Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snowman Gymnastics 8-)

Photograph by Kilroy_60


honkeie said...

Is it a mister or misses frosty? Need to know how to go about this joke sexually.

Anonymous said...

As you may know, Steadman has a new book out "The Jokes' Over". Saw it at a B & Noble. Nice Drawings and thoughts about Hunter.
Sedona?? How about some nice hot springs?

Anonymous said...

:-D Is (s)he yours??

Mother of Invention said...

I actually used to be able to do this! (When I was a very young cheerleader!)

Anonymous said...

Cute draft dodger!

Mother-me too, used to being the operative word!

Anonymous said...

:-D seems like we have a couple of once-was gymnasts in the midst! :-)

so, Kilroy, not going to answer that one? :-D