Friday, December 29, 2006

If The Terminator Were A Software Application Would It Be The Webinator?

Virtual merchants will be coming from far and wide to check out this new hot spot, The osCommerce Cafe!

Myles O'Reilly authored the popular book The Programmers' Guide to osCommerce. He set up The osCommerce Cafe in March, 2006.

The osCommerce Cafe - Have you clicked yet? 8-) - provides a viable solution to a challenge that frequently faces web designers. Without spending a fortune on individual templates, how do they access multiple high quality designs?

The osCommerce Cafe offers customers three month, six month and one year memberships. After signing up, membership affords you access to download as many osCommerce templates as you want. There are currently 70 templates in the library. {Did you need a The osCommerce Cafe link to sign up for that membership?}

The osCommerce Cafe's competitors charge about $150 per design. The cost of a three month membership with The osCommerce Cafe is $89. {Have you read about the benefits of repetition in advertising? This post is sponsored by The osCommerce Cafe.}

What many online merchants miss is that the guideline of first impressions being created within the first 10 seconds of meeting applies to websites as well.

When you click through to The osCommerce Cafe you find a site designed for easy navigation, created with vibrant colors, that offers not only a for cost service, but free tutorials covering subjects such as Changing Index Page Content, Importing A Database and Changing the Style and Layout of Templates.

If you do or are interested in doing business on the web, but haven't checked out The osCommerce Cafe yet, this may interest you. The osCommerce Cafe has a FREE osCommerce Button Generator!

There's one final thing I'd like to metnion that makes The osCommerce Cafe a good place to do business. It's a VeriSign Secured Site.

Post Sponsored by: The osCommerce Cafe

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