Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogging Pay Per Post

Photograph by Kilroy_60
If the option was available, I'd do a link exchange with the Pay Per Post blog.

What I find attractive is the Pay Per Post folks not only blog about aspects of their business, they write about their personal lives as well. That's something I don't see in blogs most organizations publish. Of course, as with Blogger, there are details about things such as server updates, service outages and new features.

Having just started posting, it's good to see the stories of Pay Per Post bloggies {yes, I'm not only a blogger now, I'm a bloggie!} and even samples of the video posts being done.

Tonight's post, though, was especially valuable. There is concern among some bloggers about whether they will be penalized for including links in their posts related to Pay Per Post opportunities. It could decrease Page Ranking and subsequently decrease traffic. Representatives from Google, Yahoo, MSN and all agreed that as long as the links are in context there is no penalty.

There was one thing that rang especially true for me when I read the Pay Per Post blog. I've been blogging more frequently this past week. It's been great that there have been opportunities available which have allowed me to write as I would have anyway, but to get paid for it. 8-)
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