Mother Of Invention: I have enjoyed blogging over this past year. Being analytical has come naturally since and early age. It's not something I think about; it just happens. I tend to take things on an individual basis. Which means there are times, even in a blog I find interesting, that I write one comment. And other times I stay to explore. So, you can tell from my comments I have enjoyed your blog. 8-)

The Wandering Author: Always pleased when you wander my way. You always write interesting comments. At times, too often?, more interesting than the post on which you're commenting.

I appreciate your interest and input friends.

jbwritergirl said...

Yehaw on that comment. I have yet to post anything that could bring this kind of attention to my site. Wouldn't it have been easier if the commenter just asked you to exchange links? LOL

Hope all's well

fiwa said...

Kilroy - I originally found your blog from a comment you left on "bitingblondewit".

Thank you for many good links, I have added yours and several others from your exchange to my "favorites".


Anonymous said...

I saw that one, some people just want to rattle the old cage and get something going. Little did they know what kind of person you are!

RomanceWriter said...

I have never understood the purpose of people trying to start shit like that. It's bizarre. Who has such a small life that they lash out at strangers on the net? Sorry you had to deal with that.


BlueDuck said...

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Don't let internet trolls bother you. The fact that he would email you shows he obviously DID find your blog of interest.

And the fact that he likes Rush Limbaugh tells you he is a few gourds short of a cornucopia.

Annelisa said...

I think this 'annonymous' was following some of your links around, as he turned up elsewhere.

As you say, it's interesting that he spent so much time reading your posts... whether the response would then be positive or negative is almost irrelevant (except the way it was actually expressed was quite rude!) - the main thing is that there was something there he could actually make a comment on.

So, that means, at the least, your blog has substance(s) - but then, you don't need confirmation of that, do you?!

I personally enjoy visiting a lot!

honkeie said...

Sometimes i wonder why someone would come over to a blog to make negative commits about someones elses blog. I have seen a few blogs that are written by self rightous dwarfcocks that I pray they choke to death on thier holy waffers on sunday, but I never say anything nasty or disrespectfull to them. I just leave them to thier narrow minded world and go on my way.
And one the comment thing, I usually troll around ppl blogs and leave comments on old post all the time. I often wonder if they think I am stalking them or looking for the old guy hagging around the playground with out a child of his own and pocket full of candy......

bulletholes said...

Ridiculous? Really? Which part? lol

bulletholes said...

I'm up there already? I wanted to add that the Anon dude is providing probably the best example of an Ad Hominem argument there could possibly be...a dubious honor. If he is going to be as ridiculous as I can be then he ought to at least be as funny as I can be.
Kilroy, when I was a first time Sous-Chef, the Executive Chef came to me one day and congratulated me on a job well done. I asked what I had done that was so great. he says that in the Mens Restroom there were some very unflattering
statements concerning me and my immediate family. Get the picture?
Sorry it took so long to make, like, a real comment!