Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sponsored Post By: Beach Cruiser Blog

While I don't buy Christmas presents, I'm not adverse to hitting a good sale here or there before the holiday - after all they do start around Halloween - or looking at what deals they're pushing after Santa has come and gone. So, when I saw a Pay Per Post opportunity from beach cruiser blog I thought I'd have a look.

Beach Cruiser is a new manufacturer and retailer of beach cruiser bikes. That's good for customers because they want to build a customer base and are receptive to feedback. So, let them know you read about them in The Gonzo Papers blog. 8-)

I went and had a look at their catalog to see what caught my eye. They have models that are modern and sleep and some with a retro look. {Which means they look like the bikes that were around when I was a kid}

The models that immediately caught my eye were the Beach King and Tanker Beach Cruisers. It worked well that they have bikes in two of my favorite colors, purple and teal. {Yes, those work for bikes as well as lingerie} For The Master Baiter, I think I'd pick the Black Beach King Cruiser; definitely the Woman Blue Classic Beach Cruiser for TheSpecialOne...with a basket on the front. 8-)

When you go to check out the catalog, make sure to have a look at the color chart to make sure you get the color you want. Or suggest it if you don't see it.

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