Thursday, December 14, 2006

Something Special... For TheSpecialOne

Photograph by Kilroy_60
I have given TheSpecialOne six stained glass pieces in the time we've been together. One is a window panel based on the one in the photograph here. We saw it The first time we visited Pittsburgh.

What has made this much more intimate for us is that I get the pieces from one of her colleagues {MsGlass}. She has a side business doing stained glass.

I especially like the Tiffany-style lamp TheSpecialOne has on her bedside table; as well as two candleholders.

One project provided an interesting artistic challenge for MsGlass. TheSpecialOne has archways in her home that are rounded instead of square. This required having pieces custom made to fit those spaces.

I had the opportunity to observe some of the process when the archway corners were made. It was a surprise I got together with MsGlass to pull off. One night TheSpecialOne was doodling; she came up with a sweeping design. I took it to MsGlass and she said she could make the corners.

After we finalized the design - which mostly involved me saying, "Yes, that will be perfect. - we went and picked up glass.

I never imagined that there's a process remniscent of paint-by-number involved when creating a stained glass piece. MsGlass drew out the design on what I could best described as meat wrapping paper. She then numbered each individual piece of the {what to me was an intricate} design corresponding to the colors of glass. She then cut up the paper so she could use the pieces as patterns to cut the glass. I was amazed. The corners are done in teal, burgandy, gold and ivory glass.

Pay Per Post led me to a website that is useful for anyone interested in exploring stained glass as a hobby...stained glass saws


Anonymous said...

Aren't you the thoughtful one! I love stained glass. My front door has been crying out for it ever since I bought my house.

Kilroy_60 said...

Interesting you should say that, Gizzbabe. TheSpecialOne is looking at getting a new front door. I think we're going to have MsGlass do some work on that.