Thursday, December 14, 2006

More From The Wonderful World of WeBeGreat Corporation

At WeBeGreat Corporation I work directly with the CEO, BigChiefTwoFaces and the President, TheAnnointedOne.

BigChiefTwoFaces provided me with a few insights when I started working for him:

-----(-)-> Give me the Joe Friday approach; "Just the facts."
-----(-)-> I don't want to see the pain, just show me the baby.
-----(-)-> Do not expect consistency.
-----(-)-> I will change my mind about approving writing.

The interesting thing is that instead of utilizing the Joe Friday approach, BigChiefTwoFaces has diarrhea of the mouth. You can't deliver a project to him without some degree of pain.

He was honest and upfront about the fact that he's inconsistent. And whether he has approved the writing of anything today doesn't mean he won't change it tomorrow. Nor that he won't continue changing it until the next blue moon.

As for TheAnnointedOne, one of the first things he said when he was promoted was that he was implementing a formal employee performance system. That way, people would know where they stand and there will not be questions and hard feelings about not getting raises or bonuses. It's been about a year now; there are no evaluations being done.

I'm hoping I can at least get them to look at Performance Review Software

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