Wednesday, December 13, 2006

From the WTF File

--------(-)--> It's ironic that the King of Saudi Arabia, according to news reports, read the riot act to Vice President Cheney when he went last week to beg for help in Iraq. Cheney - the heartless bastard, a black hole of humanity - got his ass handed to him by the oil Gods he holds in such high esteem.

--------(-)--> Given our committment to The War on Terror - and being the country that does the right things - why is it that George Clooney is in Egypt trying to get assistance for the people in Darfur? Why hasn't the United States Government addressed the terror which has reigned supreme for so long in Sudan?

--------(-)--> The Philadelphia 76ers have cleaned out Allen Iverson's locker, removed his nameplate and cut him out of the highlight reel shown before homegames. So far, they haven't been able to trade the future Hall of Famer. What comes to mind immediately for me is when the NBA Player's Association was negotiating a new labor contract Iverson came out of a meeting and told people he didn't have time to deal with the fans because he needed to find his car. Then he did a dog and pony show for awhile playing nice.

--------(-)--> They're holding a conference in Iran to determine whether the Holocaust really happened. If it can be proven to their satisfaction, the Iranian government is willing to acknowledge it is true. Are you kidding me?

--------(-)--> A woman in Arizona left her child sleeping in the car and took her dog shopping at Neiman Marcus. A trial is wrapping up in Ohio where a couple kept their foster children with special needs in what are now being called "cage like enclosures". {Do we need more examples?} I have two questions: Where do we draw the line on child abuse? When does the public stoning begin?

--------(-)--> The New England Patriots are whining because the Dolphins used a film they bought that included audio of Tom Brady. Miami coaches were able to pick some things up on Brady that helped them get the win. The National Football League's response is that there is no rule against what the 'Phins did. In The Age of Technology, how did it take so long for a team to come up with this idea? And how lame is it for New England to complain?

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honkeie said...

Publick stoning is a must in my book, or how about the idea of the crime fitting the punishment.....locking her ass in seat for about 3 days. A human can go almost a week with no food or water, a couple of days wont kill her but I bet it would teach her a lesson.