Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tumbling Dice - A Hitchhikers' Guide To The Blogosphere

"Truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."
- Flannery O'Connor

The latest and greatest finds...

The Complimenting Commenter
Integral Options Cafe
The Old Hippie's Groovy Blog
Blue Republic
Seen Reading
My Own Private Book Club

I had a losing roll of the dice where some links were lost. If you received a comment saying you were to be included, please write a comment.

Continuing the ride...

The Empty Chamber
Unguarded Utterance
TV Squad
Ubiquitous Dreamer
Uncommon Sense
The Psych Ward
The Mental Closet Of An Evil Patriot
Riding With The Top Down
Pooing In The Woods

The blogger burp that knocked out my link list has taken the wind out of my sails. This installment is going to have to be abbreviated.

Interesting titles that didn't make the cut...

An Anthology Of Dead Ends
The Classic Eccentric
Must Be The Long Legs...
Blue Moon
Rhymes With Snith
"Petit Secret"
Super Blogger
Changed Reality
River House
Artist Without Borders
The Life Of A Zen Master
A Day In The Life Of A Pirate
Truth & Beauty
Red-Hot Resources
Painterly Visions
Extravagant Taste, The Style Perplexes
My Left Brain Reads Zen
My Clowning Achievement
The Lone Gunwoman
Eat Peace Please
At Twilight
Futuregirl Blog
The Lines You Amend
Piece Offerings - Photos
Head Stuffing
Welcome To My Fairytale
Oz Photos
Tall Minds For Little People
By Wing And Wave
By The Light Of The Night
Life...I'll Take A Picture Of That
The Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut
Let Me Tell You A Story
A Mistress Moves On
The Royal Beauty
Daily Decisions
Conclusive Evidence
2nd Cup Of Coffee
The Days In Between
Beyond And Above The Law
Style...A Work In Progress
I'm A Walking Cliche
A Storm In A Teacup
Dream On The Way
Word Image
Curb My Enthusiasm
Kidnapped By Aliens
This, That And More Of The Same
I Dream Light Years

"33 of 1,000"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, my friend, and the opportunity to read your blogs. Love both of 'em.

william harryman said...

Thanks for the link!


Kilroy_60 said...

The Nag: Will look for word from you next time you drop by. I enjoyed both of your's as well. Unfortunate you don't accept comments.

RomanceWriter said...

A Day In The Life Of A Pirate
Hmm, mayhave to check that one out. Is he a real pirate? I heard they still exist but I would never think they blog.

Homie Bear said...

Thanks for the inclusion- how do you find so many great blogs? I rarely find a keeper.

Annelisa said...

:-) what you doing now, Kilroy? I've been away for the weekend, and am not sure what's going on with this post (though I'm fairly sure it doesn't include me :-))

larry h. said...

Hello Kilroy, just wanted to say thanks for dropping by on my blog. Thanks also for the blog link ... very generous. I'm very humbled. For some reason Styx's "Dr. Roboto" is playing in my head as type this. Oh well, thanks mate. And my blogroll grows by one. ;)

Mother of Invention said...

You've been very busy but have still managed to read many blogs and comment. Thanks for doing so on mine!

Anonymous said...

I didn't make any list! Oh well!

Anonymous said...

it appears my blog didn't make the cut either...ah well...

X b