Friday, December 29, 2006

New And Improved Doesn't Begin To Cover This!

I've come upon what I think is the most interesting opportunity listed by Pay Per Post over the past month. It's an online presentation application that will change the world of business presentations as we know it! is a blend of podcasting , Flickr and YouTube. The result is a brand new way to present and produce portfolios, documentaries, videos, animations, presentations and new media art.

The genius of Filmator is in its simplicity. Filmators upload their pictures, videos, Flash films, and sounds. The images are then sequenced to play according to trigger points that are set in the sound file. This makes it possible to create online presentations both quickly and easily.

Users are able to embed these presentations into their websites.

This unique service can be used to make Flash presentations and distribute them to a global audience. And there is not any software or programming knowledge needed.

Wait, there's more. It's free for artists. Commercial user are charged a fee.

I am planning to make this a must see for YouDoItOurWay Behavioral Healthcare as well as WeBeGreat Direct Marketing.

I believe it will be a great tool for YouDoItOurWay to conduct both awareness and anti-stigma campaigns. I see a presentation combining photographs of people diagnosed with mental illnesses with music from performers who have been diagnosed. Add in video of key players at YouDoItOurWay and it will be gold for them.

As for WeBeGreat, footage of the call center tied in with comments from the few clients whose programs haven't been botched. And again, some of the executives to feed their ever so delicate egos. What could be better for the company website?

I haven't even started to think what I can use this for! 8-D

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