Thursday, January 25, 2007

Business Information Website

Knowledge is power. {the sponsor of this post} puts power in your hands with their new business information website.

Manta offers 13 million detailed company profiles. Get this, it's the best part, you can access this database at no cost. Free. Nadda. Zip.

OK, so there are more detailed reports at a cost. But 13 million profiles for free is nothing to sneeze at!

I'll be setting up a link to Manta and referring this site to associates. They have a great Business Resource Center that's again FREE! Manta scores a second link with their BizBlog and in the great tradition of Wikipedia you can tap into Manta BizWiki. I like features like "business tip of the day"; it keeps you thinking.

One more great free freature, millions of job listings!!

I'm looking forward to checking out their monthly newsletter.

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